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Posted: Today at 21:30

Well done Runnybeake.  Nothing to lose by asking. Remember, often turnover is the most important thing to a retailer.  They want your money ...even a little is better than not getting any 


Posted: Today at 18:48

That was kind of you Lesley to let OH buy you that obelisk 

What to do with new Camelia ?

Posted: Today at 18:00

Another point....I find white varieties esp vulnerable to rapid,thawing amd to cold winds.  In my experience white varieties need more shade.

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 17:05

( is it true that I get  royalties for every post on here!)

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 16:40

Happy birthday Dove's OH 


Posted: Today at 16:38

Well done to your daughter Susan.  She did the right thing in not confronting directly with these low lives. being a bloke, I have taken action directly. ,got a guy who did a hit and run on my niece's car and got £400" from him.  Took me a month but I got him.  Wonderful feeling.  Maybe Victim Support can help with your daughter.  

Been a lovely day.    Dry, mild and some sun.  Not planting my newly acquired bargain plants today because I'm not sure exactly where they will go yet.

my mum's face lit up today when she saw me.  Helped feed her and she ate a reasonable amount followed by ice cream.  (I needed to make sure the ice cream was ok for my mum so, in all seriousness, I asked for one for me to see if it was suitable.......tee hee hee, it was)

Plant ID

Posted: Today at 16:29

Hello Lyn.  Did you post a picture?  

What to do with new Camelia ?

Posted: Today at 16:27

Awkward me!,,,

I would keep it indoors for the winter.  Enjoy the flowers.  Jeep it watered.  Because it's so small I would not put it outside.

come the spring, after its flowered, plant it outside.....your soil must be neutral to acid (more line tolerant than azaleas, Rhodos etc)....or into a pot of ericaceous John Innes.  

Camellias are tough but yours is a baby nodlisab.  Read up on aspect too to avoid early morning sun 

Finding a plant

Posted: Today at 16:20

Tell me more gardening grannie ......

Christmas has come early

Posted: Today at 16:16

Think you can resist Bob?  Just the odd fruit?  Of course,,if you are strong your trees will be so much better

went down to gc today........after chauffeuring someone to train station and passing the gc......and picked up plants with 75% off.  A couple then had another 50% off at the till But I pointed out that they really were pretty dead looking (ok, I lied ) so £1 for 2.    All herbaceous and grasses (I don't already have) and I am delighted.  Still got my eye on a couple of conifers still there.......still "hidden" under the staging ..........and have the nod and wink that a sale will be had just before Xmas. Expecting at least 50% off but will haggle for more!  

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