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Waterlogged Garden never gets the sun

Posted: 03/01/2015 at 18:33

I agree that trying to maintain a lawn in the type of situation you are describing would be an uphill struggle and I like some of the above suggestions. I would, however, be a bit wary of paving the whole area.

It sounds as though your back garden faces north like mine. In winter the paving at the back of our house becomes lethally slippery with algae & frost. I would, therefore, suggest considering using gravel or pea shingle over permeable membrane instead of all paving. This would be a lot cheaper and would cause fewer problems with local flooding issues as rainwater can soak through the gravel and membrane.

You can still have pots and beds or you can plant through the gravel & membrane. A bog garden or raised beds sounds like a great idea too. If you were to consider the gravel / shingle idea I suggest you go for slightly larger size stones so you and the dog don't traipse then inside all the time!

Good luck - we love to see before & after photos... 


Get if off your chest.

Posted: 03/01/2015 at 10:45

Good news Phillipa - hope it works out well for you - glad you kept your head & are working towards to an amicable solution - much better all round 

You might find it helpful to look at your LA website to get some information about their stance on TPO's. Our LA takes a very pragmatic view that (whilst it is important to protect and maintain trees of beauty & a certain stature) it is actually more important to ensure people can live happily and safely with them.

Consequently, they rarely seem to refuse well-made applications for tree maintenance. They will also allow a tree to be felled if it can be shown that it is dangerous or causing other trees to not thrive (by cutting out light, competing for water etc). A lot will depend on how good the application is and the mind set of the TPO officer.

If you have any influence over the choice of tree surgeon it might be worth using a company used by your LA to carry out work in public spaces (parks / along highways etc) - they will have lots of experience of making submissions to carry out work on trees protected by TPOs and will also be well qualified to carry out the work without further damage to either your or your neighbour's property.


fragrant flowers

Posted: 02/01/2015 at 10:06
I particularly like quite spicy, heady scents so I would consider pinks (perennial), various stocks (the 8 week ones can be sown at intervals to give a succession) and nicotiana.
These should all be ok in large pots & the pinks can be planted in your new borders when they are ready.
It is also worth looking at different seed companies & searching for fragant mixes.

NYD flower count 2015

Posted: 01/01/2015 at 12:20

Thought it was going to be about 3 - but was better than that  


Rosa New Dawn

Rosa Wisley 2008 (bud)

Rosa Wollaton Hall (bud)


Viburnum Tinus

Iris (sibirica?)

Campanula (can't remember variety)


Viiburnum bodnatense "Dawn"

Viburnum Carlessi (?) - just a couple of flowers open


Lonicera fragrantissima

Winter Flowering Cherry


Doing the count cheered me up on a cold, damp, grey day - thanks for the idea!!




Posted: 01/01/2015 at 11:55

Happy New Year everybody - hope it's a good one for you all. 

Lovely to see Stacey is back with us & doing so well. Just checked out her FB page - I want to try some of her sauces!!!


New Year Gardening Resolutions

Posted: 01/01/2015 at 11:15

This year I WILL do successional sowings of veg - instead of just intending to do it.

I will also plant things at their correct spacings so I don't have to move things around after a few months. 

Happy New gardening Year everybody 


Happy new Year

Posted: 01/01/2015 at 10:38

Happy New year everyone !!!!  


My Bristol Garden in 2015

Posted: 01/01/2015 at 10:34

Happy New Year Marion - I started looking at your previous thread part way through the year. It was very interesting and I look forward to dipping in and out of this thread throughout 2015.

You have quite a few things in flower there - I'm on the other side of the country in a not-so-sheltered garden in Suffolk where it is currently +7C. I only have the 'usual suspects' in flower (Viburnum bod., winter honeysuckle, a couple of hellebores & a small winter box) but there are signs of things to come..

Your garden looks lovely - I shall enjoy virtual-visiting it this year 

Happy new Year

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 13:15
punkdoc wrote (see)

No WUMs in 2015.

Hear hear to that p/doc - too much trouble & strife in the world already without it invading our lovely forum 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: 31/12/2014 at 13:02

Hi Gran - I also know several people who have had cancerous skin lesions treated - all with 100% success. I know it's worrying when you're not sure - but the most important thing now is to get a proper diagnosis and information about treatment. 

Meanwhile don't be scaring yourself half silly looking at stuff on the internet - it's tempting - but that way lies madness. Some of the medical forums should be banned because some of the ignorant WUMs on those just type in scare stories for the sheer hell of it 

Best wishes - whether it's for you or for a loved one.

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