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"Show us ya baubles!"

Posted: 08/12/2015 at 10:50

I usually put mine up just in time for OH's birthday (21st) but, as we're away next week, I shall be doing it tomorrow.

It is all rather minimalist - took about 10 years to convince OH that decorations should consist of more than lining up a few Christmas cards . (Actually - 28 years on and I'm not sure he's entirely convinced.. )

Got the decorations down from the attic last night - along with a zillion cluster flies - yuk yuk yukkity yuk . Obviously forgot to turn on the fly zapper in October when they start finding their way back in . A bit of bat poo too... Lovely


Posted: 08/12/2015 at 10:02

I thought about cleaning my oven this week  Lesley but then I realised Christmas dinner is probably the greasiest, messiest meal of the year to cook (sounds yummy doesn't it?   )

Can't be done with doing it twice in a month so I'll do it just the once in the New Year when I'm back on salads and the oven can stay pristine for longer than a day or so..


Posted: 08/12/2015 at 08:31
Pat - you are clearly made of strong stuff to have come out the other side of that experience of losing absolutely everything to a weather event. It must have been very hard to start again from scratch in a new area. Sounds as though you have a lovely home where you are now though.
Fairy - I had caught glimses of Noggin the Nod years ago but had not made the link to the chessmen. They are the most exquisite characterful pieces and puts the programme in a whole new light. Might have to try to watch it on You Tube or something.
More cleaning today....


Posted: 07/12/2015 at 23:05

Hello - and goodnight! Long busy day & ready for my bed now. Glad you had a successful shopping trip Dove - I prefer to avoid the city from now till the big rush is over.

Have no idea what Fairy and Edd are talking about - think I'm a bit too old to have enjoyed those programmes myself and have no kids to share it through. I'm very much of the Bill & Ben / Woodentops generation and my teens were spent ogling Oliver Tobias in Arthur of the Britons .

Also had a bit of a thing for Andy Crawford in Dixon of Dock Green on a Saturday night 

See you all tomorrow - keep warm and dry.


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 15:18

Cards and presents posted this afternoon. Very convenient having the post office in the village Co-op - it's open whenever the shop is open - 6am to 10pm 6 days a week and slightly shorter hours on a Sunday. It's only been there about 2 months & a lot of people still don't know it's such a flexible facility - so there was no queue today 

I love silver jewellery BL - generally prefer it to gold. My OH likes it that way too (cheaper!) 

Hope you don't catch your friends' colds Runny. I'm really struggling to throw off this cough / cold-like virusey thing I've had on and off since the summer - felt lousy yesterday but much better again today.

what plants will you use from the garden as Christmas decoration?

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 15:07
Fairygirl wrote (see)

The b***y rhodie at the front door. The buds look good sprayed gold, and put along the window ledges with other greenery and white lights. Static of course - not flashing. They're the Devil's work 


Come on - Fairy - 'fess up. You secretly like those coloured ones that flash in time to the carols and Christmas songs they play - don't you? 


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 11:56

Hosta - ouch - 

what plants will you use from the garden as Christmas decoration?

Posted: 06/12/2015 at 11:14

I leave certain shrubs which are either evergreen or have attractive berries (such as cornus, prunus, conifers etc) in a slightly untidy state after my autumn clear up. Then I don't feel guilty snipping off the overgrown bits to bring into the house for decoration. 

We have quite a long fireplace / mantel shelf which I like to dress with fairy lights, lots of greenery, berries, tea-lights in glass holders and a few clementines. 

This year I might even be able to pick a bunch of flowers - lots of stuff in flower - both early and late together.


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 11:05

Ooops - manners -  - Good Morning / Evening everybody 


Posted: 06/12/2015 at 11:04

Yvie - I think we decided last night that Bushman may be in a vulnerable area.

Hope you're not in any difficulties this time GWRS. 

Waiting for a big WR delivery of bulky items needed over the next few weeks (cat food, loo rolls, cleaning stuff - oh and lots of tonic water - bottles of gin bought in a deal last week  ) 

More h/wrk today but the end is in sight. Will drag the decorations out of the loft tomorrow and put them up sometime this week. Won't take long - we are rather minimalist compared to many but I do like fresh greenery, lots of candles & a few fairy lights 

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