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Posted: 11/10/2012 at 16:22


OK so here we are five years on and if 2007 was a bad year what about this one.

I grew 7 heritage varieties and 3 standard F1 varieties in a cold greenhouse, Green zebra and Amish paste produced less than a kg each, this is the second year I have tried them and the last.

The best yield I had was from one of the standard varieties at just over 6KGs however the next four best weights were from Mortgage lifter, Brandy wine, Black from tula and Paul Robeson all heritage varieties which produced between 5.5 and 6KGS. the remaining standard varieties (six plants in all ) only produced between three and four KGs each which is about 1 KG down on last year, I also grew one F1 cherry in the greenhouse which only produced just over 2KGs again 1KG down on last year, The best tasting for me was the Mortgage lifter which at 800Gms also produced the largest tomato, this was followed closely by the Brandywine and the Black from Tula. The standard F1s tasted OK but lacked any sweetness which may be due to the lack of sun. I always grow a mixture of F1s and heritage varieties and this is the first time the heritage varieties have done better that the F1s.

In the open garden I grew Gardeners delight, Tigerella. and Marmande, they were a waste of time due to blight and splitting

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