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Posted: 15/02/2016 at 17:48
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

oh dear Topbird, what have you done???? Mickfield Hostas:

"We are able to offer in excess of 1,000 different varieties in 2016"

deary , deary me 

Yes Hosta - I was looking forward to treating myself tonight...

Never mind - they're only about 15 minutes down the road so I shall just have to go and see all those little babies by myself when the weather is a bit nicer 

Care to join me? 

Wedding flowers ideas

Posted: 15/02/2016 at 17:41

If you're happy to experiment this year I would see how you get on with zinnias (there are some green ones) and perhaps with the green nicotiana.

I don't think the zinnias would be ready for July but you could try sowing in various locations at different times & keeping them in different spots in the garden to see if something works. Nicotiana are more reliable but you might want to see if these work as cut flowers - never tried cutting them myself.

Failing that I'd consider white flowers (stocks, cosmos, antirrhinums etc) with lots of green foliage and a few injections of orange / deep purple / blue etc.

The salvia "nemerosa caradonna" (plants bought this year to make big plants for next) reliably produces rich purple spikes of flower and cornflowers and marigolds would be reliable to use as highlights.

If all else fails pots of french lavender tied round with orange or lime green ribbons might look ok. Depends whether you're doing small individual table decorations or aiming for large stand alone displays...

Good luck - hope you can find something to work

Wedding flowers ideas

Posted: 15/02/2016 at 17:09

Frankie 6 - this is a lovely idea but please, for your own sanity, do rein in your friend's expectations of what you may or may not be able to produce.

I am seriously not trying to be a killjoy but, trying to time flowers to coincide with an event such as this is difficult - especially if you do not have any special facilities to hold  back or bring on the flowers if the weather doesn't play ball. The timing of flowering will depend so much on whether or not we have a cold or warm spring.

Please make sure she knows this and has a back up plan to get some flowers from another source if things don't go to plan.

That said I would suggest you buy some perennials to grow this year so they will be more substantial plants next year and producing more blooms. I would consider buying several largeish plants of alchemilla mollis for their lovely greeny / yellow froth of flowers - a good filler. Largeish delphinium plants bought this year and grown on will probably produce several spikes each next summer.

I would also look at larkspur, sweet peas, ammi major along with the other plants suggested before. Don't forget that hardy annuals sown in the autumn (such as sweet peas) will be a bit more reliable for producing flowers in July. Early sown cosmos & stocks should be ok if the colours are suitable.

I suggest you have a good browse through Sarah Raven's website - she has some lovely combinations to give you ideas for seeds etc


Posted: 15/02/2016 at 13:19

Afternoon all. Have been in the office this morning - but got everything done nice and quickly so came home & am now waiting for OH to make my lunch. 

Nice and sunny just now but very cold & it was white over earlier. OH is supposed to be leading a cycle ride tomorrow morning. Thinking skinny tires and frosty country roads don't mix very safely so I'm hoping it will be cancelled. (Also means I don't have to get out of bed to drive him & bike to the start  )

Have just had an email to say tonight's Garden Club has been cancelled because the speaker has 'flu. Was looking forward to a talk by someone from Mickfield Hostas & perhaps  the chance to buy some discounted plants. Hopefully they'll rebook for the autumn. They've also decided to organise a trip to The Place for Plants for a guided tour etc in April. Very nice plants there.... best get my name down this afternoon ....

Call for lunch ... SYL


East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: 14/02/2016 at 18:08

I'll stick a couple of small plants in for you Wonky if Dove doesn't mind transporting them  


Posted: 14/02/2016 at 16:57

Afternoon All.

Bit too much talk of food on here at the moment - I'm very hungry & it's doing me no good at all - might have to raid the cake tin soon.

Lovely pics again Fairy - looks to be a beautiful day up there - getting 'homesick' for some hills 

OH and I have been out buying sofas today - might have to go and stand on the street corner for a few nights to earn the balance due on them in a few weeks time. Hope it warms up soon  

We don't do Valentine's Day either except one year OH did buy me a £1.50 ice cube tray from Ikea.

The ice cubes were little hearts and a little reminder of him every time I make a G&T. Perfect gift, perfect example of the thought (not the cost) that counts - makes me smile every time I use it 

Chicken liver risotto here tonight. I'm sure that will make some of you  - but it's a favourite with us. Must go and pick some parsley before it gets dark....


East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: 14/02/2016 at 16:01

I think people come and put those pots in my shed when I'm not looking. I mean, - surely I can't have bought all those plants...... ? 

Red Garnet on the list for you Nut 


East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: 14/02/2016 at 15:44

It would be great if Runny is coming to join us 

I can collect another person from Stowmarket station if anybody else wants to come by train and they can be there for between 10 and 10.15. Might even give them a lift back if they behave themselves 

I have some spare Echinops (ritro?) if anybody would like them.

Also some penstemons - White Bedder (large white flowers), Red Garnet (small, skinny deep red flowers) and another unnamed variety which produces medium sized flowers - ivory with pale lilac tips. 2 or 3 available of each of these.

Please let me know if anybody would like any of these 

I also have a mountain of (unwashed ) black plastic plant pots (6 - 8" diameter) - the size large perennials and small shrubs come in. If anybody can recycle some of these I would be pleased to regain the space in the shed....  


Posted: 12/02/2016 at 21:53
Doc popped in at lunchtime today Edd. Think he's still suffering with this horrible lurgy which is doing the rounds.


Posted: 12/02/2016 at 20:14
Dove - I've been out & about a bit this week. Is it just me or do the hedgerows seem to be developing a distinct green haze? Some cold days & nights to come but I think spring is definitely on the way - hurrah

Hope it is - I did some of my gardening weight training today carrying 2 x 12kg tubs of chicken manure pellets & BFB ready for the big cut back / tidy up / mulching session which will happen soon

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