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KEW Gardens Visit

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 12:07

I'm waiting to see which day you opt for...

We're supposed to be on holiday end of June / until 6th July but domestic events might be conspiring to change our plans

If I'm free on the chosen date I'd love to join you.

Temporarily remove turf

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 11:57

Fourthed for a few pavers / paving slabs.

(Frank's explanation  not withstanding) I would be reluctant to reverse the opening of the door simply because the opening radius of the door restricts the storage / useable space within the garage (bit like wot Dove said).

I appreciate you might like the idea of a clean line of turf but you are probably going to need to a bit of a mowing channel or strip next to the wall anyway (very difficult to keep the turf cut right up to a wall). Heavy traffic in and out of that door will also soon make the area in front of it look different to the rest of the grass. It will be compressed with possibly some bare patches developing. The soil will become compacted and may eventually start to form a dip.

All you need is a small (2 - 3') square of paving (set lower than the turf).

I had new turf laid in the autumn. It goes right up to the house wall on one side. I intend to remove a 6" strip and put in a line of brick sized pavers so I can just mow straight over them.

It would be an easy job to cut out the area you need to pave now before the turf roots but (whatever you do) remember that you should be staying off the turf as much as possible for a few weeks to give it a chance to grow away.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 10:38

It never rains but it pours BL. Hope you can get things sorted out. If not, I recommend gin

Seriously though, I hope you can get things arranged so you can enjoy a relaxing few days in Norfolk.

Waiting for the hairdresser at the moment. 

Oh she's here SYL

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 08:45

Morning all.

Looks like a nice day out there. Unfortunately I'm having my hair cut this morning and then taking a neighbour to a hospital appt this afternoon so not much opportunity to get in the garden.

We were supposed to go away for a week in Keswick at the end of next week but my little cat is quite poorly and we're awaiting test results & trying to get him comfortable so I've decided to stay at home to look after him. On the plus side I can get on with sowing some seeds now rather than when we return so perhaps I'll do that today.

We're also enjoying The Replacement but have only watched Ep 1 so far. OH comes home after a few days away tonight so we'll catch up then.

Favourite crime writers at the moment are Val Mcdermid, Peter James and Lynda La Plante. And we are very into the Scandi noirs although we have to watch them back to back or we forget who's who - how sad

Very brave doing someone's wedding outfit LB - I'd be terrified of getting it wrong!

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Support summer raspberries ?

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 13:46

I have grown summer fruiting without proper supports but it was a right mess and 6' canes whipping about in the wind are not conducive to relaxed harvesting.

I now only grow autumn fruiting. They start in August which is early enough for me. They're not staked or supported as such but they are enclosed in one of these which is brilliant and looks quite nice too.

Expensive - but it was a Christmas present. Could achieve a similar effect much cheaper with some stout posts and wire. Wouldn't be suitable for summer fruiting though as they need to be tied into a framework as Dove says.

Hardy Annuals

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 13:34

I don't sow many annuals but regular fillers are Cosmos, Nigella (lovely rich Dark inky blue one available now), Cornflowers, Escholtzia (Californian Poppies) (esp the ivory and deep red shades) and Calendular Indian Prince ( a very rich deep orange with a darker centre)

The nigella, poppies and cornflowers can be scattered where they are to grow. Maybe you could sow them into compost on top of the mulch.

Calendula and cosmos are done in modular seed trays - I sow the cosmos a bit later (April) & keep pinching them back until end of May. This produces later flowering and well branched plants (start flowering in August and last till the frosts)

The cosmos can be large plants (often about a metre high and across) - depends on the variety. I have found them very useful for spaces next to baby shrubs. The shrubs will eventually be large plants so I don't want too much permanent planting around them - but I do want something to occupy that space each season.

Sarah Raven does some very good colours / themes in annuals. She will also sell seedlings in a few weeks

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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 12:10

Back from SM - I bought hot cross buns too & I've just eaten one (yum). On offer so would have been rude not to buy 2 pacs. One for eating per normal and one for making a bread & butter pud this weekend.

That picture from BM is now in my head 

I was thinking about DD last night as well. Hope you look in from time to time DD - no need to post if you don't feel like it - but we're thinking of you.

Hope the gardening plans go ok WW - been raining hard here. Haylofts have good plug plant offers on for hellebores. Will probably flower next spring if you buy them now and nurture them. Mine have done very well and are full sized plants 2 years on.

SGL - Lyn is still around on other threads I think

Doc - you need a box round the ears if you need to even think about whether it should be Kylie or OH (My OH might have the same problem though if somebody dangled Katey Humble Bumble in front of him...)


Posted: 08/03/2017 at 08:49

I would love a walled kitchen garden (complete with a team of nice young men to tend it for me of course), an ornamental garden, and a woodland walk incorporating a stumpery with lots of different mosses and ferns.

The ornamental garden would feature lots of cottage garden style plants grown informally but tightly contained within large borders and beds edged with box which never gets blight. Lots of height from pergolas, obelisks etc

The woodland area would tend to acid soil for some of the plants I want to grow (rhodies, azaleas, meconopsis etc) and would also have a burbling stream tumbling over boulders (a waterfall would be good too) eventually feeding into a very large pond (small lake really).

The pond would feature lots of cornus for winter colour as well as the usual marginals and aquatic plants. There would be a small boathouse with a rowing boat and a jetty for summer evening G&T's and access to the pond for swimming.

To keep OH happy there would be a range of outbuildings to be used as garages / workshops / music room etc etc

Need a big win (and probably more than 6 acres!) for that little lot....

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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 07:54

Morning Everyone - hope you got a little sleep eventually Hostage. Tee hee - that made me snigger too

Much better night's sleep last night - almost normal. Still aware that I have some sort of cold or virus but feeling much better and brighter. Hope Lily P is too.

Time for tea - SYL

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 07/03/2017 at 20:09

Just a thought Pansy...

It looks as though that milestone could be on one of the old routes which went near or via  "The Plague Village" of Eyam. You will almost certainly know that it's the village which put itself into voluntary isolation in 1665 when many of the villagers succumbed to an outbreak of bubonic plague. They wanted to stop the spread of the disease into the surrounding countryside.

Maybe the skull was intended as a warning to travellers. Maybe I have an overactive imagination...

More info about Eyam here - beautiful village and the museum and church are well worth a visit.

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