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Posted: 12/08/2015 at 19:03

Evening all. Dry, sunnyish day here. Little run out to check whether major roadworks & road closures would affect the cycle ride OH is leading next week (they won't) and had another pub lunch out. Two in two days - that's a bit naughty  

Found a fairly good GC in Long Melford. Bought a plant sprayer and watering lance but no sticky plants - they had some reduced but nothing of interest.

Came home and made raspberry and lemon drizzle tray bake to scoff while watching Bake Off. OH will be giving a critique in Bake Off style. 

Best wishes to all those with aches and pains - both physical and emotional.

Any ideas please........

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 18:40

Yay - even if on it's side. Can't have everything can we  

Any ideas please........

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 18:38

Never uploaded a pic from my iPad so here goes - close up for you - hope it works



Any ideas please........

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 18:27

 Here you are SGL - not a very good pic I'm afraid...

The rose was planted summer 2013 & has had some quite tough formative pruning to get a decent shaped shrub. It is about 5' high now and (as you can see) is producing a good second flush of flowers. The first flush in June lasted about 4 - 6 weeks and there were loads of blooms. Not as many right now but there are lots of buds which I hope will open over a longer period.

Wish I could send a sniff-agram - it really is very heavily scented 

No joy with the shrub ID yet I see. I'll keep looking through my books for you. I've seen this shrub in several locations so it can't be particularly uncommon - I'm sure we'll get there eventually 

Any ideas please........

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 17:18

Have spotted the same shrub in our village SGL but it is a more yellow colour and looks very attractive. I shall see if I can find out what it is 

Any ideas please........

Posted: 12/08/2015 at 08:29
I have 3 of the singles as well Buttercup. I find them less good for repeat flowering but the hips are fantastic - the size of small tomatoes. One of each would be best of both worlds

Any ideas please........

Posted: 11/08/2015 at 21:37


Posted: 11/08/2015 at 20:26

Evening all 

Sorry to hear your news Yvie - hope the op is a success & everything works out ok.

Sounds like everybody else has been busy (especially the painters).

We have been on a bike ride today. Did 43 miles which I know is not far for serious cyclists but it was a bit far for me. My btm is a tender at the moment 

Went through some very pretty villages & stopped for lunch in Laxfield where Dove met Busy Lizzie a few weeks ago. Sank a pint of Adnams Broadside in (for me) record time and demolished a doorstep beef & horseradish sarnie with sauté potatoes. Was not ladylike at all but I was ravenous! Popped in to the church afterwards on BL & Dove's recommendation - definitely worth a visit.

Good day all round but need to be careful how I sit tonight 

Gardeners' World Zinnia Seeds...

Posted: 11/08/2015 at 20:16

Mine are still only 2" tall  No idea why I got it so wrong but I'm not sure they are to my taste either....

Any ideas please........

Posted: 11/08/2015 at 19:39

Thanks for the pics SGL - I'm afraid I don't know what the bush is - some form of conifer obviously.

I can see that would work at the back of a border - unfortunately it's probably a bit large for my spot. Think I shall be checking out various forms of laurel and euonymous - bit boring I know but I can keep it nice and tidy and shape it properly which is going to be quite important.

Thinking about your spot - I have a rose called Roserie de l'Hay. It's a rugosa rosa so tough as old boots, disease resistant and has heavily scented lovely deep pink / burgundy flowers. It will make a dense shrub over 2m high & is described by David Austin as one of the very best rugosas.

Mine was smothered in blooms in June / July. It was deadheaded regularly and is ready for a second show now. I expect it to flower on & off through the rest of the summer. The perfume fills the garden on a warm summer evening. It also looks good when it is just foliage - but I'm sure it would stand a clematis growing through it for additional flowers.

Hope you find something you like 

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