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Are Rhododendrons roots poisonous?

Posted: 01/06/2012 at 09:27

Moved into a new house a year ago which has a wonderful established beech hedge fronting the road.  It is in the deeds of the house that we have to keep it maintained and at a certain height, etc.  Indeed the road is Beechway and was named after the hedge!

Between the house and the hedge there was a 4ft area of grass with nothing growing. I have planted 5 rhododendrons which look wonderful but now am worried that they may affect the beech hedge which would be a disaster!!!  My husband says he thinks he has read that their roots can contain chemicals poisonous to other plants.  Any advice gratefully received.

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Posted: 22/05/2012 at 15:59
Hi. We moved into a house last year with a beautiful 7ft beech hedge in front of the house, in fact the road is called Beechway and the hedges are what the road was named for. In between the hedge and the house I have planted Rhododendron bushes, about 2ft high at the moment, which will grow to 3ft to 4ft eventually. They are about 2ft in front of the hedge and I planted them to create a thicker screen from the road as the bottom of the beech hedge is quite sparse compared to further up. My husband is now panicking that they will kill the beech hedge as they grow as he says they put toxins in the soil. That would be a disaster. Can you advise please?
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Are Rhododendrons roots poisonous?

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