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Yellow edges on houseplant leaves

Posted: Today at 14:56

look like a feed wouldn't do it any harm, also is it near a window as it may have gotten scorched or even cold burn over night

Brown patches on 2 week old lawn

Posted: Today at 14:55

its dried out and the edges have died back, when laying turf at this time of year it needs watering every night for the first week or so and every other night if its warm (doesn't matter if its rained or not)

Fill the brown areas with some decent top soil and sow grass seed, this should mesh in within tow or three weeks - and remember to water, keep the kids off it and when you mow it for the first time raise your lawnmower up a bit (if you can, if its a flymo type thing you won't be able to) for the first two or three cuts to stop the blades ripping it out of the ground.

Bottle Brush Tree

Posted: Today at 14:51

oh that doesn't look at all well, I think looking at that it may not be dying, it may be dead? I don't know if the green I can see in the crown is the tree behind or the tree in question, if there are some green bits I would cut back to them, give it a good feed and water and hope for the best.

If however its brown all the way thru the crown it may be toast i'm afraid.

Greenhouse glass

Posted: Today at 14:49

is the glass tempered? as it might be the tempering process (or another glass treatment) breaking down in the UV light of the sun.

Apple Tree Pruning

Posted: Today at 08:54

if you prune in august then you'll get side shoots that will flower next year, cut any new growth back to 4 leaves and remove anything that is crossing, damaged or sick looking.

Dead magnolia tree - cause?

Posted: Today at 08:46

that looks like a fungal infection, were there any mushrooms nearby last autumn?

Japanese Willow

Posted: Today at 08:44

put it in a tray and keep the tray full of water (it is a willow after all) that way it will never dry out!

Chillie plants

Posted: Today at 08:42

sunburn maybe? did you move it from somewhere that had partial shade (like a windowsill) outside into direct sunlight?

did you protect them at night? as its still getting cold at night to do some minor damage.

tumbling tom, up a wigwam?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:04

they're a bush forming tomato, they can't really be trained upright, stick them in a big pot or in the ground and they'll grow into small bushes

Tomatoes? Tomatoes!

Posted: Yesterday at 16:03

nope early flowers means early tomatoes, after all you're growing for the fruit not a nice large plant!

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