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Posted: Today at 10:20

Busy-Lizzie, If you have time - what with guests & getting ready for your jollies and all - I've sent you a PM. Nothing particularly important - just wanting some insider info on french supermarkets 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Today at 10:15

Best wishes Punkdoc  - hope the op is successful.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 22:30
Thanks peeps. I think that all I'm trying to say is that it's not easy - the outcome we all want (for things to be as they were before) just cannot happen & you can only do your best to try to reach a compromise solution.

I think that sometimes it pays to try to take a step back and say "what would I advise my best friend to do?" - somehow it depersonalises it a little bit. Maybe that's just me but it has helped me make some very difficult decisions.

Enough from me - best wishes & support to all going through such a horrible time. xx

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:56

Verdun - I really feel for you and all the others going through similar trials - as you may have guessed I too have the T-shirt.

I think we all understand what you mean by the 'guilt' but, if you are considering a good home for your mum where she can be cared for in safety by qualified staff with the right equipment, then there is nothing to feel guilty about. 

My father pleaded for me to take him home - that was so hard to take. But (in addition to his confusion) he was so unsteady on his feet and needed constant physical support to do everything from personal care to walking. I'm 5' tall & totally unable to lift or support a fully grown man on my own. If he'd come home with me we would both have ended up in hospital and I would have ended up hating him for ruining my life.

Does that sound very selfish? - I'm sorry if it does - but I was part of the social work team dealing with elderly people in our area. I saw what looking after aged parents without appropriate help or support could do to people - how it dragged them down and how everybody (including the aged P)  just ended up being so unhappy & full of guilt.

You are trying to do the right thing, you are trying to do your best - you really cannot do anymore.

Really squeezy hugs!!


Posted: Yesterday at 11:20

Hi Tanty

Think that might give me a fright too!

Maybe a devil's coach-horse beetle - try this link



Posted: 30/08/2014 at 21:23
Hi Busy Lizzie - thanks so much for the info - I've sent you a PM.


Posted: 30/08/2014 at 17:06

Really looking forward to my jollies - will be spending tomorrow doing serious deadheading & moving pots. When I do the final lawn scalp on Tues  I'll know it must be nearly time to go....

Busy Lizzie - we'll be sort of between Bergerac & Sarlat so I think that's quite a bit further south than you isn't it? It looks as though the weather is really picking up - had been teenager-style sulky looking at all the rain and relatively low temps you've been having recently but it looks like 30C for Wednesday  - glad there's a pool!!

Are there any equivalents of the Open Gardens schemes over there? I haven't been able to find any on t'internet. I know of some of the big gardens but I like going to 'ordinary' peoples' gardens and I haven't been able to find any small ones open.

Enjoy your hols - and you too OL - and everyone else who's going away.

Dig For Victory

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 16:29

Clari - any chance of getting a local GC to 'sponsor' the event by donating a few bags of compost in return for some free advertising?

You'll have a better idea than me how many visitors you're likely to get, but I wouldn't have thought you'd use that many bags of compost if you're only filling 3" pots (or their equivalent) - and you could always agree to return any unopened ones to the GC.

Dig For Victory

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 16:18

Lyn - I think Clari is intending to have a Dig for Victory corner at her 40's exhibition next Easter. As part of that she will be inviting kids to plant sunflower & squash seeds (on the day) & then (over the rest of the season) there could be a comp to see who can grow the largest (a clever way to get repeat visits to the museum  - as well as sparking horticultural interest in the kiddies).

I think it's a great idea 

Did I review 1500 plants in my sleep?

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 10:34

I didn't understand it either - glad it's not just me 

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