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Posted: 22/01/2017 at 22:22

Sounds like the Rylands v Fletcher principle should come into play, especially if you can prove nuisance. 

The cheek of some people is astonishing. 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 22:00

Ah thanks Loana. I treated myself to the heated prop a couple of years ago and it's brill! Everything germinates so quickly - the hardest part is keeping up!

i have broad beans on the go too. They are in the cold greenhouse and we're all bent over and frozen this morning. I'm hoping they will be ok when they thaw out!

i agree - role on retirement! It'll be quite a few years for me yet unless I win the lottery!

Roses for Rose Arch

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 17:12

Hi Sandra100

Here is Madame Alfred Carriere which I planted in early 2015. The first photo is in June 2015 and the following photo was taken in June 2016 so you can see how quickly it grew. It is meant to be a white rose but the true colour is a sort of pale cream with a hint of pale pink / yellow. It is highly scented and easy to train. I really love it as it flowers on and on. 

Hope you find the right rose for you. 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 16:38

Oooooh, all those lovely leaves to compost! 

After sorting out my seeds I had a quick potter to try and magic up some more space for planting. Loads of things have buds on which is so lovely. 

Tempted to get the heated propogator out but I fear it is too early.

Seed and Plant Swap 2017

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 15:33

Hi GardenMaiden

id love some Orlaya Snowball if at almost possible please. Shall I PM you?

I have the following on offer if anyone wants them:

Stipa tenuissima 'pony tails'


Pepper Cayenne

Cucumber (sorry I don't know the type as I've torn the seed packet!)


Seed Audit -open packets and out of date

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 15:21

Thanks Nut.

i fear that once again my gardening eyes are bigger than my belly and I'll run out of room if I sow it all! 

Seed Audit -open packets and out of date

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 14:38

That article is really useful, thanks! 

Ive decided to chuck a couple of packets that I wasn't keen on but will keep the rest and give them a go.

I wonder if the viability is all about germination. If seeds germinate could their fruiting capacity be effected by the age of the seed?

Seed Audit -open packets and out of date

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 10:31

Good Morning,

Too cold outside to get into the garden here in Nottinghamshire so I'm having a seed audit (and a nice cuppa).  I've already bought some exciting new seeds from Higgledy Garden which won't fit in  my seed tin because it's so full of, well, seed packets that are open, out of date, and sealed but out of date. Would you just chuck old seeds? I know, in theory, they lose viability, but I have heard that can just be so the seed companies encourage us to buy more. Also, how out of date is just too old? I have some 2015 seeds in there.

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks!

Is crop rotation absolutely necessary?

Posted: 31/12/2016 at 08:07

Thanks for the advice.  Looks like I'll need to expand the fruit n veg area!  

Other than spuds, what do you suggest would grow well in a smithy tub? I've got two and they are half full of last years compost.  Don't want to do spuds next year, so not sure what else to grow in them. 

Is crop rotation absolutely necessary?

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 14:42

Do you think a rhubarb might do ok in a standard smithy tub?  

Do raspberries do ok in pots or do they really need to be in the ground?

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