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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 02/01/2018 at 22:55

Night everyone - sweet dreams

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 02/01/2018 at 21:08

Speaking of passports... Just had an email to say new one is on the way - only applied a week ago - old one received on Friday - new one despatched on first working day thereafter - excellent service.

Another vote for recorders here. I accompanied a friend on violin and anther on vocals with my recorder in a school competition. We did ‘Back Home’ theme of the 1970 World Cup Squad

Unsuprisingly - we didn’t win 

Failing that I’m a dab hand on the old kazoo....

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 02/01/2018 at 18:31

 - great picture of Runners LB 

Thanks for the emoji - it won't dare go wrong again now!

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Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 02/01/2018 at 18:11

Evening everyone

Hi Sunny - you're doing just fine and we're here when you need to chat

Lovely image of Runny leaning on a lamp post at the corner of the street, after cleaning windows, with her little ukulele in her hand wearing a dangerous beret

This thread is bonkers

Sorry you've not found your passport yet Chey (have you found my gloves though? - me, me, me....)

Seriously though - if you don't find it soon you MUST let the Passport Agency know in case somebody has picked it up somewhere, and it's doing the rounds on the black market. 

I've spent nearly the WHOLE day sorting out email stuff after everything went t*ts up after I did an operating system upgrade on the 'puter. Very tedious, very boring but hopefully sorted now (fingers crossed emoji needed!)

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 01/01/2018 at 23:47

Glad you had a good evening Joyce - big fans of cranachan here 

Chey - tell you what. I’ll look for your passport and you look for my nice black gloves - last seen before Christmas. Great fit, very warm and waterproof and officially lost. Anyone else ever tried asking shops to turn out their lost property boxes 4 days before Christmas? They were suprisingly good about doing it. Just hope they’ve gone to a good home

Off to bed - are we getting back to normal tomorrow?

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New Year's Day Flower Count 2018

Posted: 01/01/2018 at 17:31

My list is so much shorter than last year. The snow and hard frosts of recent weeks compared to last year’s mild weather has seen to that!

I can only manage:

Viburnum tinus

Viburnum bodnantense ”Dawn”

Pyracantha (just one little blossom)

Winter flowering honeysuckle


Primula vulgaris


The crab apples are still looking great - “Evereste” x 2 and “Red Cardinal” x2 - despite the constant attention of the resident squirrels and pigeons

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 01/01/2018 at 11:02

Thanks for the reminder about the concert Rubee. Have just put it on iPlayer so I can restart it from the beginning (just love technology when it works like that!  )

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 01/01/2018 at 09:14

Morning - Happy New Year everyone - hope 2018 proves to be a good one for us all

Went to  bed about 11.30 and sat chatting with OH until midnight. Some very loud fireworks at the Big House in the village but all quiet after that.

Next door‘s cat is sound asleep downstairs. He was on the log store when we got up and his mum’s curtains are still shut - so I think he was a dirty little stop out last night. I’ll kick him out when the curtains open but it’s nice to have a feline friend to nuzzle

Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 31/12/2017 at 17:09

Never heard of throwing the rubbish out on New Year's Eve. 

I've been entertaining myself dealing with Income Tax today. First sorted out OH's tax affairs (dead impressed that HMRC were in the office today - quickest I've ever got through on the phone - imagine it's a 'quiet day' for them!) and then I filed my own tax return. 

Always a relief to get those jobs done.

Next I tried to log in to a national savings account to check whether or not I actually still have any premium bonds (have certificates but think I may have cashed them in years ago). Has so far taken over 4 weeks to jump through their hoops to find out this information. Temporary password arrived yesterday but I'm still going round in circles trying to log in.

Have given up and will ring them on Tuesday.

You never know - there might be a million pounds sat unclaimed just waiting for me (they certainly didn't have my current address). That would be a bonny start to the new year.

We're not doing anything tonight other than a slightly nicer dinner of crab risotto.

Really dislike Betwixtmas (or whatever they call it now) and then the whole New Year thing. Have never bothered to celebrate it - bah humbug!

I do, however, realise that this is another difficult date for some of our friends - so I send them very best wishes and I hope all those who've had a difficult 2017 will have a happier and peaceful 2018.

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Resurrected Thirty-Four

Posted: 31/12/2017 at 10:27
Muddle-Up says:

....We are all Time Lords of our own understairs cupboards...

See original post

That is nearly quite deep MU!!

Glad you've come to terms with your mattress. We bought a really expensive one some years ago - made to order and all that sort of guff - and when it first arrived it was a disaster.Felt like I was sinking in treacle every time I tried to turn over and didn't sleep at all for about a week. Was in floods of tears every morning because we couldn't afford an expensive mistake.

Then one night I just slept straight through - never looked back. 12 years on it's the most comfortable (soft but very, very supportive) mattress I've ever slept on - spoils us for sleeping anywhere else. Really helps with my back problems too.

Hope your mattress is good for you from now on.

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