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Talkback: Deterring pigeons

Posted: 18/07/2013 at 22:17

I think one day this country will be over run with animals of all sorts as so many people think more of animals than the rest of the human race.There comes a time when culls are neccessary but then there is an uproar and the powers that be back down.  Every thing in moderation but when farmers livelyhood is threatened by bovine then the cause should be erradicated. Now we are having wild animals introduced here and watch out for troubles with that in years to come.   Re Jak,

Vast majority of animals and birds are in decline, even the once common garden, species, re starlings, sparrows, hedgehogs, insects, many now endangered, some extinct, at present a big decline in bee,s, much to do with development and insecticide,s, used by people who deem them a pest, whilst people who care about animal near always care about humans also, but a bit of a cliche thrown out often,  alternately many who dont care about animals and abuse them often do humans also, some practise on animals when young.  Culling of animals is happening all the time, from pigeions to deer, all manner of species, and there is little retracting by goverment or farmers, but many oppose badger culling thinking it wont be affective in decreasing tb, as agreed by scientists, in that badgers travel, also much disease of livestock, and humans, is down to bad human and farmer practises in feed and housing.  There are rarely non native wild animals being released wilfully, a few escapee,s who adapt and breed, but rarely in large numbers, re wallaby, parakeet, when they do become prolific re grey squirrel, mink they are routinely culled.  The only animal that is overrunning this and other countries and causing mass problems re development and pollution are humans. `This country` wont be overun with animals.

Talkback: Deterring pigeons

Posted: 18/07/2013 at 21:53

l personally welcome all birds in my garden, the pigeons go onto the tray feeder and take seed, the small birds from the feeders, none cause any problems.
Never really got into the culture of labelling animals and birds good and bad guys, for many people its magpie,s hated and persecuted, to me English parrot. Used to be starling considered pests till they went into decline, been osprey, otters, even falcon and eagles, still poisoned, or shot, as in fact some gardeners do to cats, everyone has their own preferences to which animal bird is deemed a pest, bad guy, to be killed. We now have people and a culture en masse who cant tolerate insects, with masses on insecticide in shops cheaply bought to kill anything that moves, even in gardens. Will we ever outgrow killing things, when they dont harm or threaten us.

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