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New Gardening TV Show

Posted: Today at 18:06

Hello Angela...welcome 

can you post a picture?  

A garden from scratch is quite exciting.  Any ideas what sort of planting he might want?  You said he hasnt got a clue but a few probing questions could open up his thinking 

The grass could be a good start.  keep it or not?   For me grass is an essential part of any medium plus size garden.  

Euphorbia wulfenii

Posted: Today at 17:50

Steve, cut back the flowered stems right to the ground as soon as poss after flowering.  

Do this every year and your plants will lose their legginess 

in my experience cutting back the new shoots too...This may seem tempting.....can damage euphorbias.  So....just flowered stems  .  

Bargain plants

Posted: Today at 15:23

yes they associate well with dwarf grasses and mounded plants.  Yellow foliage too  or yellow echinaceas too 

Bargain plants

Posted: Today at 14:45

Ha ha, gaillardia was one of my purchases from B&M. 

yes you can grow gaillardias in pots....make sure soil is well drained and in a sunny spot.  Too much water and overfeeding will make for lots of leaves and fewer flowers so hard regime for them.  Yes again, they will be full size and full flowering this year.  Mine already in 1 litre pots.

ditto for eryngiums but remember their prickly foliage....not exactly tactile plants 

because they are in reasonable size pots....11 cm ...and were outside in B&M therefore acclimatised they can be put outside but I prefer to pot on and plant out as much bigger plants.  Yes, a month or so for this is fine 

Raised beds

Posted: Today at 14:35

What do you mean "line them"  Potwoman? 

You say you have good deep soil.  Concentrate on adding to it organically.  Mulching your crops in late spring and early summer will help control your weeds without damaging the soil structure you have established.  Regular hoeing ....on dry warm days.....will help a lot too.

my veg is always mulched and weeds are not much of a problem 

2017 in my Bristol Garden.

Posted: Today at 14:29

Money very well spent Marion 

Flumpy,"yay spring is on its way"........indeed it is.  More buds, shoots and flowers every day now although my gazanias have not stopped flowering since last summer 

Bargain plants

Posted: Today at 14:24

Meant to say Mark, the B & M perennials are in 11 cm pots.  Everything I bought was itching for bigger pots 

How to dig up large shrub roots

Posted: Today at 14:21

Hugely satisfying though eh Steve?  I usually raise a victory fist accompanied by a throaty yell when I have "won" 

sounds like you enjoyed it too DR.

Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2

Posted: Today at 14:18

Thanks HC.....will check it out.

totally agree with you about making it easy for weevils to thrive  and about being vigilant.  Also about many gardeners using mpc for everything.....john innes used more often would help. 

I ....touch wood....have good control over them here now.  Multipurpose composts are mixed with my own sieved soil, plants in pots mulched with grit, new plants, soil and tops, thoroughly checked as far as possible.  Susceptible plants like heucheras and primulas are lifted, checked and replanted regularly: plants like fuschias locally treated.  Adult weevil hunting too has helped me to have very little problems. Not using old compost too.  

Changing our gardening habits and having more discipline will do a lot to combat or even eradicate vine I said, works for me 

I do resort now and then in winter to Provado to treat soil around precious heucheras and the like.  

How to dig up large shrub roots

Posted: Today at 14:02

I dug up several large shrub/small tree roots over the winter...including a large conifer where I had to dig out more than a metre deep and 2 or 3 metres wide as well as a stubborn sycamore. 

physical work but do it in stages if you have to Lovegardening.  They all yield in the end.

Have a pair of loppers to hand as well as secateurs....a pruning saw too. For really large shrubs a crowbar is useful but most hebes are relatively easy to dig out.   Ideally have some branches above ground for additional leverage.  Expose as much of the root system as possible, sever roots as you see them, rock and lever, swear if you need to!  

loosening the soil though is not enough so digging ...even over a few necessary

however, when done, think about the new planting space you have. 

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