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Multiple daffodil shoots

Posted: 11/04/2015 at 19:05

Ha! So I can probably end up with a house and garden full of daffs just by buying a couple of small bags of bulbs and letting nature take its course for a few years! Though doesn't it suggest that the 'new' bulbs I bought were already a few years old when I got them?

Anyway, that's great news, but out of interest, if the bulblets grow attached to the parent bulb, how do they spread across a field properly? It's obvious how a bird eats seeds and its droppings scatter them over many miles, but bulbs growing on top of one another would surely grow too densely?

Too much leaf, not enough flower!

Posted: 11/04/2015 at 18:47

I have plants in the soil and in pots (with the same soil, taken from the main soil area)

It's a mixture of decades-old soil with old stones and bits of brick, glass, etc, and my own compost made out of mostly vegetable peelings over the years (so probably not nearly enough 'browns')

I have various daffs, tulips, gladioli and other plants, which I only started planting a couple of years ago, but the flowers always seem to be overwhelmed by leaves.

I assume this is a sign there's too much nitrogen in the soil? Is there anything I can do to make the flowers more prominent? I know and accept that the leaves are important to feed the bulbs when they've finished flowering, so I'm reluctant to cut them back, but can anything be done to slow their growth while they're flowering?

When I walk past other houses' front gardens and see the exact same plants in them, they look completely different, with the flowers being the main thing to see, not buried underneath a sea of leaves.

Also, in case it's relevant, the tulips seem to stand upright on their own, while the daffs all lean right over, as though the stem isn't strong enough.

Multiple daffodil shoots

Posted: 10/04/2015 at 16:34

I planted those daffodils that have multiple small heads rather than one big one (some of which have 5 flowers and others 13!) but some of them have an extra one or two shoots growing from the bulb. None of these seems to be producing flowers, only the main stem does that, so what are they and should they be removed?

Are they like tomato suckers that just drain nutrients needlessly?



what licence to sell produce do I get?

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 22:37


Sorry to go off-topic, but are you saying if you don't officially designate a room in your own house as a workplace, you're still free to work in your own house and make money without any implications?

Could I make (for example) wooden planters in my back garden with my own power tools and wood I bought in B&Q and paint them in my spare bedroom, then sell them to people without any paperwork or insurance, etc, other than informing the Inland revenue and paying tax on the income?

growing onions from seed

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 22:28

I planted onion, carrot and tomato seeds on the 1st March in little cups. I think one tiny carrot shoot appeared a couple of weeks ago but immediately died. Now, (I think) one onion shoot has appeared but isn't growing fast and none of the others seem to be sprouting.

I can't see what I've done wrong (would adding blood, fish & bone to garden soil kill seeds?) and can't decide whether to start again so late. Last year I grew tomatoes for the first time and the seeds didn't appear for well over a month after planting, by which time I assumed the seeds had died so I was surprised to see them. After that, I don't know if the current seeds will all eventually appear late or if I should plant new seeds now.

I don't know if my house is on a paranormal time rift or something, but everything seems to grow slowly and very late, even when there's direct sunlight. My tulips and daffodils are only starting to show signs of blooming now (not one open flower so far) whilst the same flowers in nearby parks and other places are all dying off after having started flowering a couple of months ago.

I can see why he talks to his plants now. He's probably begging them to grow.

Forcing a flower to bloom

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 22:15

Thanks a lot. I'm new to gardening really, and I've never been one for cut flowers, so I don't know how best to keep them (especially as this one was by accident).

By the way, I'm sure I started this thread in the 'Plants' forum. Was it moved, or did I goof?

Forcing a flower to bloom

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 21:46

Ok, I thought sticking it in soil may draw up some nutrients as well as water. I've just moved it to a small glass vase with water and a drop of tomato feed, in case that helps feed it.

Is keeping cut flowers in direct sunlight a good idea, or is that only of any use to the bulb rather tan the flower?

Forcing a flower to bloom

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 19:54

I have some tulips growing out the back and somehow one of them was completely cut off at the base. I don't know if a cat jumped on it or the wind snapped it, but it was a clean break.

Anyway, I sliced the end off at 45 degrees, stuck it in a pot of soil and watered it, and it seemed to recover. But even though the stem has remained stiff, the bud looks like it's starting to wilt without opening. It's a bit small, but the tip had gone red so it can't be far from flowering.

I fed the end of the stem with tomato feed, but is there anything else I can do to keep it alive and get it to bloom? I see plenty of cut flowers in supermarkets that are completely closed and only open a few days after you get them home, so maybe there's hope?

Exposing roots to sun light

Posted: 20/03/2015 at 14:59

Is it OK to grow bulbs in clear plastic pots so that people can see the roots growing under the soil?

Or will the sunlight they're exposed to damage them in some way?

Storing bulbs

Posted: 19/03/2015 at 18:44

I bought a load of spring bulbs last autumn and forgot all about them. last week I found the bag and not only had they all sprouted shoots despite having no soil or water, but some had even managed to sprout flowers!

I've put them all in soil just to stop them dying, but my intention is to give most of the bulbs to someone else. What's the best way of doing this and when? I'd like to dig them up, wash off the soil so that they look like they did when I bought them, and give them to someone in a bag to take home.

I assume now that they're in the soil and are very rapidly sprouting roots, I should leave them well alone until the bulbs have 'recovered'? So is it OK to cut the stems down to the bulbs, cut off the roots and wash them? Perhaps in the autumn.

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