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Talkback: Garden birds in the snow

Posted: 30/01/2013 at 11:39

Re sparrows - my street (Elloughton, E Yorks) has a number of Hawthorn hedges and mine is (ahem) huge, to say the least. But I have about 50 sparrows that live in it and they make a real racket both when they first wake up in the morning and at night, when they gather for bed. It's just like flicking a switch as they all seem to start/stop together.

But, during the day, the gang move around the street to other hedges and feeders and visit my feeders are specific times. They have a real routine.

But numbers look good - despite several local cats and a brazen Sparrow Hawk. Both of which I chase off several times a day.

And, in response to an earlier post - feeder positioning is important. I have mine right next to a hedge to try and give them a chance of diving into it when the hawk attacks. It's so fast it's like a stealth bomber and they really have a race on to get out of the way. And it's an awful sound when it gets one....

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