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The Supernatural

Posted: 05/08/2015 at 14:36

Interesting stories.

I'm not sure that I'm a great believer but have had one or two strange experiences which may or may not have been coincidences. One of the strangest and clearest to recall was several years ago.

I was asleep and when I awoke could remember my dream very clearly (in itself quite unusual). I had been in a hospital running from corridor to corridor looking at lots of different signs. Eventually a doctor stopped me and asked me what I was looking for. I said "My father - but it's alright I've found him now". I woke myself up saying those words.

About 2 minutes later the phone rang - a phone call to say my father (previously in good health) had been taken into hospital overnight but they hadn't wanted to worry me as he was not in immediate danger.

The caller (my sort-of stepmother) had been thinking about ringing me for an hour before she did but didn't want to ring too early in the morning. She was always having slightly weird and 'fey' things happening around her and I have convinced myself this was a form of telepathy.

Not exactly supernatural but slightly strange all the same.


Posted: 05/08/2015 at 10:00

Hosta - pleased you found hedgehog poo - only another gardener could understand why that makes you happy 

Sorry to hear about the family strife. There is no worse pain than that suffered by someone you love. Just be there with the hugs and a glass of something nice to enjoy together. You don't need that nastiness in your lives 

Even you hard hearts......

Posted: 05/08/2015 at 09:53

Simon Cowell - Wonky - what are you like? - I thought you had taste! 

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 05/08/2015 at 09:48

Wendy - that's really lovely. Your garden still looks so fresh compared to mine. What is the mid-blue flower on the LH of your third picture please? I could find a home for that colour..... 

.... and those purple flowers in the centre of the top picture please?

Wonky - your garden still looks great - especially considering it wasn't one just  a few weeks ago 

Garden produce recipes

Posted: 03/08/2015 at 10:28
The clafoutis and tatin recipes both sound delicious - will definitely give both of them a try - thank you


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 10:13

PS - Hope your party goes well Liri - many congrats again 


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 10:12

I haven't had any problems at all with the site for monthss. Use an iMac and Safari and an iPad and Safari. Have adblock plus installed on iMac (can't install it on iPad - or I couldn't when I last tried). 

Have a good one everyone - sun has now put in an appearance - 25C this afternoon - lovely - swimming & ice cream for us 


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 08:33
Pat - OH has a Mac Book & he now prefers using the track pad to a mouse. Took him about 10 days to get used to it.
I prefer a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. Each to his own.
I also use an iPad but find it a bit clunky to type out anything of any length.
Re dentists - yes, we were talking about the moron who killed Cecil & who deserves to be strung up by his unmentinables.
Re plane crash - a small jet crashed in Uk on Friday (?) killing all 4 on board. Turned out to be members of Osama Bin Laden's family & their pilot. Don't think there was anything suspect about it though.
Off to get the caravan ready for 2 nights away to enjoy the forecast mini heatwave - which is failing to materialise at the moment - rather grey & overcast


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 19:21
Must be time for a G&T then BL - and time for a sit back to look at all your hard work.


Posted: 01/08/2015 at 17:33

Have a good time Dove.

Liri - cake sounds yum - guess it's too late to suggest you consider chocolate cake with raspberry and cream filling? - like Black Forest Gateau but with raspberries instead of cherries. Only just thought of it - might have to make it myself to check it out 

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