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Photos from ipad

Posted: 16/08/2015 at 09:27
Runny - have you got Photo Stream turned on?

Go to 'Settings'

On LHS of the screen scroll down to and select 'Photos & Camera'

Then on RHS of the screen find 'My Photo Stream'

There is a little slider next to it which should be moved to show green to turn photo stream on - hope this helps

Can anyone identify this plesse?

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 18:44

...and you could always drape it in lights at Chrismas SGL - double bubble 

I'm with Morrisons

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 17:35

Excellent piece Northern Lass.

Having spent the last 20 years living in rural Suffolk I have come to know several local farmers. None of them have even remotely extravagant life styles and at this time of year they are working dawn to dusk - many of them are also well past retirement age but still working as hard as ever. 

The idea of the UK with no dairy farms (and indeed all types of farming) doesn't bear thinking about. 

Photos from ipad

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 17:00


Crikey - looks like it's me then - and OH was right all along - but please don't tell him - I'll never hear the end of it 

Seriously though - thanks for the thread Lyn - always bugs me when things dont work as I thought they would & it is good to learn how to fix these things.

Can anyone identify this plesse?

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 15:34

RB - I think the one I've seen in our village could be Cedrus Deodara Waverly Ridge because it is paler and more yellow than other cedrus varieties.

If I see the owners I will ask if they know but I suspect they have inherited it. It is a good looking shrub - and that from one who is none too keen on conifers 

Photos from ipad

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 12:50

Pansy - there isn't really a 'right or wrong' way to use the iPad but I think most right handers would use it with the home button on the right or on the bottom. My cover stands mine with the button on the right - so maybe it just all comes down to which cover you use.

Verdun - you are a lucky person to be ambidextrous. I'm like Pansy - my left hand is good for balance and nothing else. Wouldn't want to be without it though .... I'll go off and join the rest of the hoi polloi now shall I? 

I'm with Morrisons

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 12:29

Hosta - All supermarkets are definitely not the same and that's the main reason I shop at Waitrose. I believe it is a good retailer offering excellent value for money. Not the cheapest - but the best value. 

 I think high standards of animal welfare are extremely important, and that exploiting farmers / suppliers by changing contracts ad hoc and by underpaying them for fruit, veg and other products is just plain wrong

I only buy meat which I believe to have been produced following the highest standards of animal welfare and am only interested in buying other food stuffs which I believe have been purchased from the producers through fair and reasonable contracts.

I realise there are people out there who don't really have enough money to spend a lot on food - but I don't think that is a good enough excuse for supporting supermarkets which sell discounted food  because of exploitative contracts.

When money was tight I ate very little meat because I couldn't afford to buy free range UK produce. Fruit and veg were bought cheaply at the end of the day off the market. I learned how to make the most of any meat I did buy (e.g. 10 portions of food plus soup from one chicken) and had a good repertoire in egg dishes. I still refuse to eat bacon sarnies at my in-laws because they buy Danish bacon.

It is still possible to eat well but very cheaply without exploiting animals, farmers and other suppliers. Unfortunately too many people are too lazy to find out how or make the effort to do it.

I like the convenience of shopping at a supermarket and I believe that Waitrose does allow me to have that convenience and stay true to my principles. I would like to think that Booth's in the NW works in a similar way.

You will only find me in Asda, Tescos or Morrisons to buy cheap booze....

Photos from ipad

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 11:50

Thanks for all the above info - very useful - certainly explains why my landscape photos are usually OK but the portrait ones end up on their side.

I don't usually have photo stream activated (for reasons too boring to go into). If Chicky's deduction that photo stream strips the EXIF information is correct it will probably be worth putting it on if I am taking pictures for the forum.

Good detective work all round folks 

RB & Pansy - out of interest (and only if you don't mind sharing personal info of course) - are you left handed or have a tendency to use your left hand a lot? I ask because my OH is 'a bit' left handed - e.g. he uses a knife & fork the wrong way round and digs left handed. He uses an iPad the 'wrong way' round too (ie with the home button on the left)

My clinical brain is quite interested in how inherent left handedness manifests itself in people who class themselves as right handed and ambidextrous.

Hope you don't mind me asking 

Why won't my tomatoes ripen?

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 11:34

Thank you.

We did have a really hot spell at the beginning of July when temps were in the high 20's for several days. The response of the tomatoes and courgettes was really noticeable and both started setting fruit almost straight away.

The courgettes are in the same bed as the tomatoes and I water those twice a week (they probably get about 2 gallons of water each per week) and feed them about every 10 days. I'm sure that the tomatoes will be getting a little bit of that too so maybe I can stop feeding the tomatoes altogether now.

Fingers crossed I get at least a small to medium sized harvest - a lot of people in the UK (especially in the north) seem to have binned their tomatoes already. 

Would love a little italian sunshine over the next few weeks 

Why won't my tomatoes ripen?

Posted: 14/08/2015 at 21:21

Ok - thanks Italophile. I realise the temperatures are the most critical factor and the fact that we had a long very cold spring and we've also had temps down to 3 - 4C at night in the last few weeks (in East Anglia - in August for goodness sake!!!) won't have helped things at all.

There are still plenty of leaves left on the plants but most of the gardening programmes here recommend cutting off quite a few leaves to aid ripening from mid to late season depending on how they are doing.

The tomatoes will start slowing right down in about 4 weeks time (unless we get a real Indian summer) so I thought it best to concentrate on ripening the few fruits I have -rather than allowing the plants to continue to produce fruit which will not ripen this season.

Out of interest - how often would you recommend watering tomatoes in a large (6' x 4' x 2' high) raised bed? The top foot of soil dries fairly quickly so I am watering thoroughly (1 gallon per plant) about every 6 days (plus any rain we get - not much) and have been feeding every other watering since the fruits started to swell. The plants look good and healthy and the fruit is developing & swelling well. We just haven't had enough sun / heat to ripen the fruit.

I think we tend to over water tomatoes in the UK - they produce the best fruit in the hot dry mediterranean countries. What do you think?

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