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Posted: 07/10/2015 at 10:56

Morning all - very disturbed night again so have not long been up  and feeling absolutely cream-crackered.

Pat - so pleased to hear there was nothing more sinister behind your illness. Hopefully, the peace of mind will help you get better a bit quicker and you'll soon be back to your old self.

Panda - enjoy these last days of freedom (funeral excepted of course). 

Hope things get sorted for WW soon and hope the weather holds for Fidget at the weekend. It's going to be tropical for the hen party 

Fidgetbones - Hen party

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 10:42

So long as they're not the same Meat Pies that made you and your hubbie so poorly Pat!   Yum yum to Aussie wine and food tho'. 

I'll take a turn on the barbie. Thai inspired prawn skewers, lamb koftas and marinated halloumi cheese in the cool box ready to go. 

Who's doing the salads? Everyone knows they take the most work but it's the one on the BBQ who takes all the credit...

Fidgetbones - Hen party

Posted: 06/10/2015 at 18:00

OH has just made some (more) pear, apple & nut strudel with fruit from the garden. Thought it might go with the autumnal wedding theme - have some rather nice vanilla ice cream to go with it too 

I'll bring some gin too - not a party without it....


Posted: 06/10/2015 at 12:53

Afternoon all.

Plants have received a reasonable watering-in over the last 24 hrs although we could do with some decent heavy rain really - it was mostly fine drizzle yesterday.

Best wishes to all with hospital / doctor / dental appointments but especially Hosta and  Pat - hope they can get you both sorted out soon.

WW - hope you have a lovely warm & fitted out house when you get home. It's horrible living out of boxes & not being able to find stuff. Everything has a place in my house & I don't like it when it's untidy / messed about. Have no idea how people live in untidy, disorganised houses - I stop functioning if things get messy - maybe a little OCD creeping in there 

LIri - I do hope you are able to find something suitable for your mum - any move will be disorientating for her at first - but the unfortunate circumstances mean there is no alternative. Are Soc Services helping you find another home for her? It can help to have a sympathetic professional ear to talk things through, even if it doesn't change the options.

Need to sort out my Household Insurance today . Tedious job I'd prefer to delegate but nobody else around so best get on...


Posted: 05/10/2015 at 10:45

... and why do smokers seem to think that just grinding out & dropping their tab ends wherever they happen to be standing / walking is OK? Even when they are stood right next to a fag disposal bin? 




Posted: 05/10/2015 at 10:19
Fidget - forgot to say - hope all your arrangements are going well - it all sounds really lovely.

Another vote for choc mints - no lemon or coffee creams in those


Posted: 05/10/2015 at 10:11
Morning all - waiting for some rain - hope we'll get some as the ground is now very dry (no rain for abt 4 weeks) & I did quite a bit of planting over the weekend.

Hope your arm is feeling a little better DD - can't you just have a day of not doing anything? Have youheard how Shadow is settling in at his new home?

Pat - lovely pics - so nice to be reminded what I need to plan / plant for Spring.

P'doc - when we were having 'issues' with our previous neighbours I spent hours plotting my revenge. The most effective thing I did was to tell another neighbour (very good friend) that we'd had enough & were moving.
She went round (unknown to me) & gave him a right earful - reminding him of all the reasons we were good neighbours & how much we contributed to our small community & telling him he had driven us out with his thoughtless behaviour.
He came round & apologised... but we still left.
Sold the (semi detached) house to somebody with a 2 yr old (tantrums & teens to come) and a baby on the way (night crying / 6am wake up calls) and they park all over the shared drive & do nothing towards communal maintenance.
Revenge is very, very sweet !


Posted: 04/10/2015 at 18:25

Just read that piece Dove's friend wrote about her lovely cat. Have no idea how she managed to write it - I could hardly read it for the tears welling. But funny as well as sad and something I'm sure every pet owner can relate too. 

I'm sorry P'doc is having a rough time - NDN's can be a real PITA. We moved 'cos we got so fed up with the petty run-ins with one set where we used to live (similar set up to Doc's with a small community rather dependent on everyone doing their bit and considering the needs of others). Not an easy situation to handle....

Glad you had a nice bike ride Chicky 


Posted: 04/10/2015 at 16:45

Afternoon All - what another beautiful day - few more  plants divided and redistributed today - I do love plants for free. My garden is still fairly new (major landscaping in 2013) and the borders are really quite big - so it is nice to see the soil slowly being covered as plants develop and spread around.

Those of you who thought Dove might be talking about Pat E - I am 99.999% certain she was talking about moaning Pat Archer in The Archers! 

I am a big fan but download the podcasts and then listen en masse whilst ironing or  doing some other mindless task requiring mental diversion. I'm always about 6 weeks behind so I have no idea what Pat Archer has been up to this time - but odds on it involves Helen & Rob (who wants shooting IMO)

Glad everybody else sounds OK'ish - even if there are a few aches and pains that need sorting.

Congrats to Wonky & Panda.

And a special one for Clari - seconder here for Runny's comments. Life is too short - doesn't sound as though they either deserve or appreciate you and if there's another job out there you fancy - I would definitely go for it. 

Basil, Coriander, Flat leaf parsley

Posted: 02/10/2015 at 21:09

Barbara - rosemary, & thyme like sunny, dry, hot conditions and will tolerate poorer soil - parsley grows best in slightly cooler, moister conditions and tolerates some shade. I find it prefers a slightly richer soil. Perhaps you are trying to grow it in less than ideal conditions?

Coriander likes somewhere between the two extremes (but will run to seed quickly if it gets too hot and dry) and sage (I find) likes it sunny, good drainage but with a bit more moisture.

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