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Posted: 19/05/2013 at 08:41

Could I suggest you don't collect seeds from wild bluebell as our native variety is in serious decline due to people picking them and unscrupulous dealers digging the bulbs out the ground to sell.

Also the Spanish Blundell is invading our countryside which is having a massive detrimental affect on our native Bluebell population.

Would you please buy seeds from a reputable source and make sure they are the British not Spanish Bluebell seeds you buy.  This way you help our failing bluebell population whilst enjoying the growing of them.


Sorry to interfere but I feel so strongly about our native wild flowers, including cowslips and wild primroses as well as our ragged robbin which is scarcely seen today.


friends wedding yesterday

Posted: 19/05/2013 at 08:27

Hello all

I just wanted to share with you my wonderful day yesterday.


Hubby and I were invited to my friends wedding, they only wanted very close friends and immediate family so about 30 people were invited.

The wedding was held in a beautiful registry office, which was an old merchants house rather than the usual dingy council offices.

The weather remained dry even though rain was forecast!

The bride wore a vintage style ankle length length t-dress  rather than the usual oversized dresses normally favoured.

We didn't know any of the guests having not met her friends or family before but everyone soon started coming up to us and introducing themselves and made us feel very welcome.

The bridal couple asked me to help the photographer call out names and round up guests, I was so nervous as I didn't want other guests thinking I was interfering but when I explained they said it was cool and they wouldn't have minded anyway.

I think most guests contributed somehow towards their wedding, either making something or doing something on the day so it truly was a private loving wedding.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself helping the photographer, and once the group shots were taken we could relax and look at the artistic shots such as closeups of the flowers.

The reception was platters of sandwiches, with pimms or fruit cocktail. The speeches were very relaxed with breaks between each one.  Then a beautiful cake was cut.

I was asked again to help take more artistic shots with the bride and groom - sitting on a sofa, bride looking out the window or on the stairs.

After the photos were taken, the photographer offered me a job as his photography assistant, the biggest job he has next is in August at the castle with150 guests and 10hrs it woUld be an experience but, I'm turning it down it isn't right to go off with a bloke for a day when your married even if it is for specific reasons.  Anyway he didn't want to pay much either.

The wedding was beautifully relaxing, warm and loving and the grooms speach brought tears to all the girls eyes.

There was no evening reception, the bridal couple were having dinner with their parents and the guests didn't mind.

I had such a lovely day I just had to share it - I hope you don't mind as its not gardening related.





Ideas for a strawberry planter

Posted: 14/05/2013 at 12:43

My pleasure Nick, post a picture of it potted up and being harvested.  Raddish are also a good one to sow as they are quick maturing and take up little room.

My evening last night - if I didn't laugh I'd have cried!

Posted: 13/05/2013 at 12:52

LOL! yes Im fine, I didn't over eat cake and explode like a balloon!  Thank you for asking after me

Had a busy weekend, potted on loads of veggies: summer cabbage, cauliflowers etc... they should be in the ground by now but I was busy hardening them off when the gales hit and I had to zip up the greenhouse - they didn't like the heat so now starting the hardening off process again, also potted on my tomatoes, put out loads of slug traps with home-made beer that went terribly wrong -hopefully the slugs will love it.

Earthed up the spuds - earlies and mains doing really well, sowed parsnip seeds outside and more leek seeds as well as planting out our leek seedlings.  Cleared a lot of weeds from the strawberry bed and dug over one of the raised beds and raked  to a fine tilth for the sowing of the said seeds.  I also potted on our runner beans and these are being hardened off for planting next weekend.

Ive also created some wigwams and planted out some of our pea plants.

Currently we are harvesting lettuce and rhubarb, our carrots which we sowed in a "hot" bed under glass in very early spring i.e. February are now pencil thin and looking really healthy with healthy growth on top, another month and we will be harvesting those.  Also harvesting raddish and pea shoots for salads.  

Ive ordered more greenhouse glass and managed to get a 5% discount when I explained my sorry story about the 1st orde, we looked into polycarbonate sheeting but it works out far more expensive than glass (in our area of the country).

Things to do now include:

Finish creating more beds on the fruit plot (we have a double allotment plot), I have a small raised bed I need to weed and one small veg raised bed which needs a light fork - already weeded.

Cumfry is ready for its second harvest - ill pop the leaves on the compost heap to use as an activator.  The first harvest of leaves I'd put in the bottom of the runner bean trench - they love the stuff along with some home-made compost and nettles (without roots).

Our allotment site has just let 14 plots to new plotholders so its great to see these plots starting to be attacked with new enthusasam - I just hope these newbies don't run out of steam before they really get going, clearing an allotment plot from scratch when its covered in Dock and every other type of weed imaginable.




what is this thats killing all our hedge and what can i do

Posted: 13/05/2013 at 12:33

I would say it is ivy also, I grew russian vine to cover the car-port, russian vine flowers are white.

If it is ivy then it re-shoots very easily.  mind you though its a great plant for wildlife especially birds.

Conifers when hacked back to bare wood don't regrow anyway so I would suggest that the death of these is because of over-pruning rather than the ivy.  My parents have ivy growing in their garden for the past 30+ years and it hasn't killed a mature tree yet.

Personally Id dig it out if it comes back then spray, if their plant dies you can say you were killing weeds in your own garden and didn't know it came through from them.  Anway, you said it was rife in their garden so they probably wont noice anyway should their plant die.



Ideas for a strawberry planter

Posted: 13/05/2013 at 12:15

If your thinking of going down the fruit and veg line how about:

Planting a couple of dwarf french beans - 1 each in two of the side holes, the ball size carrots in the top, and in another couple of the side holes sow some peas - keep them short and harvest their shoots for salads.  Sow some red crinkled edge lettuce in a couple of the sides and if you have any spare side holes left I would suggest a tumbling tom tomato plant - that sorts out your veggies and salads sorted and for pudding plant a couple of strawberry plants.  Most people have strawberry runners they are wanting to get rid off - these will be perfect.

If you can squeeze in a marigold or two they are companion plants and if you can edge the side of the top with nastursion flower plants these two can also be eaten and the look pretty too!

Hope my suggestion gives you some ideas to try. 


It's made my day......

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 12:54

It looks really pretty, I love blues, mauves and lilac colours.  I grow more veggies and fruit than flowers but hope to set up a cutting flower bed on my lottie.


My evening last night - if I didn't laugh I'd have cried!

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 12:52

Oh my life I love coffee and walnut cake.  I have just devoured a chocolate bar - we have a tin for charity and colleagues bring in bars of chocolate when they are on offer i.e. 5 bars for a quid.  home-made cake sounds megga yummy I love making cakes too, in fact any form of baking sweet or savoury.

I intend to get the house cleaned this evening, then totally flop with a good film. 

I think its called Sods Law, never heard the saying "the planets must be out" but I get the meaning though- its a good one and sums up the evening perfectly.

Im sure my evening tonight will be a lot better, enjoy the rest of your day.




My evening last night - if I didn't laugh I'd have cried!

Posted: 10/05/2013 at 07:49

Popped to lottie to check all ok, discovered all £120 worth of replacement greenhouse glass smashed in high winds! that's half our greenhouse glass gone which I now have to re-buy!  it was an old second hand greenhouse and this glass was to replace missing or damaged panes!

Stomped over the brick path on way out of lotti site in a strop and slipped on the wet muddy bricks, took my temper out on the 5 bar farmers gate by slamming it shut to vent my anger on that rather than hubby by resisiting the temptation to say "I told you so" with regards to how he stacked the said glass.  Upon slamming gate I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

Lit fire before we went to lottie to have a bit of home comfort when we got back - fire went out!

Ran bath to get warm as I was cold, soaked and throughly peeved off, put my hair up in a hairgrip - hairgrip broke!

Forgot about my cuppa which then went cold!

Ran out of soap so rather than getting off my fat bum and standing like any sensible girl would do to reach for a nice fresh bar from the bathroom cabinet - oh no not I, I decided to wriggle to the end of the bath and play at stretching to reach the said new bar of soap - big toe got caught around the plug chain and bath soon started to empty!

I dairned have washed my hair last night - I'd hate to think what would have happened if I tried!

Went downstairs to the news a friend popped in with her new boyfriend to introduce him to us, havent seen my friend for ages but cus I was getting in the bath, hubby turned her away! arrrrrgh, I wouldn't have minded chucking my clothes back on and having a cuppa with her and her new fella esp as they brought cake with them!

Settled on the sofa - dinner almost cooked in the ovan - and just when i thought things couldn't get worse - the power went off, hubby rang the info line - apparantely it was going to be a major outage and would be off for hours!

Thought I know Ill listen to the radio for a few hrs - make a nice change to the telly - no radio batteries!

Thought I know Ill surf the net - no internet connection due to the power cut (don't ask me why - I thought internet connections came through the air like mobile signals - hubby who is an IT engineer boffin person tried to explain but I kinda switched off from the techi stuff)!

So I decided to read my Kindle - no power!


Out came the candles, the bottle of gin and bed!

I hope this evening will be a lot more better and much more productive than last night!

I still feel really annoyed with the weather - this is more like October gales than spring!  and in this day n age - should we really be having power cuts - really??? I'd have thought the technology was out there to prevent such things happening but I supose that's far to much to ask from the electricity board!  By the way mr & mrs weatherman - your forecasts are generally incorrect so why do you bother forcasting the weather - it's more like pot luck - two days you predicted rain but it never came - just as I went to water the lottie the other day it chucked it down - how can they get it so terribly wrong all the time! (these are rhytorical questions I hasten to add)!  As someone once said - I dont need the weatherman to tell me the weather - when I stick my head out the door if its raining Ill take a brolly, if its hot n sunny Ill wear shorts etc.....

Yep - I totally blame hubby and the weatherforcasters for my rubbish evening last night (and mother nature), its all your fault!  If the wind hadn't been so bad, if hubby had stacked the glass properly, if the forecasters had been a tiny bit more accurate the knock-on effect for my evening wouldn't have happened!

Phew, thats better - gripe over and feeling much calmer, in 1/2hrs time Ill ring the glass company, caugh up another £120 and get more glass delivered - when its dryier, sunnier and windfree!

Can anyone tell me what this is plese...

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 19:44

cold water is all you need, ive got an old cold water tank someone was throwing out,i just bung the leaves in, cover with a sheet of wood to stop ankmals falling in and getting trapped,after a few weeks, it goes a greeny brown n stinks, then its ready.  just a couple of capfulls like you do for tomato feed in a watering can is fine.

enjoy having it in your garden its good stuff.


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