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Help with identification, this plant is ruining my summer!

Posted: 09/06/2012 at 19:53
My next door neighbours plant (not sure if it's a weed) is spreading to my garden. I have seen this pant growing in a weed like fasion in urban hedgerows.

Luckily I have thin gravel and very little soil so the plant can't take deep routes, however I find myself having to pull up the shoots up every 6 weeks as they grow VERY fast easily reach waist heightin a couple of weeks, particulary after rain.

The plant looks a bit like a bush/tree with spongy stems slightly red (not woody) leaves are green fairly large and circle/oval in shape

I have tried spraying weed killer on the plants, to no effect. ...Strangely, the plant seems fairly contained next door but is taking over my garden in an add hoc manner

I am not a 'gardener' but would like some help identifying this plant so I can take appropriate measures. I would uploads a picture but can't see any facility to do so...

Your help is much appreciated!
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Help with identification, this plant is ruining my summer!

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