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Delete Post And Other Issues

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 10:26
Dovefromabove says:

Mike ... as far as I'm aware no one on here objects to the Mods when people disagree about gardening techniques or IDs ... but when people with no medical qualifications suggest that women posters should send him private messages about their gynaecological problems you really can't be surprised that the the Mods delete the relevant posts. 

See original post

 Flippin' 'eck Dove - I don't remember that one! That sounds positively, definitely pervy.

Going back to nasty PM's..

I'm afraid if anybody sent me an unpleasant PM I'd name, shame and copy the PM onto the public forum -so everybody can see what a nasty piece of work that poster is.

Other forumites have done that in the past and been accused of betraying 'the secrecy' of PM's.

For me, PM's are for the exchange of chat or info that nobody else would be interested in (timing of TV programmes [thank you Fairy], links to sites of mutual interest etc etc) or the exchange of personal details for members who wish to make contact away from the forum.

PM's should never, ever be allowed to be used for 'secret' bullying, intimidation or insults.


Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 30/08/2017 at 17:18

M-U - so sorry to hear the news about your friend. I'm rubbish at telling jokes so I'll save that for the others to do. 

Enjoy your film - nothing like a good old black & white movie in the afternoon 

Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 30/08/2017 at 13:33

Afternoon all.

Pauline - your treatment doesn't sound like it will be very pleasant but, hopefully, it will get things sorted out once and for all. Hope we can keep you cheered if you're feeling low

Lots of thoughts and good wishes for Sunny & family at the moment.

Have been enjoying catching up with the last couple of days of chatter - some very funny postings - especially some of the food phobias. OH and I are true omnivores but I'm not too fond of 'foams' on a plate of food. Always looks like what the cat produced when he had a fur ball

I've been busy, busy, busy. We're away on hols this weekend so have been getting stuff ready as well as sorting out the house and garden. OH doesn't really understand all this frenetic activity but I cannot bear to go away knowing I will be coming back to a dirty house or overgrown garden.

Fortunately it's raining a little bit today which has dictated what my jobs for today are. We're desperate for rain again on this side of the country. Buddleias and other large shrubs are wilting. I am resisting the temptation to water them - I need them to dig down to find moisture. Makes the garden look rubbish and autumnal though. 

Beech Tree Nut Husks as Mulch?

Posted: 27/08/2017 at 16:58

My woodland border has a mulch of large 'nuggets' of ornamental pine bark. 

I throw a lot of spent beech husks on there where they sort of blend in with the bark. That border is intended to be quite natural and look a bit unmanaged and the husks and nuggets look appropriate.

I think they could look a little messy if you used them on a neat ornamental border. They'd be fine at the back or hidden under shrubs though

Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 27/08/2017 at 10:35

Morning - lovely sunny day here. Warm - forecast to be hot tomorrow.

Made a huge batch of tomato sauce yesterday (tomato glut is early this year) so need to portion that up for freezing. Then 'need' to make ice cream. Then pick and freeze some raspberries which are in overdrive at the moment.


Have a good time with the family BL.

Hazel - 23 sounds gorgeous. I love it when babies (both human and animal) just keel over fast asleep. We had a kitten who would run round playing & generally being a kitten - starting furiously, gradually slowing down - then just stop, stand still, wobble, keel over, sleep for 20 minutes and then wake up and carry on as if nothing had happened. Didn't sleep in a 'normal' sleeping place until he was about a year old

OH coming home this afternoon so best get a wriggle on and have a bit of a clear up and wash up.

Have a good one - SYL.

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Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 26/08/2017 at 14:16

Lovely garden Lants.

Chey - I could bore for England on the subject of making compost. Probably my favourite thing to do when it comes to gardening. I have 4 very large compost bins and love nothing better than turning and watering them and tweaking the 'recipe' for making the fastest, best compost for heavy clay soil. 

Basically, anything which was once organic can (and usually does) go in - so all those things mentioned above. (No meat or dairy products though - I'm pretty phobic about rats) Somethings take a lot longer to breakdown but making smaller bits increases the surface area and really speeds everything up. Paper shredder, plant shredder and lawn mower (for shredding and hoovering up prunings etc) are my favourite tools.

I love seeing how hot I can get the compost bin. This summer there have been a couple of occasions when it's been too hot to sink your hand into it....

Bore, bore, bore..... told you

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Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 26/08/2017 at 09:06


Hello Sunny. Sorry to hear that Paul is no longer at home but how fortunate a bed was available in the hospice. They are much gentler and pleasanter places to be than a busy hospital.

Hope they can get on top of his pain and make him comfortable.

Another busy day here - trying to get on top of a long list of jobs. Was very warm yesterday - same forecast for the next few days. Need to make time to hold down a lounger at some stage

Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 25/08/2017 at 14:27
plant pauper says:

...TB there's a lot to be said for not selling vehicles to friends or family.  The backside invariably falls out of them immediately after.....

See original post

 I know PP - I've been caught before. But OH was really quite sentimental about his little car and really wanted his brother to have it. BIL knew there was a problem with the car - but we genuinely thought he could nurse it back to his mate's garage and he was happy to take the risk...

If it had gone in part exchange we wouldn't have worried about it - caveat emptor and all that - but, because it was family and because BIL doesn't have a stash of cash - we had to step in and see him safely home and worry about how the problem is going to be solved.

The car will sit in our garage for 3 weeks now. BIL has joined Green Flag today and, if he can't get it home in 3 weeks time, it can go back to Yorks on the back of one of their trucks. Bit naughty maybe - but OH and I have paid thousands to Green Flag over the years and only called them out perhaps 3 or 4 times. So won't feel too guilty.

Kitty - that's a bit of a rubbish way for the Uni to go about things. Fair enough if they'd OK'd it with T2 first or they'd offered upgraded accommodation for the same price - but not just to assume she'll pay it

Pansy - heard that on the news last night - made me wince. Would love to have seen Boris's face while they were playing. I'm not sure I could have kept a straight one

Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 25/08/2017 at 09:26


Congratulations Hazel & welcome to the world 23

Congratulations to you too Pansy - for surviving yesterday.

Congratulations to you too LB for not murdering anyone after the latest ladder saga.

Congratulations to Chey for his DIY and culinary achievements and for making friends with such a cutie of a puss cat.

Hello to everyone else!

Yesterday was all a bit of a saga. 

Took less than 20minutes to part with mucho poundoes and buy car.

BIL arrived from Yorks OK and set off to drive back in OH's old car. 5 miles up the road one of the brakes started binding. He has no breakdown cover, not safe to drive 180 miles, has a mate up north who can sort it out but need to get car up there.

Long story short we felt so guilty about his wasted journey we drove a round trip of 360 miles yesterday afternoon to get him home and he is now looking in to borrowing a trailer to bring down to put the car on. Will probably be in a couple of weeks.

We were cream crackered last night - hoping for a more restful day today!

Resurrected Twenty-Two

Posted: 24/08/2017 at 07:51


Earlier start for us today - going to collect a new car

BIL is buying OH's old car so I need to collect him from the station & generally chauffeur everyone around & provide refreshments.

Think OH is sorry to be saying goodbye to his sports car days - but he needs a 'sensible' car for retirement (one he can put a cycle rack on) so he doesn't keep pinching mine when he & his mates do cycling 'away days'.

Sorry to hear bestie's brother is not doing well LB. Sounds like you're supporting her well.

Hope there's some happy news for Hazel today. 

Hope you're doing ok Sunny if you're looking in x

Have a good day everyone.

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