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Posted: Yesterday at 09:24

What a lovely photo berghill. I can never get mine to flower very much.

holly tree

Posted: Yesterday at 09:23

Is holly quite slow growing?

Christmas lights in the garden

Posted: Yesterday at 09:21

Wilko's and John Lewis .... Got to be the best retailers about.

Shrub ID

Posted: Yesterday at 09:20

It looks lovely. I like the rich looking berries.

Talkback: Five steps to winter compost

Posted: Yesterday at 09:16

Do worms disappear if compost is too cold? I dont seem to be able to warm mine up.

new job

Posted: Yesterday at 09:13

I'm soooo jealous! Hope it's going well Dannyboy!

Indoor Cyclamen

Posted: Yesterday at 09:11

Mine was looking very unhappy indoors so I put it in the greenhouse and it has jumped back to life. Hope yours does too.

Heirloom Beans

Posted: Yesterday at 09:09

What makes a plant heirloom please?

thanks ,decided !

Posted: Yesterday at 08:58

Hi Gran - John Lewis have their sale signs up already - starts on 27 th Dec.

Gardeners who love their feline friends

Posted: Yesterday at 08:53

Alexa looks very comfy there! We call that position  'the loaf'! 

i know how you feel SFord. I lost my beloved Pete in June, and still think about him every day. He's buried in his own special corner of the garden and I'm going to plant wild flowers there as he loved the garden so much. Please please please get another kitty from a rescue centre.  I bet any cat would be sooo lucky to live with you!

There are so many that need homes. We got Sid from the Cats Protection League; they do such an amazing job. He has brought so much fun and happiness and we've only had him for a short time!  He's 8 yrs old and has some sight problems. No one seemed to want him so we jumped at the chance to adopt him....he is simply adorable!

let us know if Santa brings you a furrrrry friend!

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