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Talkback: Growing your own Christmas dinner

Posted: 03/01/2014 at 12:38


We had carrots which we stored in sand, parsnips, kale, sprouts, swede.  I would have had peas and beans from the freezer but forgot to cook them.  Our spuds failed this year so had to resort to shop bought varieties.  The rest was all from the allotment.  I could have also added leeks but we had those boxing day so not technically for our Christmas meal.

Mind you though, veggies fresh from the allotment are far superiour in taste than those from the supermarket.



Posted: 17/08/2013 at 09:07

Local gdn ctr sells this yrs seeds 1/2 price so always buy them for next yrs sowings.


Posted: 17/08/2013 at 08:26

We created 2 New raised beds for fruit, I thought I'd transfer strawberry runners into one and 1 yr old currant bushes into the other which I healed into spare ground earlier this year.


The beds are heavy clay and not been cultivated before.


Can you advise please, do you think it best to bung in horse manure to give some goodness (atm not even a worm exists in this infertile "soil"), or should I lime it to help bind clay particles together and then in a month or so manure it or do you think I can get away with just manure then transplant my fruit straight away (providing the manure is well rotted).


I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give.


Thank you


lettuce article in what to do now

Posted: 23/07/2013 at 12:26

just had a nose in the what to do now section of  they recommend planting out lettuce???????  This time of the year you dont need to sow lettuce in pots, sowing direct is just as easy, it saves root disturbance and also saves the cost in not buying in compost.  if you sow only 1/2 or 1/4 row at a time, you should always have room at the end of the row to sow fresh seeds a couple of weeks later giving a sucessional crop without the need to buy in compost.  i dont understand why the recommend having to plant out.????? 


phantom gardener

Posted: 19/07/2013 at 16:58

Ive had this with old films or TV programmes, Ive thought "wouldnt it be lovely to watch ... again or, I'd love to see that series again, shame you cant get it on DVD" and a week or two later the TV programme guys put it on for me! - spooky!!!!!! 

Fed up with the heat!

Posted: 15/07/2013 at 13:10

Personally I hate this heat, I feel hot, sick, tired and grouchy.  I cannot sleep due to the heat much prefering to sleep in a cool/cold bedroom. I love the spring and autumn, where generally we usually get nice weather (last year I got sunburnt in the spring) albiet this year it was rather wet!  but Im happier working outside whilst its drizzling, I can always get warm again but find it so hard to cool down.

Saying that our fruit are doing very, very well, and if you water wisely you only need to water established fruit/veg/shrubs once a week with a really good soaking. On our heavy clay soil the soil is damp after a couple cm below the soil so we only give the plots a good soaking once a week, the rest in pots we water twice a day  plus have water bottles in spikes and we hose the path in our greenhouse down to keep up the damp levels which helps keep the greenhouse cooler and deters red spider mite.



Posted: 20/05/2013 at 07:53

Good morning all,

Overcast and drizzly here, but its what the gardens and allotments need, warmth and a bit of drizzle is perfect for growing stuff. 

Ive been awake since 2am this morning,  I had an awful nightmare and didn't want to go back to sleep as I was scared I would dream it again, then the dream faded from my mind as I focused thinking about our allotment and my friends wedding we went too.  Then, my mind started racing, I got so excited that I finally have a greenhouse, ive been waiting years to get it.  But alas, that kept me awake further. 

Then, around 2.30am/3am two birds started singing, of course it sounded louder than normal due to lack of traffic etc. but they kept me awake from then through to around 4.30am where I noticed it was starting to get light. The dawn chorus was in full swing by then and I gave up trying to get back to sleep choosing instead to turn on my kindle and have a little read of Gardeners World website.

By 5am I was ready to get up and, thought about getting some washing done but I didnt want to disturb hubby so I laid there until the alarm went of at 6am.  Where I feel asleep for 1/2hr before dragging my very tired bum out of bed.

Now, Im at work, eating breakfast before the troups arrive, wondering how Ill get through today - Yawn!

HAGD all and hope you got more sleep than me last night.

What did you do in your garden today?

Posted: 20/05/2013 at 07:43

Yesterday, we spent all day putting glass in our greenhouse, being very inexperienced at doing this particular job (i.e. it was the first time) we had to learn a lot from our errors as we went along.

I also planted out some more lettuces, the last I had brought on in pots as I will now start sowing directly.  I also planted out our summer cabbage.  we didn't have time to do anything else  as the glass took up all our time.

But now this is done, I can start clearing the rest of the rubbish from the 2nd plot and get a run to the dump done.  This will make the plot look a lot tidier and we can then concentrate on getting the beds in etc... Our 1st plot is looking really great, and filling up nicely now with seedlings, and veggies starting to almost be ready for harvest.



Posted: 19/05/2013 at 08:41

Could I suggest you don't collect seeds from wild bluebell as our native variety is in serious decline due to people picking them and unscrupulous dealers digging the bulbs out the ground to sell.

Also the Spanish Blundell is invading our countryside which is having a massive detrimental affect on our native Bluebell population.

Would you please buy seeds from a reputable source and make sure they are the British not Spanish Bluebell seeds you buy.  This way you help our failing bluebell population whilst enjoying the growing of them.


Sorry to interfere but I feel so strongly about our native wild flowers, including cowslips and wild primroses as well as our ragged robbin which is scarcely seen today.


friends wedding yesterday

Posted: 19/05/2013 at 08:27

Hello all

I just wanted to share with you my wonderful day yesterday.


Hubby and I were invited to my friends wedding, they only wanted very close friends and immediate family so about 30 people were invited.

The wedding was held in a beautiful registry office, which was an old merchants house rather than the usual dingy council offices.

The weather remained dry even though rain was forecast!

The bride wore a vintage style ankle length length t-dress  rather than the usual oversized dresses normally favoured.

We didn't know any of the guests having not met her friends or family before but everyone soon started coming up to us and introducing themselves and made us feel very welcome.

The bridal couple asked me to help the photographer call out names and round up guests, I was so nervous as I didn't want other guests thinking I was interfering but when I explained they said it was cool and they wouldn't have minded anyway.

I think most guests contributed somehow towards their wedding, either making something or doing something on the day so it truly was a private loving wedding.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself helping the photographer, and once the group shots were taken we could relax and look at the artistic shots such as closeups of the flowers.

The reception was platters of sandwiches, with pimms or fruit cocktail. The speeches were very relaxed with breaks between each one.  Then a beautiful cake was cut.

I was asked again to help take more artistic shots with the bride and groom - sitting on a sofa, bride looking out the window or on the stairs.

After the photos were taken, the photographer offered me a job as his photography assistant, the biggest job he has next is in August at the castle with150 guests and 10hrs it woUld be an experience but, I'm turning it down it isn't right to go off with a bloke for a day when your married even if it is for specific reasons.  Anyway he didn't want to pay much either.

The wedding was beautifully relaxing, warm and loving and the grooms speach brought tears to all the girls eyes.

There was no evening reception, the bridal couple were having dinner with their parents and the guests didn't mind.

I had such a lovely day I just had to share it - I hope you don't mind as its not gardening related.





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