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The long game

Posted: 28/07/2012 at 18:43

My partner Jade's Cousin Michael lives in the house at the bottom of our garden, and after many drunken injuries we decided build a new fence and put a gate in. His garden is lower than ours so we are going to install some steps.

The bottom of the garden is an overgrown mess, there's an 4 metre tall Buddleia, nettles and docs. The only good thing about it is, it gets the afternoon and evening sun. So i have decided to put a patio at the bottom.

Michael has some slabs stored from when he gravelled his garden for his cars and work van.


I have no idea how to start clearing so i started to roll away the grass, as it seemed to be the tidiest way as you can load it in a barrow, (Reminds me i need to get one) and what i dont use for patching the old mole holes, i can put on freecycle, but it just got too hot! I lost about a stone in sweat.

I will be continuing tomorrow, that's if i am still alive after telling the miss's that her trampoline is exactly where the seating area is going to be.


Dan x

The long game

Posted: 28/07/2012 at 13:22

Hi guys.

Here's an arial photo of my house, its the one on the right

 Dan x


My new project. Where do I start!

Posted: 27/07/2012 at 08:01

I love standing in my garden just staring, imagining what am i going to do next. My main fault is i have to have everything done ASAP! and i have to keep saying to myself that gardening is a hobby and cannot be rushed.

I am with Hollie with pallets, i built my lawn mower shed out of them and i will be painting it soon. When taking pallets apart, take your time and don't re-use the nails. I have tried this and it didn't end well and the old nails can be a pig to remove.

Dan x

The long game

Posted: 27/07/2012 at 07:38

The previous tenant (We rent through the Caerheys Estate) was wheelchair bound, had dementia, alcoholic and smoked 100 a day. The cottage hadn't been cleaned of decorated for 10 years and the neighbours stopped helping with the garden about 2-3 years ago as it was just getting too wild.

I am going to keep mowing the grass once a week (mainly because i am in love with my mower) until i can see slowing in the growth. During the winter i am going to look into getting it rolled, there are about 10 years of mole holes that have grown over so it's very lumpy bumpy.


Dan x

The long game

Posted: 26/07/2012 at 22:17

Last weekend was a fun weekend.

1, I now have my own mower

 2, Lovely new mower needs a house and i have no cash so for some reason i decided to build one out of pallets.


 Total cost £30.

A lot of sweat and swearing went into the construction and i am happy with the way it turned out.


Dan x

The long game

Posted: 26/07/2012 at 21:59

Thank you Dove, Weejen and zoom. 

In May I decided to look at one of the two (due to cash) areas in front of the house 

 These were very densely over grown 

 This one is infested with mint and has a couple squeeky residents.

I strimmed my way through them like a man posessed and took them all the way down to the top soil. The area on the right had only about an inch of soil and then hardcore and the left one has dark loose soil.

I nipped to B&Q and brought a week barrier and then to Wicks for 250kg of pea gravel for £14!.


 We have a bench facing out to the garden and i will be sorting the other side out this weekend.

Dan x

The long game

Posted: 26/07/2012 at 19:43


My name is Dan, I'm 28 and I am new to gardening.  Eight months ago I moved into a gorgeous cottage on the Caerhays Estate near St Austell, after a month of cleaning and redecoration. But that's a story for another forum/website.


The garden is quite big (I'll see if i can upload a pic)


 The grass hadn't been cut in two years and its a blank canvas. 

It was left over the winter and in march i attacked it with a strimmer as it was way too long for a mower. I left it to recover for a month and then attempted to tame it with my  other halves, cousins, lawn mower. After 3 long hours (the mower is a tad old) we have a semi-respectable lawn

 For those studying these pictures you will notice that i found a shed (former outside toilet) underneath the ivy. 


I have more images and things that i have done in front of the house but i thought i would show you my lawn first and introduce you to my "Long Game".


Hope you enjoy and i will no doubt call on you expertise soon.

Dan x

Talkback: Moles

Posted: 24/07/2012 at 11:03

We moved into our cottage seven months ago and we had a very bad mole problem in our garden. I bought a mole buzzer from Buyoligy around 4 months ago and so far (touch wood) they have not retuned.
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