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Posted: 19/02/2017 at 17:20

 I've got the same problem. Just logged on and managed to post a new question but now can't see anything.

Ad blocker not working.

My goodness, this didn't used to happen with the old website.  Really frustrating. 

Verbena Bon. question

Posted: 19/02/2017 at 17:08


i have two Verbenas. One I grew from seed, and the other purchased from a garden centre last year.

The one grown from seed is in a raised bed (for cut flowers). It is all green and seems to have some new growth around the base. Here are a couple of photos of it:

The established one bought from the garden centre is in a border at the front of the house. This one looks quite different. Most of the stems are dead with just one looking green, and there appears to be no new growth at the base. Is this one dying? Should I prune at all?

Do they grow new growth from the base, or from last years stems? Really don't want to lose it as it wasn't cheap and it is the perfect height.

many thanks for any hints and tips!

sorry the photos are upside down!

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Country cottage garden

Posted: 18/02/2017 at 14:48

Slum, it looks brilliant! Well done you! What a fab transformation. 

pet companions

Posted: 14/02/2017 at 20:46

Dudley looks lovely. I love the way he's standing with his little feet pointing outwards!

Just catching up on the forum and this little monkey, otherwise known as Mr Sydney, has decided to get in on the act. Keeping my lap lovely and warm.  

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Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 14/02/2017 at 19:58

I had a short pootle around the garden today, mainly to check out everything that's popping up. Snow drops are such a treat to find in spots where I'd forgotten I'd put them. Waiting for the hostas to start poking up but perhaps a bit ahead of myself there!

Have bought tickets to Chatsworth and then remembered I'm being taken to the gardeners world show at the NEC the following week by a client. Lots to look forwards to! 

My mum passed away yesterday.

Posted: 13/02/2017 at 23:33

Sending you a hug a Ecokid.  I hope you are finding comfort in your happy memories. x

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 05/02/2017 at 16:19

I know what you mean about getting in the zone Victoria Sponge. Have just come in from the garden. Spent the day tidying out and cleaning the greenhouse, sowed some sweet peas, dug up the last of the carrots and dug in some potash from the fire.

felt rather guilty about displacing a few spiders! 

Plant labels in the dish washer to see if that'll clean off the pencil for me. 

Now defrosting my hands around a nice cuppa.

pet companions

Posted: 04/02/2017 at 17:33

What beautiful cats Jacqueline. Sorry to hear you lost Sheba. So sad when we have to sat goodbye to them. Pippa looks so lovely and full of gentle character. 


Posted: 04/02/2017 at 17:03

I'll have a go at early potatoes then. Fabulous! Every cloud!!



Posted: 04/02/2017 at 09:52


Whilst making a casserole last night I went to the back of the cupboard to open the last bag of stored potatoes and got quite a shock to find this! Not sure why it happened to just this one bag as the rest were fine!

As these were grown in our garden last year from garden centre bought seed potatoes, can I use these (heavily chitted!) as seed potatoes this year? If not, can they be put on the compost bin or should I just chuck them? Thanks!


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