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Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 02/04/2013 at 16:34

Update at last:


Now the clerk is back from their holiday, i have received another email


" The Clerk she has confirmed that the size and style specifications stated on the shed application form have been to Council and are the only ones allowed "

I have replied asking if the clerk knows where a shed of these dimensions can be bought, as I'm sure they would prefer a bought one over a DIY one.


Lets see where that gets us, will keep you updated (even if it is to show my DIY pallet shed being built )

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 12:52
Sorry I haven't updated for a while, haven't really got much more to add, the PC are looking into maybe a change in size, but surprise surprise the person who has the final say is on holiday. As soon as I get an update I shall let you all know, thanks for all your input so far thou

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 18/03/2013 at 16:43
FloBear wrote (see)

Tomtom, whoever drew up the dimensions wants badgering until he/she kindly tells you where to obtain a shed of the precise dimensions given. Start with the chairman of the PC and get him/her to put you in contact with Mr/Ms SmallShed. Then phone and email and hassle politely until you get some help. I am a councillor in my village and I believe that we are there to represent and help the people who elected us, not to be awkward and obstructive!!!

Edit - I cannot believe the irrationality of someone who says you can't even have a smalller shed!!!!!!!!!!  I think you should go to the local press and tell them your woes. It's completely ridiculous behaviour by the PC.

Ah FloBear I'm not one to back down, I shall be going down to the PC on my next day off to have a chat, I'm sure they would rather I buy a well made shed then attempt to build one myself lol. Thank you for your advice, sounds like some good ideas there

clogherhead wrote (see)

 HI ,My allotment rules are much the same as yours, in order for us to get permission to have an allotment we had to sign a contract that the plot would be only for 11 calendar months and that no permanent structure be built above 5ft and No poly tunnels or Greenhouses except small tomato grow houses /cold frames would allowed .I think the Parish council are worried that there would be a haphazard amount of jury built sheds creating an Eye-Sore



I get where they are coming from clogherhead, and fully understand I just think it is unfair that they will only allow the dimentions given with little flexability, esp when the sizes are not standard and would have to be custom built.

Further on it states the excate colour and product needed to preserve the shed (and there was me going to paint it all the colours of the rainbow jk lol)

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 18/03/2013 at 16:21
Brumbull wrote (see)

Yes Tom these days its somewhere to store tools and that's your LOT !! I'm afraid

I wouldn't mind Brumbull if they had given sizes that are available, I've even asked if I could put a smaller sentry shed there instead (3' x 2') and got a flat out no!

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 18/03/2013 at 16:18

Drawn up middle of last year (about a month before we got the plot) I thought about seeing if some of the other allotment holders would attend a meeting with me, but sadly they haven't a problem with it as it doesn't affect them  

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 18/03/2013 at 16:15

Sotongeoff - I've already seen that one, thank you for finding thou

FloBear - All the other on the allotment had there sheds up before all these new rules came in so it doesn't affect them  Thinking I may have to aquire alot of pallets and find out how 'Handy' I am 

Brumbull - I get the feeling that 'they' don't want any sheds put up on the site, hence the odd sizes! 

Thanks all for your help so far thou

Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

Posted: 18/03/2013 at 16:00

I sending out this message in the hope that someone maybe able to send me the right direction, before I attempt to build my own shed

Just received my application form from my parish council to erect a Tool shed on our plot but they have given very precise dimensions (Taken from the application)

The Shed shall be of the Lean to type with the dia:

Width 3'6"

Depth 4'6"

Height (Front) 6'6" (Back) 5'6"

If anyone has any ideas where to get the above online please let me know

I've been looking in local garden centers and online all day and can not find anything that matches this size, I have given the council a call to make sure that they haven't got the sizes the wrong way round or if there is any movement on the size or style (which I got a no to both)

I get the feeling they just don't want us adding sheds to our plots

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Allotment shed can anyone help!?!

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