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Broken rose

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 09:33

if its snapped completely off then take it as a cutting, and hopefully you'll get a free plant.

the broken bit on the plant needs neatening off, but at this time of year it should be fine


Oak Tree Planting

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 09:25

3 to 5 inches a year, in a good year maybe 8 inches is a decent growth rate for a oak tree in this country.

Saying that I do bonsai trees and have an oak tree that's 9 inches tall which is 12 years old!

Starting a wildflower 'meadow' on clay

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 09:17

make sure you sow onto clear soil and not onto grass (I work with community groups and often see them throwing money away by putting expensive seed straight onto lawn)

also the poorer the soil the better, if you can take off any fertile top soil it will help. break the clay up and add a bit of horticultural sharp sand (or the normal stuff that you've washed works just as well) get it nice and flat and sow either now or in late March.

make sure you cover it or the birds will eat all the seed

I would also go for the 100%wildflower mix as grasses will arrive on their own

'Mile a minute' growing as you watch...

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 08:53

you could spray the bits growing on your property in the hopes it kills the plant?

I would recommend doing at night so you cant be seen, hopefully she'll just think it died on its own!

Snake Mark Maple

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 14:30

it definitely look more like damage that disease? the no oozing is a give away.

anyone know how hardy snake barks are?

could it have been damaged by frost - especially if its west facing the cracks - damage caused by the sudden warming of the morning sun?

Weeds, weeds, everywhere !

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 09:44

1. looks like teasel (remove it as it'll spread) - big weed

2. I call it redshank (I've heard it called lady's thumb as well) - weed

3. I think Victoria is right, but it could be a type of thistle - both cases - weed

4. Geum of some sort? - probably a weed

More about using Coir

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 09:38

last year I used a peat free compost which was made of wood chipping (it wasn't supposed to be, but that's what it looked like!) even sieved stuff had a hard time growing in it. not nice stuff at all, and it smelled kind of funny too?

This year I used a peat free which was coir based, my father came and helped me plant some veggies out and commented on why id gone back to peat! he didn't realise it wasn't. it was that similar in colour, texture, weight, water retention etc. everything I planted grew great (apart from some celeriac which I tried on my allotment for the first and last time! - another story)

next year i'll be using the coir based stuff again, I've found some compressed bundles online which look quite cheap, i'll be letting that soak in my worm tea from my wormary and mixing in 50:50 with my home made compost for potting up. any excess can go on as a mulch around my fruit trees.

Flowers to Grow in Allotment

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 09:23

dahlias (you can eat the roots ) and sweet peas (great for bringing in the bees for other flowering veg)

Rowan Tree Propagation

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 09:21

I've had two rowan seedlings pop up in one year, which is strange as there aren't any rowan trees nearby and they're popping up under a cherry tree? guess the birds have been making deposits! 

sweetcorn/ storing it

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 10:09

it'll keep in the fridge for a week or so, but it'll start loosing its sweetness.

I freeze them, drop it into boiling water for four minutes then out of the boiling water and into iced water, once cool I remove the kernals off the corn (sometimes the fall off in your hand, sometimes I have to cut them off with a sharp knife) I dry them with kitchen roll and then freeze in freezer bags, they have never been soggy with me.

alternatively leave the cob on the plant until the plant is brown then dry the cobs, knock the kernel's off and you have ready to make popcorn!  or you can freeze without blanching, but i'll only last maybe three months in the freezer and then it'll start tasting funny

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