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lawn problems

Posted: 01/04/2012 at 16:37

Hi Mike

I agree - leave them alone if you can the more bees we have the better!

Lucky you that they have come to you free of charge!!!  I've just brought some mason bee larvae and some nests to try and encourage them into my garden. They do have a sting but it's like a pin prick and does not come to anything.  I was told they are safe for children and pets.  Also they do no damage to your garden except make a few holes.  About this time the larvae will be hatching into bees, and then they will go and look for new homes and again lay larvae which will hatch this time next year.  They are solitary bees and live only for about 4 months, so they will be dying off around August/Sept time.

Confused about trees!

Posted: 29/03/2012 at 19:28

Gardening is all new to me and I want to put a small tree in my front garden but am not sure what to buy can anyone give some advice?  The tree must not grow taller than  3/4 metres and must have flowers or colour of some sort.  My garden is west facing so can be windy at times and the soil is quite dry and stoney.  I was thinking of a japanese maple, flowering crab tree (japanese), pea tree (really hard to get hold of I think) or a Hawthorn.  Would these be any good?  Any advice is welcome.

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Confused about trees!

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