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About me:I garden on a north facing steeply sloping site in north east Cumbria. I have terraces and have one terrace with raised (slightly)beds in which I grow my veg. At the moment I have everything under cheap mini polytunnels (bought from Lidl good value)as the weather is still cold but I wanted to get a head start.Have already picked and given away lettuce and rhubarb. I have flowerbeds on the top yard level as well as a large carport with an ancient vine growing under it. This doubles as an outdoor room in the summer as it is very warm and sheltered. The vine grows huge bunches of fruit but as it is a late fruiting one the grapes are never edible before the cold weather returns in Autumn. However the blackbirds love them and they look very attractive. I have a blackbird nesting in it at the moment. I have had a robin's nest in one shed already out of which 3 chicks hatched and have now flown. I now have another robin nesting in the other shed.My top terrace is gravelled with a pond. On the bottom level I used to keep hens but have now given them up because they kept escaping and digging up mine - and the neighbours - seedlings. I also have fruit trees and blackcurrant bushes which I have recently planted. Had about 35 pounds of plums from my old tree last year - probably my best year yet.Love gardening but get frustrated by the climate. Wish I lived in Suffolk!
more coming soon...