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East Anglian Snowdrop Walk

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 08:38

Oooh yes  - can't do Mondays - but nothing else planned at the mo.

I can collect from Stowmarket station if anybody wants a lift 



Posted: 31/01/2016 at 07:59

Nice to hear from you again Pat - glad you're feeling a bit more like it.

I was absent on your b'day Dove but belated many Happy Returns. Sounds as though you had a good time with Wonky

OH has just left for work. For once I don't mind an early start on a Sunday - about to dive in the shower & then I'll be settling down to watch the tennis with coffee and toast. Well done to the boys in the doubles yesterday & Gordon Reid who won the wheelchair final - be good if we can do the hat trick today

blind daff.bulbs

Posted: 30/01/2016 at 16:42

I think it's a bit early to be worrying about them Phillip. My tete a tetes are planted into pots in a nice sunny sheltered position. They currently have about 5" of leaves showing but absolutely no signs of flower heads. Same last year - but every last one flowered in April. 

A few of the 'regular' daffs in the borders have flower heads - but not these miniature ones.

Too late to plant gaffs and tulip bulbs?

Posted: 30/01/2016 at 16:29

I often plant bulbs and seeds at less than the ideal time. Usually do ok - sometimes just a bit later than they otherwise would - but that's fine 

As Phillipa says - they're better for being planted - otherwise they will probably sprout and then may well just shrivel up & die. 

You could consider planting them deeply into pots asap - if you leave them in a sunny spot they may even be ready at the 'right' time and then you can place the pots into any spaces in your borders.


Posted: 30/01/2016 at 11:18

Good Morning everybody 

Sorry to have been absent for a few days but I now officially have square eyes as I have spent the last 5 (yes FIVE) days sorting out my main computer. Operating system upgrade 3 weeks ago didn't go perfectly & I was becoming increasingly worried I might end up with corrupted files etc.  So, after making multiple back ups, I completely erased the hard drive (Yikes - that was a very scary thing to do) and did a fresh reinstall of the operating system.

Decided that this was, therefore, the 'right' time to sort through literally thousands of photos & files so I wasn't just reimporting lots of rubbish - it took days. One job was to delete the emails 'trash' which hadn't been done for a year - but I went through it all to make sure there was nothing there that shouldn't have been. There were over 5000 deleted notifications from this Forum alone - obviously spend too much time time chatting... 

Decided it was not too late to make a new Year's resolution - ie to empty the computer waste paper baskets every week (not once a year) and to tag, date and name photos as  I put them on the computer - rather than trying to do 8000 of them in batches of 100 at a time.

Back up and running now and there was lots of time spent waiting for things to copy and generally 'happen' - so I finished lots of paper filing  (just for Chicky, Flowers & BL  ), got through a load of tax and pensions stuff for OH, did a load of ironing, watched the tennis, nearly caught up with The Archers (it's Christmas now ) and was generally really glad that all this was going on while the weather was horrible and I wasn't wasting valuable gardening time.

Hope everybody up north has come through the storm safe and sound - sounded horrendous - hope you weren't planning a walk today Fairy.

Sorry to hear about your accident Panda - I've done something similar - [walked into a cupboard door] - blooming' hurts doesn't it?

Hope all poorly peeps are feeling little better today and Hosta makes it home safe & sound.

Clari - it needs sorting - NOW -  . If they do an online transfer right now the money will be in your account later today (assuming both banks are signed up for fast banking transfers (most are) - if not - maximum of 3 days wait). As has been said before - bank transfer is cheaper, faster and less work (for both parties) than cheque payments.


Posted: 25/01/2016 at 17:21

You got me a bit  there Yvie with your place names and then Harrogate thrown in for good measure - lovely place to go but a bit far from the south coast for the day . Thanks for clearing it up.

Reminded me of when I lived in York and my father got very miffed because he'd booked a last minute coach trip to Leeds castle and I wouldn't agree to drive over to meet him for tea. He enjoyed his day in Kent though.... 

Fishing for sympathy!

Posted: 24/01/2016 at 09:35
Happy Birthday for yesterday Steve - hope you're feeling better soon. Wonder if they'll gift wrap the offending item as a belated birthday present to take home?


Posted: 24/01/2016 at 09:30
Morning all - drizzly day here but quite mild.

Can anybody explain why when it was snow on the ground & sub zero temps, I was walking around in a blouse turning down the thermostat. But yesterday when it was warmer I was bundled up in layers hugging the radiator - & still couldn't get warm? Dodgy internal thermostat I reckon

All that talk of sewing made me get on with shortening some curtains that have been held up with pins since last March - will finish those off today.

Also just seen the ad on here for the free weekend on Find My Past so will spend a few hours on there to decide whether or not I want a paid subscription with them. (Cancelled Ancestry subscription in a fit of pique a few days ago & feeling a bit lost without that reference at my finger tips).

Hope you catch up with some sleep Hosta - sounds like more of an endurance challenge than a holiday this one - and hope Mr & Mrs P'doc are having a nicer time if they're looking in .

Have a good Sunday everyone

Planting in a very formal courtyard bed

Posted: 23/01/2016 at 23:40
My initial thought was also for lavender partly because it would give a nice burst of colour & scent for a few weeks but also because it will tolerate dry conditions. I imagine that bed would be fairly dry especially in summer.

A similar effect might be achieved with a good rich purple salvia such nemerosa 'Caradonna' - which also has attractively coloured stems. It tolerates a wide range of conditions in my garden and survives the winter well even in my heavy clay soil. The bees love it.

Our local council have planted up roundabouts with perennials and one has been planted formally using lots of this salvia. They have punctuated the rich purple with bright yellow day lillies and phormiums and have used the hardy geranium biokovo for spring colour. The roundabout is divided into 4 identical beds separated by areas of gravel. Looks very classy.

Lovely courtyard BTW!


Posted: 23/01/2016 at 21:02
True Scotphiles here Fairy so we're watching - partly because Shetland is very near the top of the list of places to go when we have a little more time to get there - and partly because it's a pretty good story too.
Seem to remember we had to keep rwinding in the 1st series because the sound was all to pot & we couldnt hear what was being said (old duffers!). They seem to have addressed that issue this series so much more enjoyable to watch
Cat has just jumped on lap & is staring me down - obviously wants a cuddle - see yous all later

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