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Which type of John Innes for rock plants?

Posted: Today at 00:04

John Innes no 1 with added grit/perlite for me. 

Lithodora needs more acid soil and, in my experience, does not like to dry out too much so not sure I would include this with your other choices there 

Delphiniums second flush

Posted: Today at 00:00

Yes,,every time.  Secret is to cut flower spike as it is just about to go over.  

Do the same with lupins to get a long flowering season


Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

I planted a group of catmint at the feet  of a yellow potentilla in a friend's garden...who loves being a lazy gsrdener.  It makes an attractive easy combination with very little maintenance.  Foliage contrasts well too.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:02

Catmint/nepeta is easy to grow.  Hardy, aromatic and long flowering.  Easy to propagate too...pull pieces off and root them.

a good alternative to lavendar I think.  

Yes it will smother a pot.  

I grow this on my front part of a number of trailing and wall plants......and it will root as it spreads.  Not really invasive though.  Don't know about attracting cats but lizards enjoy  asking in it down here

Peach tree

Posted: Yesterday at 14:20

wot did I say Bob?  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 14:11

Think all of us are rather fond of Edd and nobody has really taken offence.  As for his jokes, well, they aren't as good as mine! 

Peach tree

Posted: Yesterday at 14:09

Now my mind's really scrambled . Wonder where smoss poached that idea from?  


Posted: Yesterday at 11:33

Hmmmm!  No sun today.  Raining instead. But I have moved plants outside least those in large pots and well established....or uncovered them.  The rain and mild temperatures should do them good.  Wish I was still selling plants, I could make a small fortune if I sold them all.  However I'm sure they will all be planted

Peach tree

Posted: Yesterday at 11:28

smoss,not heard of the eggshell treatment.  Is this a yoke?  

I have 2 peach trees in pots and they have been outside ....full of flower and looking good.  Because rain was forecast....and it's raining now....I brought them into the greenhouse to protect them from peach leaf curl. (keep rain off during the next 3 weeks or so and peach leaf curl will not be a problem)

Weedkiller on new lawn

Posted: Yesterday at 11:22

NIKKI. I use spot weed sprays for my lawn.  DO NOT USE A GLYPHOSATE weedkiller on your lawn, eg. roundup and other brands.

go to any gc or diy store and look at lawn treatments.  Look for LAWN weed killer.  These are dedicated products to kill weeds but not the grass, if used correctly. You can get speaks to kill isolated weeds or mixtures to cover the whole lawn.  If you want to treat the whole lawn then I agree with Dove and use a complete feed and weed product.

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