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Coffee in the garden

Posted: Today at 16:20

depends what plant it is, coffee grounds are slightly acidic, so plants like rhodendrons, azaleas and heathers will appreciate it. any alkali species will not.

they are quite good at deterring snails and slugs from attacking my hosta's.

best bet is to mix it into your compost bin (treat it as a 'brown' - like leaves and small twigs) if you mix it well with lawn trimmings it works well. I tend to spread it lightly over my lawn and my hover mower picks it up and mixes it for me!


Posted: Today at 16:16

bin it, as the fungus could regenerate from the sawdust.

better to be safe than sorry

Ideas for keeping mulch in place round trees - recycled stuff

Posted: Today at 16:14

I've used old woolly jumpers and old T-shirts (must be natural fibres otherwise it doesn't rot). it keeps the neighbours talking! lol

Planting early

Posted: Today at 16:10

as for the chilies, pot them into 3 to 4 inch pots and give them warmth (20 degrees is good) and as much light as possible (grow lights if you possible can) and water sparingly (they do not like being wet at any time) then only pot up when you can see roots out of the pots and only pot up to the next size - if you pot up too big then the plant can struggle.

Planting early

Posted: Today at 16:07

the hot chilli peppers need to go in around now (if not earlier - my brother sows between xmas and new year, but he has heated propagators and greenhouses at his works),

everything else its way too early. my planting starts in about mid February with tomatoes, all the rest is mid March onwards. otherwise everything gets leggy and will probably fail as you can't get enough light to them

Gooseberries and grapes

Posted: Today at 15:56

it depends if you cut the grape below any graft point, most are grafted onto a root stock in a similar way to fruit trees and roses, so if you've cut below that then you'll get the root stock and not the variety coming back.

the gooseberry will take a few years to come back after such a big haircut, I tend to only trim this years growth back (removing one bit old growth a year)

Overgrown shrub- can I cut back safely?

Posted: Today at 09:48

I always prune after they flower, so with this species that would be May time (depending on the spring).

Its an established shrub so you wont do it much harm by reducing it size by a half (or even more if needed) it'll just look a little tatty for a couple of years until it can regrow a bit, plus it might not flower again for a couple of years.

Rats feeding on bird food! What to do?

Posted: Today at 09:43

cover the seed in the hottest chilli powder you can find, the birds wont be effected (they don't have the taste receptors for capsaicin) but the rats will find their food source inedible!

every time its wet you'll have to re apply for maybe two weeks, then once dose a month for a couple of months and the rats (and any squirrels or foxes that eat it) will learn its a BAD idea.

Dying Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Tree

Posted: Today at 09:36

why, oh why would he remove all the leaves??

sounds like the gardener is a total cowboy and might need reporting to your local authority, he's probably done it before to someone else, or will do similar things to someone else's garden.

if he's killed your plant by doing something so incredibly stupid you might be able to claim some sort of compensation!

here's hoping the plant is just getting its strength together before it sends out a new flush of leaves once its got over the shock!

poorly privet

Posted: Today at 09:33

privet is as tough as boots, so if looks like its dying its probably terminal (old age or disease), you should start looking for replacements.

on the plus side, unless its honey fungus your other plants should be fine, most diseases are fairly plant type specific.

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