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Eremurus x isabellinus 'Romance' Foxtail lily

Posted: 20 March 2012
Overall: Purchased FIVE for first time last year 2011; very keen gardener but a novice with these babies. I followed all instructions/advice I could find. Unfortunately just ONE bloomed but oh boy, it was spectacular! Flower-spire lasted for ages and even the dying seed-head was not ugly nor untidy. It was only luck that I covered them a little (plus a mild winter). However, it appeared just ONE was re-emerging this spring - now I've found three more. It is really important to follow any advice re position/care. They take up a lot of space (because of their shallow-depth AND the vastly-spreading horizontal white roots). I have this year been told that it's not uncommon to have 'no-shows' in the first year. Propagation/Division/Aftercare? Any advice welcome! please.