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Posted: Today at 10:47

Thank you all for your advice regarding Garden Arches,

This in picture is the type of arch I have ( not actual ) , well 3 all lined up together, I thought it would be stronger putting 3 together and they were the right size as being at the bottom of my garden path  its quite limited. Its probably a case of quality of the construction of the arches themselves though, I will put a stronger arch that will accommodate the climbers at the end of the season, just hope they will last till I get it sorted, and hope we don't have many more blustery days lol


Posted: Today at 00:36

Hi Obelixx,  Thanks for your advice, I did think about the traditional Wooden Arch before erecting the Tubular steel ones, however the area the arches are in gets waterlogged after lots of rain , so I didn't get wood ones thinking they may rot quicker, But as you say the ones I have do lean and bend in strong winds so they have been a waste of time really. I just hope they will last this season without damage to the climbers , then I can try to unravel the branches or cut back to fit a stronger frame.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:20

Hi, Can anyone advise which in their experience is the Best Type of Garden Arch. At present I have the ordinary dark green tubular steel arch in fact 3 all in a row at the bottom of my garden path, , which accommodate a Clematis, Rose ( small flowered ) and a Honeysuckle planted last year, however yesterdays high winds caused the end arch to break in the middle and with a wing and a prayer and some garden twine I've managed to tie it in to the other arches as a  short  measure, any advice please 

Daphne perfume princess

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 15:41

I have just bought a Daphne Perfume Princess well two actually, and was wondering if they do well in pots. I've read up on them on different sites and get mixed opinions both on the actual plant and whether to plant in containers.  Some say not good in containers , but  I thought if they are not Hardy then a pot could be moved better. Also difference of opinion regarding soil and aspect on sites visited, so if anyone has any experience of Daphne Perfume Princess I would be very grateful  before I plant out, I hope not to kill them as they where a self indulgent treat to myself,  thanks

Honeysuckle buds dry + brown

Posted: 06/09/2015 at 13:23

Can anyone answer my query please, I've just bought a Honeysuckle plant named Henryi, and when  checking it's planting instructions and  type of growing conditions, one website states it's the best fragrant of the  honeysuckles  while another site states it has No perfume at all .Has anyone either got the same variety, or knows which is true, manythanks

Talkback: The mock orange

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 19:56

Sorry Verdun, I don't actually know if its the wrong shrub, I purchased it as a Philadelphus Virginal 3 years ago on line. However its sounding as if it was labelled wrongly if the Virginal  one is double flowered, because mine is not. It looks as if it is some kind of Philadelphus though, but don't know which. Thanks for your help


Talkback: The mock orange

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 17:17

Well Verdun, the Philadelphus I have according to its label is Virginal, and it does not smell at all. Its flowers are single ones too , a lovely white and its quite a good size, about 7ft - 8ft at the tip, although not now as I have pruned it on Sunday, so as to get the new shoots going. for next years flowers. Its a shame cause I planted it not far from my back door to get its full perfume to waft  into the house, sounds as if I may have  some other variety that is un -perfumed, I feel another trip to the Garden Centre coming on, not buying another online as before now. Thanks Verdun

Talkback: The mock orange

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 10:52

Thanks DyersEnd, think I had better look for the Philadelphia Belle Etoile, and then I can appreciate it's perfume like others do, I feel quite let down with mine ( Virginal  one ) but glad it's not me who is causing it not to smell of perfume  ,thanks again

Talkback: The mock orange

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 08:13
I have a Philadelphia Virginal , well that's what it stated on the label)
now for about 3 years, and although it flowered in the second year and this year too, I find that it does not have any heavenly perfume. I have pruned it as it should be, in fact a couple of branches with flowers still on were cut and put in a vase and brought into the house, but still no perfume. Have I got a non perfume one, if there is such a thing, or a shrub that proclaims to be Philadelphia, but is not. Can there be another shrub with the same features leaves flowers, flowering time etc but something else, thanks for any help

Thought on push mowers?

Posted: 28/02/2015 at 13:06

I had a Push Mower years ago, and I much preferred it to any Electric or Petrol Mower I've had over the years. Admittedly  my lawns front and back were not the largest , but it kept me fit and I regularly sharpened the blades. People did  often complement me on the cut and look of my lawns .Living in the North West of England with plenty Rain, alas my Mower proved much too hard for me to push , especially when it rained for days, and were there's rain , grass grows more.  It proved very hard to get the cut of the grass short again, so a Petrol Mower was purchased to replace, that's since gone in replacement of an Electric version. When I did have my Push one,  I would say  that by the time my neighbours had plugged theirs in, mowed their lawns, then rewound the cable, mine was done and the edges cut and the kettle on.

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