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Posted: 30/08/2013 at 19:30
Haisie wrote (see)

Oh and I don't think that I can put one in my garden as advice says it should be shady, not overlooked by trees as leaves fall into it. I just don't seem to have the right spot to dig. I have a north facing back garden but in summer the sun creeps to about 4 ft away from the house My plan was to put it next to my fence in the shaded bit...

We have a small pond in full sun and it does really well, just fantastic for wildlife, we see more birds on here than we do on the bird table, and the frogs, they're are just fantastic, love to hear them croaking at night time in the spring, great to watch the tadpoles, and this time of year when weeding round the pond, everytime you move the foliagae a miniture frog pops out.

The frogs arrived the first spring, don't know how because we are no where near water.

And no, that is not a strange looking frog on the top, it's the wife


In fact a pond is so fantastic we are planning a bigger one for the back garden

Roses and Sun

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 08:10

I have made a bit of a border along the fence (16") Each of the 6 panels had a dustbin full of well rotted cow muck dug in, I have put a landscaping fabric down and there will be gravel on top.

I am already regretting the narrowness of the bed, but hey ho, it's done now


Adding Cow Muck

Posted: 30/08/2013 at 00:44

If I added 4 inches of well rotted cow muck on to the top of the soil - In the long term (6 - 12 months) would the height of the soil be raised, or would the muck just absorb itself into the soil and the height return to where it was before it was added?

Roses and Sun

Posted: 29/08/2013 at 23:57

Here is a picture of the fence (at least i am going to try and upload one)

Of the 6 panels (left to right) so far I have planted

1; Ivy


3; Climbing Rose

4; Winter Jasmine




Any thoughts for 2, 5 & 6


There was a Llanddii hedge there, have dug it out and put in some well rotted cow muck.

Roses and Sun

Posted: 29/08/2013 at 23:29

How much sun does a climbing rose need. Where I would like to plant is on a WNW facing fence (full Sun after 3:30 pm bst) fence is 6 foot high with narrow slats, so a tiny bit of sun through the slats before 3:30

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