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Too late to prune back a Kerria Japonica?

Posted: Today at 13:20

Thanks for that.  And any idea why mine goes floppy?  I've seen others which are bolt upright.  Is it simply because its gone so tall or have I just got a poor specimen?  

Laurel hedge

Posted: Today at 12:49

Be aware of the cyanide (sweet almond smell) when you come to prune (which is unlikely to cause too much of an issue in the open air).  If you're taking the cuttings to the green recycling, don't shred or chop the leaves first and always drive to the green recycle with the car windows fully open.  Think I'm joking? 

Too late to prune back a Kerria Japonica?

Posted: Today at 12:22

Have a Kerria Japonica which has grown to about 8 feet tall and gone rather floppy, especially when it rains.  Canes are relatively thick but I think its just the height that is weighing it down.  I would have cut it back after flowering, but it got left (you know how it is), so that probably explains why its gone so leggy.  Am I still in time to cut back now, to say about 1/2 or even 2/3s of height or am I best waiting until after flowering next Spring?  I can probably tie it back to fence to stop it flopping over path and lawn for now.

Crocosmia Lucifer

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 19:51

Thank Verdun - as I said, the leaves have already started to yellow off.  It kind of happens like that every year.  By September they are completely brown.  Not much a nice foliage plant I'm afraid.  And for some reason, my Crocosmia are always 2/3 weeks ahead of everyone else I know who has them.  They start growing in February and peak at the end of June.  I wonder if my garden has a bit of warmer microclimate (small suburban on a modern development) hence why they kick off and end so early.  

Crocosmia Lucifer

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 19:44

Love it when I get responses advocating two different things.  OK - going to experiment.  Will cut back half of them to ground level and leave other half to die down naturally, and see if it makes any difference next year [to self - remember to note which ones you cut down first!!].  And Fairygirl, thanks for your suggestion.  I did plant a load of Heleniums this year in and around the Crocosmia to do as you say, but unfortunately, the slugs finished them off within a week of planting them.  Oh well, try again with that one next year!

Crocosmia Lucifer

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 19:31

Plants have flowered and the season is already over for my Crocosmia Lucifer.  The last of the flowers went two weeks ago.  Leaves have already started to yellow off.  Can I cut back to ground level now, or should I wait 'for the goodness to go back into the bulb (corm!)' as they say.  Don't want to go into that August, everything is starting to look a bit tired and over look.

Wolf's bane

Posted: 10/07/2016 at 11:54

I've never had a problem with slugs and snails eating my aconitum.  I thought they avoided it because of its toxicity.  They are around because other things in the same area do get eaten, including the new leaves of the Fatsia Japonica right next to the acontiums.

Extremely sickly looking bamboo

Posted: 10/07/2016 at 11:29

Hi - answer to all the questions.  Yes, it is watered well.  I knew when I put it in the container I would have to water it regularly.  It gets a good soaking at least once a week, and when it is warm, it gets more often.  I often worry if I am over watering, but read somewhere once it is virtually impossible to over water a bamboo (assume that's not totally correct).  I also have been watering it when its been pelting down with rain!

I've already given it a dose of grass fertiliser which has added iron in as well.  No change.  I put in the dosage as per instructions on the bottle.  Only did one watering can of feed as didn't want to over feed it.  Says to does every six weeks.

The container is a square concrete one which is 0.5m x 0.5m.  Not overly big, but then when I planted it, it didn't fill the container at all.

Its been in the container for just over one year (planted it in May last year 2015).

I use rain water from the water butt.  Don't use tap water (I'm on a meter).

When I planted it, I used 50:50 John Innes No 3 and well rotted manure.

In the first year, it threw up loads of new canes.  This year only one.

In terms of being a runner or a clumping type - I've read conflicting things.  Some sites say it is a runner, and others (like the RHS) say it is clumping, with others saying the people think its a clumper but in reality, its a runner.  Very confusing.  I did read that people who have heavy soil tend to keep their bamboos contained because even running bamboo find it difficult to spread, whereas light sandy soils even clumping bamboo will spread quite quickly.  I'm on light sandy soil (Bagshot sands) so do fear putting it in the ground.

Extremely sickly looking bamboo

Posted: 08/07/2016 at 15:04

Thanks Ladybird4. I put into a container because I was warned it would run.  However, I'm concerned at the look at it. It wasnt a cheap purchase and I'd be upset to lose it. Might take your view on it. Have you put a barrier around yours at all?

Extremely sickly looking bamboo

Posted: 08/07/2016 at 12:52

Have a bamboo (Phyllo. Nigra) in large container which looks extremely ill. The leaves have a yellow tinge to them. It's been well watered and I did give it some lawn feed the other week to see if that would perk it up, but still not looking great. It's not losing leaves which might suggest it's dying. I planted it in the container in May last year using compost and well rootted manure and it put up loads of new shoos but this year I've only had one new shoot. Any ideas? The picture make the leaves more green - from a distance it is yellow!

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