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Wow, what a sunset!

Posted: 23/09/2014 at 07:21

Went to bed thinking about that lovely sunset. You inspired me to look out for sunrise this morning Artjack.


When and which plants in pots to but in the greenhouse over winter...

Posted: 23/09/2014 at 07:17

 Here they are. They're not tiny ones but I wonder if that makes them more vulnerable, or more hardy? I wondered if they needed a cold spell in order for the buds to develop further. All three are covered in buds, albeit small ones.

 The rhodi and camellia are new this year and they've romped away. The azalea is like an old friend! It was purchased on the cheap in Nottingham as it was damaged and left in a pot, then planted in the ground in London, dug up and planted in the ground back in Nottingham, and finally put in a pot in nottingham. It was always a poor specimen and I just left it to nature, but since deciding to take better care of it by using the correct compost, as well as a special feed, it looks wonderful! Really don't want to lose it now.


my hormones

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 20:29

Heee heee! Nuts go nicely with pears! 

Taxi for Tootles!

my hormones

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 20:13

More than happy to slap a 'shire' on the end! 

Wow, what a sunset!

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 19:25

How lovely. Sooths the soul.

my hormones

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 18:59

Nottingham - I'm a tad bias, but as a nottingham lass I'm chuffed that a nottingham company is being used and acknowledged for excellent service. Have I said nottingham enough times in this message?!! Nottingham Nottingham, Nottingham! Love it me duck!

raised beds

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 18:54

I built mine up with horse poop, cheap compost, a bit of sand n grit, and top soil. Put it down in the autumn to give it chance to break down and mix up. Got fab results. Good luck with it.

Autumn Lawn Care

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 18:51

On moss I used an Arthur j bowers one last year and it worked a treat. Not the most expensive brand but very good. A also use treatments from good old wilko's. Always get good results with their stuff.

On the scarifying front, I used a good take-away and complete control of the TV remote for one night; worked a treat on getting my other half busy with the rake!

When and which plants in pots to but in the greenhouse over winter...

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 18:45

Hello, when it comes to plants in pots, which ones need to be taken in over winter for a bit of protection from the cold please? In particular, an azalea, rhodedendron (sorry about the spelling!) and a cameallia (yep, again soz on the spelling front!). 

Thanks muchly.

Plant catnip plant outside in Spring or Autumn?

Posted: 20/09/2014 at 17:41

It's pretty tough stuff so if you get it out now it's probs still warm enough for it to bed in. It dies down over winter anyway. I cut mine right back to the ground and it makes for a stunning display in late spring and summer. Really really easy to propagate so you could take a cutting from your plant just incase.

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