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Where in the UK is beautiful for a little holiday home

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 07:39

Thank you for the suggestions. I can't wait to start researching these.

We're in Broadstairs for the weekend so might have to de-tour on the way home.

Where in the UK is beautiful for a little holiday home

Posted: 14/10/2017 at 12:07

Hi Folks

After a lot of soul searching and a really tough year,  I've decided to sell my flat and invest in a little holiday home.  Trouble is, I've no idea where. I know the Cotswolds are nice but a bit predictable.

Would really appreciate any suggestions for nice friendly little villages in the UK. We're in Nottinghamshire so ideally within a couple of hours drive. 

Any ideas from your travels or when visiting gardens?

thanks muchly! 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 12/10/2017 at 05:12

cleared up the outdoor tomatoes. only a courgette and some beetroot left in the veg plot now. Oh and some onions which are pathetic. Ive never had much success with getting them larger than a golf ball! Is there a secret to onions that I don't know about? might make onions my priority next year!

the front is in need of a good tidy but no time to get out there. work is ridiculous at the moment. did 15 hours on Tuesday. Not sustainable!  

pruning Verbena Bonarienis

Posted: 25/09/2017 at 06:32

I cut mine back just enough to keep it looking tidy. 

This year I've found that they have self seeded a lot. I remember asking on here how to get the seed to germinate as I was struggling!  Mother nature can do a much better job than a greenhouse and a packet of seeds sometimes! Anyhow, I have pulled the babies out and potted them on and they are doing very well. This way I can plant them in another bed in spring. 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 21:03

You have been busy Victoria! Where do you get your energy?!

i managed to fix the frame with the help of my other half and some pliers! Yay!

Is Plox Bavaria a perennia? It looks lovely.

Today I have toyed with buying plants but no real work in the garden.  Our gravel drive is full of weeds so working up the energy and patience to deal with them!

Greenhouse cleaning

Posted: 21/09/2017 at 05:15

It's one of my least favourite jobs. Always get water down my sleeves and feel guilly for washing out the spiders and insects!  Love the end result though.

i use a pressure washer too, and a broom with an old towel wrapped around it for the roof. 

Corydalis - as per Monty last night

Posted: 16/09/2017 at 19:31

Thanks for the replies, and ebay link. 

Pearsons Nursery in Collingham is going to look out for some for me. Great service.

Corydalis - as per Monty last night

Posted: 16/09/2017 at 11:41

brilliant episode of gardeners world last night. Inspired me to plant a corydalis. I've phoned twelve garden centre / nurseries so far and not one has any. 

is it a specialist plant? not keen on buying one online as wanted to get stuck in today.

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 13/09/2017 at 06:42

The metal is completely twisted! I wonder if I can get a refund?? Would have thought it should stand up to the UKs weather. Only had it three years. 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 13/09/2017 at 06:38

Oh no! The wind has made a real mess. Have come down to find my runner bean stand completely twisted and on its side.  Everything looking really bashed. 

I can see what my jobs for the weekend will be! A mega tidy up session! 

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