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Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Yesterday at 19:53

Sounds like a great day Wonky - I know you want to impress, but don't forget to pace yourself

Hope you get your tax return sorted BL - bad enough doing it in English - and they make it sound as though they'll lock you away and throw away the key if you forget to put in the £3.75 interest you earned on a little savings account you forgot about. 

Home made Cornish Pasties - yum

Gravy - yum

Cornish pasties AND gravy  - wrong on so many levels 

Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 17:30

Hogweed - what beautiful puss cats - but I was so sorry to hear about Cody's illness - it sounds particularly unpleasant. They leave the biggest hole don't they?

Hazel - I skim read your post first time. (Just for a moment) I thought you said you'd come back with new boobs. Thought we were going to get all that girly chat stuff again!

I've laid a few paving slabs in the new border to give me some access into the depths of the jungle. Got fed up with standing on emerging treasures when I'm weeding in the spring

Supposedly 90% chance of heavy rain at the moment - actually blue skies and fluffy whites

The local news last night said this was the driest start to a year for 20 years. The farmers and local nurseries are getting quite concerned and already irrigating heavily - I may have to start soon.

I know  - I'll get all my stuff out to paint the shed - it ALWAYS rains then!

Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 13:55

Tiggs is a sweetie Lantana

A public footpath runs down the side of our garden and is much used by dog walkers. Harry loves to play the game of running under the hedge walking alongside the dogs - growling as he goes. He is protected from the dogs by an ancient stock fence which the hedge has grown around - & it drives the dogs crazy that they can't 'get' him. Little tease.

Watering cans

Posted: Yesterday at 12:13

I love my Haws (metal) watering can - perfect balance and lovely long spout for watering things at the back .... and the brass rose doesn't dribble

A metal Haws is a very expensive, last a lifetime, watering can (mine was a 'special wedding anniversary' present) - but they also make cheaper, lightweight plastic ones. These seem to have the same qualities of balance etc as the metal ones - and they use the non-dribble brass roses.

They are still expensive for a plastic watering can but a good investment piece to make a boring job more pleasurable. Do you have a birthday coming up?

Buying a greenhouse. Any advice please?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:43

I don't have a green house now - but I did at a previous property.

If you're a serious gardener you'll always fill whatever you have - so I would recommend the largest you can afford / have space for.

Yes - auto vents are worth it - if only for the days you go out and the temp fluctuates as the sun comes and goes.

If you can, it will make life much easier if you can have electricity in the greenhouse (you need outdoor, waterproof sockets). This will allow you to operate a heater, electric propagator, heated mat - whatever else you may need - and also have the radio on while you're working

If you can have a tap nearby this will also be incredibly useful & save lots of time. If not, rig up guttering and water butts.

A central path of slabs or shingle is a good idea. Somewhere clean to stand when working and you can spray it with water in the summer if you want to increase humidity.

Re powder coating. I think it looks really nice - but I couldn't afford it so just had plain aluminium - which was fine. Maybe it depends if the gh's will be a bit of a feature in the garden? Don't know if there are other benefits to powder coating.

I don't think most people paint their plain aluminium greenhouses - I certainly didn't - but I guess you could if you wanted. But that would then be an ongoing paint maintenance job in future years. 


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Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 11:02

H likes drinking from the big shallow tray I keep by the shed door for standing seedling trays & small pots in. The birds also like it for drinking and as a bird bath.

H says the water tastes best when it has a good bit of bird poo, a small amount of compost and some green algae mixed in. If there are a few larvae of some description swimming around it adds a piquant note...

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Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 10:15

It's a love token LB - so you'll never forget him / her 

Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 10:00

Your poor old chair M-U

Thanks for the shop link. Lovely to see independent department stores like that still surviving - an important part of the individuality in our local high streets. You're right that it's a bit far for delivery though. They could do a reverse of the 'special delivery rates / terms' that usually apply to Highlands and Islands postcodes!

Next time we're up your way I shall pop into the shop to show my support - not least 'cos I love their name! 

Thanks for asking about Harry LB. He's very up and down. Sunday was a bad day but yesterday and today he's been back to his affectionate purry self

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Celandine problem

Posted: Yesterday at 09:43

Oh - you do have a job on there CD

Breaking it down into sections is the only way to retain sanity. But first - are there any jobs you can do which will have a big impact such as cutting back big shrubs, trimming hedges?

Personally, I would want to cut the grass - that will make it look tidier - and then just concentrate on a couple of beds for this year. 

Don't get too disheartened with the celandine - it will disappear soon. Dig out any big clumps and just pull the leaves off some of the others - yank great handfulls. As you dig to plant you can remove some more but you may just have to accept it's presence. If you keep removing clumps and leaves each year it will eventually become more manageable.

Good luck.

Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 09:26

Flippin' eck. Took me 5 mins to type that last post on a jumpy iPad and then 7 more posts have appeared.

You lot can't half natter

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