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Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: Today at 17:09

Glad to hear you had a good time Pauline - you're entitled to have a little zuzz now

I have massacred the hazel trees (sorry Hazel ) and also had a little go at the (inherited) liquid amber which is very poorly sited close to the house. Was tempted to cull it when we got rid of all the other (13) trees which were either very poorly located or diseased. I do, however, love the colour of the leaves in autumn, and it's still a very small tree, so it has a stay of execution.  I lop a bit off every 3 or 4 years to keep it small and keep an eye to make sure it's not causing any problems. 

I now have a HUGE pile of tree prunings to dispose of. Some of the hazel will be used for plant supports, the smaller stuff will be shredded and the rest will go in the garden waste collection - hope the neighbours have some room in their bins! 

Now need to make Indonesian Pork for tomorrow and chicken pie for tonight. At some stage I may even get a shower

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Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: Today at 10:40

Morning - another lovely sunny day - so I'll be out there once the temp gets above 5C.

Happy, happy birthday Pauline - I hope you have a lovely day

Welcome to my world Pansy. You could not believe the mess the moles made in my lawn.Like you, it was ok while they stayed in the borders and under the hedge - but not in the middle of the grass. We caught one down the back - he was so fat it was amazing he went through the trap. We've had no success down the side of the house.

There are huge mole hills absolutely everywhere in Suffolk and Norfolk - really noticeable since last winter. I wonder if it's because it was such a mild winter last year?

Have a lovely Saturday everyone. Hazel trees - here I come - snip, snip.

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: Yesterday at 17:13

I'll join you on the stretching out surface if I may

My 1 or 2 hours outside turned into 4. Have cut back a whole border and my back is now protesting that it's too much after a winter of inactivity.

May try to tackle the hazel trees tomorrow if I can move...

Welcome back LB - shame the weather was a bit pants but sounds like you had a good time anyway, Lots of cuddles for Lily tonight

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: Yesterday at 11:11

Morning Lovely sunny day - only 5C at the moment but I think I'll get out there for an hour or two. Will be good to breathe the fresh air. Think the soil will be too wet to walk on but I should be able to do something.

Hope Chey is ok and LB has a safe journey home.


Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 15/02/2018 at 18:30

Snuckers again ...

Old 'uns are the best Pansy

Lovely little gate Rubee - I've been eating lollies too (just in case I decide to join the madness that is Fairy World)

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 15/02/2018 at 18:26

Sushi & tempura for me too please MU - 'specially if it involves prawns and other fishy stuff - yum!

Joyce - your arrangement sounds like an ideal way to enjoy each your daughter's company. You both have your own space so you can really enjoy and appreciate your time together. It's why we quite like to take the motorhome when we go to see the in-laws. We'll have a couple of days and an evening or two with them - but we also have some time to ourselves - and we don't have to be on our best behaviour all the time.  A nice compromise

Lants - the traps are baited with peanut butter - irresistible to mice apparently. OH has done all the emptying - and I'm not sure I would. It's a good idea to replace the bait every 4 or 5 days to keep it fresh -  so I was learning how to do that in case he's away for a few days. The spring is really, really strong on them. That's good because it means instant death - bad because it could mean a nasty finger injury if you're a bit clumsy (like what I am).

May have to look at the sort Joyce mentioned if we're still catching and OH goes away.

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 15/02/2018 at 15:11

Still cold out there in the wind - but it's sunny with a little warmth in a sheltered spot. Crocus flowers have opened for the first time today and hellebore and primula flowers are on the verge of opening. Clocks go forward next month. Spring is definitely a-coming

SM run this morning. Interesting as 3 of the 4 roads out of the village were closed - one for roadworks and 2 for flooding. Had to go the l-o-n-g way round.

Have just been shown how to bait the mousetraps Still catching one about every 5 days round the motorhome wheels. Not sure how long we need to be mouse-free before we can stop setting them.

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Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 14/02/2018 at 13:52

Hazel - we go a week on Saturday.

This afternoon I have to take up some 'technical' trousers I bought for the trip. They have a very very thin but 100% effective waterproof & windproof lining.

Trying them on this morning to get the length right I crouched down to check them and ...... they farted. OMG - I have bought farting trousers - happens every time I crouch - fortunately not when I sit. It's because the air gets trapped between the two layers of fabric.

Apparently OH's (he's had a couple of pairs for ages for walking) do the same.

I will need to wear a sign saying "It's not me - it's the trousers!!" 

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 14/02/2018 at 10:17

Morning - sunny and I could believe it's a tad warmer today - but thermometer says 4C so guess it's all relative. Forecasters reckon we may hit double figures this weekend - woohoo! Need to get out there and finish cutting and tidying ready to start reorganising & mulching. Would be good to get at least the first part of that done and dusted before we go away.

Have a relaxing day Rubee - hope you feel better soon. If you've got what I had it's unpleasant but short lived.

Having seen some of the prices you all talk about for dentists I'm beginning to feel hard done by. My check up on Monday was £54 - without X-rays. That's why I only go once a year. A root canal job about 5 years ago was nearly £500.

Couldn't get in with an NHS dentist - and my dentist seems to charge the local going rates for private care. Dentistry seems to be reverting to a 'haves' and 'have nots' system around here. If you have painful, non-cosmetic dental problems they should be dealt with under the NHS - it should not depend on whether you can afford to pay for it.

Resurrected Thirty-Nine

Posted: 13/02/2018 at 18:03

Extract from that article MU...

..Cowheel is the fatty cartilage from around a beast's heel. Chunks are boiled, and form a sweet, mucilaginous gravy....

Yup - mucilaginous gravy - yum - . Anyone eating their tea just now?

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