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HELP - subsiding bank

Posted: 14/09/2013 at 10:36


i have a problem at home at the moment, our driveway has a steep bank (think 5:1 gradient) which is starting to subside and lose soil.  i and my parents are worried that the whole bank will collapse / subside.  i have the idea of planting some plants or shrubs on it and hopefully the root system will help to keep the soil intact.  it has no plants at the moment, and the soil in some places is starting to fall down.  its approx 2.5m high and 12 metres long.  the alternative to keep the bank intact is an expensive retaining wall. 

plants / shrubs or trees (if they are the way to go) would also look a lot better than MORE concrete / stone.  the driveway is fairly narrow so a retaining wall is the last option we would like.

am i on the right lines?? are shrubs the answer?  im NOT green fingered so thats why im asking all you guys. haha.  any help would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance, tom

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HELP - subsiding bank

need some advice on a subsiding bank, will planting some shrubs be able to retain the soil?? 
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