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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 19:36

Quick pop in before I get on with dinner

Best wishes to Lily P and her family - awful not being able to just be there. Hope baby makes a full & speedy recovery. Sorry also to hear Yvie's news - haven't heard of anyone having scarlet fever for yonks - best wishes to you and them as well.

Poor Wonky - very disappointing on the greenhouse front and a PITA with the car. At least the person responsible had the decency to stop - hope it's not too inconvenient for her. Has she looked at Freecycle and other free 'recycling' sites to see if anybody else wants rid of a greenhouse or perhaps a cold frame?

Mary Berry recipe calling now - SYL.

Resurrected Ten

Posted: Today at 19:11

Evening all - been in the garden all afternoon and a fair amount of the evening - gorgeous out there - lots of spring blossom and very warm.

However, I'm going to be so boring and say we really could do with a couple of days of heavy rain. Had to waste best part of 2 hours just watering new plantings / pots etc. Hate watering

You've all been very busy since I left you at lunch time - new thread started and 4 pages filled already

Welcome to the mad house Amberspy - you'll get nothing done if you spend all day gabbing with this lot

Raking nails down soap before gardening works a treat - but I usually forget. Wear gloves these days so less important but I always have holes in the thumbs so I usually end up with mucky thumb nails.

Lopsided pits Dove. I know your pain - had the same problem many years ago when I had a frozen shoulder. Couldn't bear the thought of OH doing it for me. At least it was winter!

Time for dinner - variation of Mary Berry's Penang Chicken I think.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 11:17

Good luck Wonky - positive vibing

Hosta - good news on the NHS front - so far we've been very fortunate with the care we and other family members have received.

BL - nice kitchen - I like black and white kitchens

Dove - sorry I haven't used or visited Norfolk herbs. Although I was looking at their website the other day. Is that me being spooky again or did you mention them in despatches a couple of weeks ago?

Resurrected Nine

Posted: Today at 10:35
Dovefromabove says:

Why is it that, if I wake in the middle of the night, the clock almost always says 2:22 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

See original post

 Very spooky Dove.

Know what's even spookier? It happens to me at 3.33. Honestly, I kid you not - and it starts to freak me out a bit when it happens 2 or 3 nights on the trot.

Must be something in the East Anglian air

Morning all - must crack on - I'm either gardening or visiting nurseries - haven't decided yet

I'm becoming more gifted as I get older - positively matronly from some angles

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Today at 10:22

Liri - that is funny - but only because it's not my kitchen. I've never been a kitchen fitter but even I know a worktop wants to be level - duh!

Morning everyone - can't decide whether to do more in the garden or have a little trip in the warm sunshine to my favourite nursery (which also happens to be not far from another one I quite like). Poor credit card is having a panic attack already.

Maybe more tea will help with the decision.

Planting a small meadow

Posted: Today at 10:08

I'm in the middle of prepping and planting a new perennial and shrub border so I've had a think and decided I have enough on at the moment without starting a new project.

I will, therefore, be doing mine this autumn - September probably.

I will be lifting turf (it's only a 3m x 3m area) and using a wildflower / grass seed mix from one of the specialist companies - in addition to plugs and bulbs. There should still be enough warmth and light for the seed to germinate but (hopefully) at that time of year I won't need to do as much watering once things get going.

Resurrected Nine

Posted: Yesterday at 20:57

Nigella does a platter of parmesan chunks to nibble on at her parties - apparently -  my invites were somehow 'lost in the post' so cannot verify.

Wouldn't have been able to go anyway - no suitable shoes

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: Yesterday at 20:09

Lots of plants to be had for £200 Joyce

Resurrected Nine

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

PS - Meant to say - I LOVE that Simon's Cat cake. Some people are sooo clever..

Resurrected Nine

Posted: Yesterday at 20:07

For a really smooth gin with a slightly different taste (warm, slight orange spice)  - Masons Gin - Yorkshire Tea Edition - delicious. Should be able to find it up your way LB - harder to find the further away from Yorkshire you are.

I'm on Gordons for the 1st quarter inch then add Schweppes tonic then a "wee topper" of Tanqueray.

The "wee topper" is an old Adam Hart-Davies tip - so you get a nice hit of gin with the first sip

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