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Posted: Today at 15:01

Hmm - it's like when the cat decides to come to bed with me - llittlest one ends up with the lion's share of the bed 

East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: Today at 14:36
Ha ha - iPad says I can do posh accents too - but the forum doesn't recognise them

East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: Today at 14:34
Gardens, loos etc open at 11.

Can I suggest we meet abt 11.30.

Should leave plenty of time to walk, caf?? etc & still time to go round the hall if anyone wants to. (I might go up to see the needlework but not too bothered for anything else).

Time might change a bit if I am collecting Panda - depends on train timetable.

Monty Don talk @ Preston Guild Hall Nov 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 23:50
Ditto Chicky's comments - saw him in Bury St Edmunds a few months ago - entertaining, funny, self deprecating - really enjoyed it.

Hosta - Stop pulling faces whenever MD is mentioned


Posted: Yesterday at 21:18

Don't get him started in Pedant's Corner.

Sorry - Pedants' Corner.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:50

Naughty boy Hosta 


Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

I've been to Rosslyn Chapel Lily - church architecture / late medieval stuff is my thing so I found it absolutely fascinating - I think they may have had to ask me to leave at closing time  - so much to see.

Love the hamster Flumpy - can't bear mice and rats but like hamsters & guinea pigs - must be those horrible scaly tails - urrgh!

Have spent a lovely afternoon repotting my new plants, sweeping the shed out, tidying the composting & nursery area and generally pottering about. Time flew by and I only came in 'cos I couldn't see what I was doing anymore (is it me or did it get dark earlier today?). Very wild out there - mild but very windy.

Time for a cup of tea before shower and dinner prep. Might catch up with  "Call the Midwife"  tonight - saving Shetland for when OH comes home tomorrow. Exciting life... 

East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: Yesterday at 11:01

Maggie - 

Suz - that's a shame.

So folks, are we definitely aiming for the 18th? Has anybody heard from Panda? Do we know if she can do this date?

I'm still free for all the other dates we've discussed (& others - no life - how sad ) but it would be nice to be able to put a firm date in the diary. 

East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: Yesterday at 09:36
It's me that lives near you Maggie - not Nut


Posted: Yesterday at 09:11

21 very healthy plants arrived yesterday. All need potting up so, after a little hwk, I shall be mainly in the potting shed ( the real one - not this one). First proper stint of the year - woo hoo

Will probably take a bucket of tea with me - do you think Pat will notice if I snaffle a couple of those biscuits? Have to keep my strength up....
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