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Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 23:15

Fairy - Thanks for the heads-up about The Adventure Show. I'll download tonight's and set it to record the next one.

I've recorded a stack of the Landward programmes which are showing in England on weekday afternoons. I think they might be from 2015 but we're enjoying the scenery. Watched one featuring Gairloch & Applecross tonight - glorious.

Sorry you didn't get into the hills. Fingers crossed for next week!

Bedtime now - night all

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Yesterday at 18:53

I have a little pot of tiny copper ball bearings (from John Lewis) which you just put in vases / decanters etc and swirl them round.

Brings glass up a treat.

John Lewis have something similar:

Reusable - I think I've had mine for about 20 years!

Why does gardening always have to be so messy!!!!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:45

My gardening clothes are not only old and tatty - they are quite often OH's cast offs. Mainly because they're a bit big and baggy on me - so a lot more comfortable for bending & stretching. Definitely not a sight for sore eyes

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 17:40

Great news Punkdoc - it must be a bit of a weight off your mind if she's feeling positive about everything - hope it all goes through ok.

Hosta - lovely pic. If that's the same blue tit who was nosing round the other day I'm amazed he made it through the hole - he looked far too fat to fit

Snowdrop Walk - Anglesey Abbey

Posted: Yesterday at 16:49

Hurrah! - does anybody else want to join us? -  all welcome!

Really don't mind whether we go morning or afternoon Dove - I'll fit in with you and Wonky. Would either of you like a lift from Bury train station?

Puzzlers Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 16:37

Letters From Home? 

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Yesterday at 10:27

Have you got a spot in mind for the chinese lanterns Hazel?

You probably know this already but, if they like where they're growing and get established, they can become a bit invasive. A neighbour spent several seasons ridding a bed of them. They're a bit like Jap. Anemones & are well behaved for a while and then romp away.

Pretty plants but IMO probably best grown where they can do their own thing.

I might try some in the woodland border...

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Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:22

Happy Birthday Frank - hope you have a wonderful day

Resurrected Seven

Posted: Yesterday at 10:17

Morning - a bit dull but very mild so I think a spot of gardening might beckon.

Have been very good at limiting myself to just a couple of hours per session of lighter duties to break the old muscles in slowly. There are, however, only so many trees and roses in the garden - and once they're pruned the heavier work will have to start.

Last edited: 19 February 2017 10:17:48

Puzzlers Corner

Posted: 18/02/2017 at 17:46

Nobody's more surprised than me! 

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