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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 10/01/2018 at 23:04

I’m only just about to go up too. Have been watching Black Lake (scandi drama - haven’t decided yet whether it’s spooky supernatural or a whodunnit).

Now watching the documentary about Royal illnesses with Lucy Worsley - Tudors and Stuarts at the moment - enjoying it.

Had a good day with friends. Sore throat now after 4 hours non-stop yacking

Have been wincing at the dental stories - check up for me soon

Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 10/01/2018 at 09:31


Filled the garden bin with raspberry canes and eleagnus branches yesterday. A bit damp but it was good to be outside and moving around. I quite like some garden jobs at this time of the year because many of them are 'one-offs' and can be broken down into bite sized pieces - an hour here, an hour there makes a lot of difference.

If it's not raining tomorrow I may have another hour or so cutting back some soft stuff for shredding and composting and turn one of the compost bins.

Today we are driving up to Stamford for lunch to meet some friends we haven't seen for 3 or 4 years. They've been off travelling for months at a time to some unusual places (in Africa and India mainly). They've had about 6 different addresses in the UK in that time - so it's been hard to keep track of them. 

Leaving in an hour - best get a wriggle on!

Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 09/01/2018 at 12:36


About to go outside and cut back autumn fruiting raspberries and some bits of trees and shrubs. We have year round garden bin collection which is on Thursday this week - so I could do to start filling it up with woody material. Will be good to get out there for an hour - even if it is freezing

OH has just discovered that mice or voles have been under the bonnet of the motorhome. They've chewed right through one of the washer fluid hoses and we're now quite concerned whether they've also attacked any more important cables etc

Not really too sure what we can do to stop them either.

Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 08/01/2018 at 17:50

Lants  - glad we both came up with the same answer.

I agree it might be worth investing in a thermostatic propagator for something as precious as this rose Hazel.

Be aware though, that while a thermostat will stop the temperature dipping below 17C, it won't stop it rising above 20C if it's on a sunny windowsill.

As you can probably tell I've fried a few seedlings in my time

Just a thought. Does the rose seed need to be stratified before sowing? (given a period of cold before sowing) - might be a good time to do that now (perhaps in the fridge).

Sunny - rats - yuck. Do you or any of the neighbours feed the birds? Might be time to have a good clear up under the bird feeders if they do.

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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 08/01/2018 at 17:20

Hazel - a min / max thermometer records what the lowest & highest temps have been since you last reset it. A regular thermometer just tells you what the temp is right now.

If you need a constant or controlled temperature you need a thermostatically controlled propagator which turns the heat on and off as necessary.

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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 08/01/2018 at 17:17

Another vote for no-spoilers for Vera please

All this talk of propagators is making my fingers itch....

We will be away a lot this year so I'm trying to be sensible and not start growing stuff I won't be here to use or look after. Shall we take bets right here that I won't be able to stop myself?

Don't really like planning or planting out - it's the nurturing and tending side of gardening that I enjoy most. 

Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 08/01/2018 at 14:17

Afternoon . Chilly here - but not as cold as Jockville by the sound of it! 

Have been in the office this morning - good to see the girls after the festive break and we'd all done lots of work at home so Gold Stars all round.

Chey - I'm pleased you've found your passport - but I may also have to suggest you searched for it using your 'man eyes'.

OH - "Where's my xxxx?"

Me -  "In the top drawer of the chest of drawers"

OH - "It's not - I've looked"

Me - "Left hand side towards the back"

OH - "It's not - I've looked"

Me - "Did you look properly or with your 'man eyes'?

OH - "Properly - I've had everything out"

Me - "Yes it's here - see?"

OH - "mmm - shall I make a cup of tea..."

Dear Madame Arcati,

      Please will you have a think about where my nice gloves went to - pretty please? Thursday is cut off day when I go and buy a replacement pair - so finding them before then will save me the price of 2 bottles of gin

Love TB

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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 06/01/2018 at 14:24

Sunny - April and May are great months to go away - everything is fresh, green and it’s nice and warm - but not so hot you don’t feel like doing anything. Hope you have a wonderful time

MU - I’ve also never wanted to go on any cruise that involves dressing up for dinner or ‘social activities’ with 500 new ‘friends’. Talks and interesting visits ‘Yes’ - anything involving fancy dress, performing or ‘posh togs’ - ‘No’.

From the discussions on this thread yesterday it seems I am in good company on this thread when it comes to clothes and fashion. Weird feet and non-shop standard size body means I do comfort over fashion every time.

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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 06/01/2018 at 11:53

Aaw - thanks for the congrats folks! I haven't been this excited about a holiday for years

We're flying from the UK to Bergen and then back from Tromsø. We'll only be on board for 4 nights but expect to indulge in more seafood than I've eaten in a long time (full board is included thank goodness!).

Linda - Good to hear you had such a good time with this company. We are aware of the price of alcohol and other stuff (OH used to go there for work) but I'm already planning to take a bottle of gin to consume in the cabin! And at the end of the day it's a treat - so it is what it is.

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Resurrected Thirty-Five

Posted: 06/01/2018 at 11:02

Morning - frosty but sunny start - so a nice winter day.

Poor you PF - that does sound like the flu virus Hope you start to feel better soon.

We were busy yesterday..

Last year was our 30th wedding anniversary and my 60th birthday and we couldn't celebrate either properly because of OH's work commitments. He retired on Tuesday so we're going to celebrate now!

We've booked ourselves a few nights on a Hurtigruten ferry in Norway at the end of Feb. These are basically working boats that operate year round 24 hrs a day between Bergen and Kirkenes (which is way up in the Arctic Circle) ferrying goods and people between lots of towns & villages along the way. (Think Cal Mac and the Scottish islands).

Realising that many people would like to see the stunning fjords and wildlife the company introduced some nicer cabins and upped the quality of the food to provide a unique cruising experience. It's all very informal (no dressing for dinner, captain's table nonsense) and the 'entertainment' is limited to talks about local history, culture, wildlife etc and some hikes and guided excursions when the boat is in port for longer than a couple of hours.

Really hoping to see lots of wildlife (fingers crossed for whales) and stunning scenery but I am especially hoping to see the northern lights. Should be a good chance of that once we cross the Arctic Circle. Might even do a husky sledge ride...

Really looking forward to it - something we've wanted to do for a few years but couldn't work into our schedule. Need to check out the condition of my thermals soon

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