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Oh dear oh dear,,oh dear......

Posted: Today at 08:29


Dividing Hellebores

Posted: Today at 08:27

hellebores would be more than happy never to be divided I think.  

Clematis Pests??

Posted: Today at 08:26

A tray of lettuce has been attacked overnight.  One lettuce attacked yesterday.   There he was ...the culprit.  A snail. Duly crushed.  I find pellets...just a couple or so is work.

a fresh sowing of lettuce is in order.

flossy, if you out pellets down and it rained they will not be effective.  


Posted: Today at 08:20

Wet night but brightening up now....sun forecast

hello forkers ...have fun today 

Oh dear oh dear,,oh dear......

Posted: Today at 08:10 on.    It is a tongue in cheek thread really and it's been fun reading the comments.

 But, on a serious note its all so silly though.  The hype, the silly statements about hard working royalty, how it pays for itself, the idol worship of people we simply do not know and the hysteria is Crazeeee.  The royal family looks at us as far, far, far inferior to them.


Pineapple like flowers

Posted: Yesterday at 18:41

Sounds like eucomis to me.  Check out Sparkling Burgandy 

Clematis Pests??

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38

The President is the variety flossy....a purple blue summer flowerer.  I think snails is the problem.  Can you visit your plant later with a will prob see a snail or two there. A couple of pellets will help too.  

Royal Baby

Posted: Yesterday at 18:34

I've turned on the news....all, ALL, about the baby.  Thousands killed in Nepal. Ok, maybe it is a nice distraction from the terrible news for some but it's really too much.  William carried his boy and both waved to the minions gathered there. 

Royal Baby

Posted: Yesterday at 17:46

Word is the name will be Bernard 

Bare roots perennials - can I put them straight in the border?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:23

Out of interest Marc, how much are they charging you?  My hunch is you will get  are roots or plugs.  A full,size plant on line that will flower well this year will prob cost you less...?

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