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Posted: 15/01/2014 at 21:18

I only singed up three days ago and I have appraently viewed over 1200 plants. In reality I've viewed no plants. This may be a glich but to me there could be gliches with my personal details also. So I leaving.

Beware of

Posted: 13/01/2014 at 14:13

Last year I ordered some plants and plugs from D.T.Brown. After a few weeks two plants of a pack of five were showings signs of wilting (ie. death). I phoned the company and no problem within two weeks I had a replacement pack of five not just the two that did eventually die. There was no quible or send the dead plants back, they just required my order number and there they were. So that's one good company.


Posted: 13/01/2014 at 13:39

Sorry to all who replied. Must have had the glasses on, or scrolled up sufficiently.

But thank you all for pointing out the search at the top of the screen.


Posted: 12/01/2014 at 10:59

With hundreds if not thousands or threads on this site, why is there not a search facility.

bought 10 litre plant but received 7 lt. sellers says its a 10 lt in a 7lt ??

Posted: 12/01/2014 at 10:44

Why not a thread of bad and good companies on this forum. Or is there a problem with legalities.


Posted: 12/01/2014 at 10:34

Check out the Real Seed Company website. It is full of OCA information from growing to cooking. I grew them last year and after the first frost wait about two or more weeks as that is when they grow the most, then harvest.As it has been reasonably mild lately I harvested the last OCA early January 2014 and the were good and larger than the earlier harvest despite the leaves and stems havingdied off from the frost of October. I'll replant more this year although I think they may be off putting to some people.

Parsnip problems

Posted: 12/01/2014 at 10:27

To all on this thread about parsnips. Parsnip seeds don't last long, so I suggest only using fresh seed. If a year or more old the germination rate drops drastically.

veg garden planning software

Posted: 12/01/2014 at 09:54

Well, as a gardener trying to buy some software to assist me in growing vegetables, is there anybody who has used any Vegetable Gardening Software? If so, what did you think? I need something that will inform me as to when to do things like add compost, lime etc. Preferably being able to tick the items off when completed.

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