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Posted: 10/03/2015 at 09:10

I have a rather overgrown Jasmine which I need to cut back. I did cut it back a bit at the end of flowering but I think I may need to go for a harsher approach.  How much should I cut back?  Sorry to be so vague but I am a bit unsure on this.


Wild Garlic

Posted: 26/10/2014 at 07:20
Thanks for all the advice. I think I just have to start digging it up yet again ????

Wild Garlic

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 08:43
I mistakenly thought I had cleared all the wild garlic in the Spring, but it seems not. Any easier ways to get rid of it other than laboriously digging it all up.

What is it

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 19:21
Thanks guys xx

What is it

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 15:52
When does it flower? Been in house since March. Does not look happy at all

What is it

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 15:34
What is that??

What is it

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 12:59

Hi this poorly chap is in the corner of the garden not looking very happy. Any ideas?


Neudorf Sluggo

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 15:13

No its not which is why confused. Just says keep away from animal feedstuffs. 

Neudorf Sluggo

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 12:12
I am a bit confused. I bought this slug killer as I thought was dog friendly, but just read on another website it's not!! I am fed up having my new plants eaten ????

Advice on best type mower sought

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 17:36
I just need something not too heavy and can cope with bumps
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What is it

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