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Posted: 27/02/2014 at 17:04

If you have nice fine soil, cats love it,SO....... just  put lots of flowers in your garden and any spaces put some nice rocks, stones, or ornaments, and hey presto pussycats dont have anywhere to poo, and so on to the next garden with nice fine soil, ahh it worked for me, and i have lots of pleasure  just lazing around in my garden looking at all my flowers and shrubs, and no cat poo. and yes i do have a cat , but she does not go roaming i walk her on a harness, in the summer, she has her own sunbed, and is quite happy. Good Luck everyone with cat pooey problems


Cats in Gardens

Posted: 02/02/2014 at 16:46

Hi, Skipps, i guess you have fine soil like me, and cats love fine soil to do their bizzy in it, as it digs up very nice, i have had this problem, so now i put as many flowers in that patch of fine soil and maybe put the odd small pebble here and there and hey presto  the cats aint got no where else to poo, ha job done, by the way i have a cat and i take her walkies in my garden on a harness, so dont get into trouble with other cats and neigbours, she can still  wonder on her long lead. Hope this helps :)





pear tree problem

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 18:14


pear tree problem

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 18:13

Hi, , my brother has two pear trees and they have got yellow spots on them,  but  fruit this year, he has  apple trees but they dont have a problem, can u tell me what the problem is and how it can be rectified please, pears have been beautiful in other years, help please:

christmas cactus wont flower

Posted: 28/01/2012 at 23:07

Hi my friend  who lives in a care home got a christmas cactus   a few  weeks ago, but even though the plant is very healthy and green with lots of  pink shoots ready to flower they have just dropped off, why has this happened is it tt  warm for the plant please help ? 

Talkback: How to repair a lawn patch

Posted: 24/11/2011 at 15:29
Hi it has been very dry of late and my lawn is starting to look and bit dry and les green, could you surgest how i can keep my lawn looking grren besides watering it every day,

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christmas cactus wont flower

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