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Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 15/03/2017 at 08:43


Nice work on the pergola and bench WW & sounds as though Clari will soon have a fully functioning house!

Nice birdie & frog pics. We had long tailed tits on the feeder yesterday, lots of robins, blackbirds etc etc making nests in the hedge and there are a pair of jays who look as though they are setting up home somewhere close by

Good day in the garden yesterday. Sun is shining so I think it will be more of the same today. 20% off at W/rose Garden (Crocus) till Sunday & 15% off at David Austen so I need to finalise my tree and shrub list and get that in this week.

Where are you off to for lunch BL? Glad you enjoyed Bury yesterday. We're only 10 miles away - should have given me a ring & popped in for coffee - next time perhaps? 

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Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 23:23

I've been watching Prime Suspect on Catch Up (the original with Helen Mirren - not the 1973 that's on at the moment). Great stuff - nothing like a good murder.

Lovely story about your little dog B3

I talk to all my dearly departed cats on a regular basis - fortunately they haven't started answering back - yet 

Time for bed - night all.

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Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 20:52

We like looking - helps us concentrate while we plan how we will Rule The World...

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 20:40

..or maybe I'll just go to the door and look as though I want to go out. Wait till somebody opens it and then move just enough that the door cannot be closed. And just sit there and look, and look, and look....

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 20:15

M-U I have eaten Whiskas before now - unintentionally you understand. It was a bit on the back of my hand and I just licked it off without thinking

Have to tell you it tasted an awful lot like some awful tinned game pate my father used to buy from Fortnum & Masons in the 60's. Probably cost a fortune and was bought as a special Christmas treat.

Disgusting stuff surrounded in aspic.

Like tinned ham - and I'm sure you all remember that

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 19:04

Evening all

Good day in the garden. Rear border is finished (for now..) Need a couple of clematis to go in there but I'll get those while I'm ordering the shrubs for the new border. Had a supervisor all day (Harry cat) who just sat on the bench in the sun pointing out the bits I'd missed - and then dug a few holes when I turned my back ...

Watched Simon's Cat - it really is my favourite thing on You Tube - hilarious

Can't believe someone (Yvie? - can't look back now) has been throwing out grape hyacinths by the bag full. I'm struggling to get them established in the woodland border - and I really want to. Have also planted a bit of comfrey on the verge. It's quite pretty in a wildflower sort of way and I'm a huge fan of it for adding to the compost heap / making plant food. Might live to regret it but I don't think so where it is.

Good result for the car M-U - OH's is 12 years old and just cost us £300 to get through

Forgotten everything else - sorry - brain needs dinner (chicken curry - yum) - but first a G&T I think

Old Laptop

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 18:25

Hi Peter

It depends what you do with the computer that determines whether or not you need to worry about this.

I have an ancient laptop which is running XP.

I only keep it because I have some family tree software which won't run on my main computer. I don't use it for accessing the internet at all (not even getting or sending emails) - so I have no worries at all about security. I don't even have anti virus software installed.

If you do online banking or buy a lot of stuff online the very least you should have is very good anti virus software installed (and kept bang up to date) - but really you would be better off with a newer operating system. Some banks etc now encourage you to download their own anti virus software as additional security - which you may not be able to do with an older operating system.

If you don't use the internet for financial matters and don't share sensitive data on the internet you would probably be ok with good anti-virus software as KT53 suggests. Many people just use the internet for emails, skype and browsing the internet. That's fine. So long as you're not putting credit card or bank details in you probably won't come to much harm.

Hope that's reassuring

Getting paving slabs cut to measure

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 18:11

I feel a bit like that about chain saws. It would be very useful in my garden and everyone round here (countryside - lots of trees to manage) seems to have one. Can't quite convince myself I'd be safe with it though. Am considering going on a training course though - we'll see.

Spanish bluebell takeover

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 10:05

I've been battling them for 4 years now. Glyphosphate does work I think - but not well enough to justify using industrial quantities of this chemical and risking damaging other nearby plants. (Mine are just growing in the borders so surrounded by other planting) Concerted digging out just seems to spread small bulbules around.

Last year I decided to be more relaxed about it all and try to enjoy the (still pretty) flowers. Whenever I'm planting or weeding and dig up the bulbs I bin them. Whenever I'm weeding I pull off the leaves to starve the bulbs of their food source. As soon as the flowers go over I remove the flowering stems and leaves so they can't set seed & to starve the bulb.

Same process with celandines (which are worse IMO).

I could believe that this year there are fewer plants poking their heads through....

Resurrected Eight

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 08:51

Morning all

Loving those e-cards Joyce. Think I will probably sign up - I know a few people who would appreciate that sort of thing. People are very clever aren't they?

Hoping to spend some time in the garden today. Back border needs finishing. Side border needs starting and the new border is still just a pile of compost waiting to be dug in.

So much to do....

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