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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Posted: 17/07/2013 at 13:36


I have a couple of questions about Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. Checked online and seem to get conflicting advice of questionable reliability.

Tree one

...has developed a completely brown leaf within a couple of days of it arriving. One of the big leaves, annoyingly!  Looking closely at it, the brown seems to follow along the veins.

Any ideas?! Could it be some sort of 'burning' from inside from the fertiliser? I haven't put any on myself, but the soil looks like it has sustained release fertiliser granules in it.

I've moved it into the green house, which is south facing, and gets very hot. It seems to have grown a little more green, but the overal tree growth seems stunted. 

Tree two

...seems to be doing much better, having sprouted new leaves at the top and some rhizomes/shoots (not sure of correct terminology!) that are beginning to curl round the edge of the pot.

My question is, how do I develop the rhizomes, so that they ultimately lead to a new tree growing?

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions.


Mother in Law's Tongue

Posted: 17/07/2013 at 13:18

Christine, you can defo split them up. The ones I had, had root rot, so I split them, cut the effected roots off, planted a couple of the leaves without any roots at all, and they are all doing really well, having grown really big, strong root balls. I keep them in REALLY well draining soil (soil with small stones and other chunky bits) now, to prevent rotting, from accidently over watering. And I keep them on a sunny window that doesn't get drafts.

Good luck!

Mother in Law's Tongue

Posted: 04/05/2013 at 00:54

Thanks for the quick responses. I'd love to see a photo Dovefromabove!

Just to reply to a couple of comments - It's been indoors for as long as I've had it, approx 2 weeks. Soil is bone dry for the top inch. Below that is a little damp, but I haven't watered it since getting it. I pulled out a small new growth today, which was soggy. None of the other larger leaves are soggy though, so would that indicate root rot?!

I tried leaving it on the sunny windowsil, but maybe I should just leave it there. Do you think some of the wrinkles and brown patches could be from scorching by the sun in the greenhouse? It gets very hot in there, facing south. I've had to remove Areca Palm from in there as several of the leaves turned brown!

Thanks again.

Mother in Law's Tongue

Posted: 03/05/2013 at 20:31


I received a new Mother in Law's Tongue plant from eBay recently. I've noticed that small wrinkled patches were forming on the leaf surface after a few days only. Having lived with them for a week now, they have developed into huge light green, wrinkled areas covering around 60% of affected leaves. 

Any ideas what it could be?

The plant has been moved into the south facing green house, to get plenty of light. Then brought indoor during the night, to prevent cold. I haven't watered the plant, trying to avoid root rot. The soil from 3 inches below the surface feels fairly dry to the touch, although when I first got the plant, it felt slightly moist.

The ebay seller said to cut off the affected leaves, but this seems drastic. I did it on one leaf, and the wound has closed up over the past two days. 

Online articles and videos have a lot of conflicting information with regard to Light, Water and Temperature. Our house temperature fluctuates quite a lot, from fairly cold during the night, to boiling when the heating is on.

Thanks a lot for any advice.


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