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Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: Today at 17:31

Joyce, a week more and the asters would have been fully open.  A few weeks back I had Spigelia Marilandica Wisley Jester there too and it has just started  flowering again.  Likes similar conditions and is a real gem 

nice that someone else also enjoys associating plants....I always experiment with contrasts and complements.  

Go for it Joyce...Ruffled Swan is delightful.  There is another, Dreaming Swan, I will add here.  Think heads hang down more thus highlighting the blue reverses better.

Vine Weevil?

Posted: Today at 17:06

I have found heucheras,,primulas and similar with roots completely eaten...vine weevil grubs.  Many others too.  Prob most of us here on the forum 

I clearly stated when to use Provado.  Very, very clear.  Made my preference for nematodes clear too.

if damage is being done in the late autumn to late winter period then Provado is the ONLY option but, I am only repeating what I said earlier.  

I don't think you are actually at odds with my own view as stated.....except roots in the soil are attacked for sure 

New gardening show

Posted: Today at 15:53

Careful though Hazel.......

it will 

make you


.and it looks like Garden Rescue tonight is a repeat after all 

Canna lilies

Posted: Today at 15:46


I would not want to add cannas with virus to the compost heap.  

plants do sometimes grow out of a "poor" state.  Whatever escallonias had, for example, was overcome by a hard prune.  A cotinus with phytophthora has been kept going by a hot summer or two near a hot dry wall so nature can come to the rescue.   Watering with a hose seems to being it on again so maybe a message there...?? 

will be interesting to see how you get on with you cannas next year.  A local nursery destroyed its whole canna stock this year. 

will check that Hart Canna sells virus free stock

Anne and Chrissie, a picture I posted this morn is of Tropicanna Black.  It was bought as a small rhizome early Spring 2015.  It is now over 7', been flowering for at least a month, and lots of stems, leaves and flowers to come.  So, it is not a lomg waiting game if you give it warmth and good conditions incl plenty of water in the summer 

look out for Tropicanna Gold too.......nice contrast 

What to plant in September?

Posted: Today at 13:52

Ah!  Thinking of spring already Ladybird......I like it 

Vine Weevil?

Posted: Today at 13:50

You're welcome Sara 

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: Today at 13:47

Oops!  Should have opened above but this is Wild Swan. Single flowers and slightly bigger.  As with Ruffled Swan been flowering all summer and lots of buds to come going into late summer/autumn.  Ruffled Swan is slightly taller.  

aster F. Monch just opening behind 

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Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: Today at 13:43


pictures as promised.  This is Ruffled Swan.  Been flowering for several weeks and has masses of buds to open. 

Any ideas?

Posted: Today at 12:36

Pittosporums ?  Easily clipped to size with foliage colours from almost white to dark purple/black.

shame you rejected conifers....taxus Standishii is a beauty and, again, easily kept to size.  Unlike most conifers it will not scorch or suffer and can be cut into old wood

most shrubs will spread wider than 2' ...agree about euonymous but even this group will need cutting two or three times during the summer 

Vine Weevil?

Posted: Today at 12:28

Sara, no. Not together.  Provado will kill nematodes 

nematodes can be used from spring to prob mid September but then are useless.

Provado can be used in late autumn and winter..

i use both though....if heucheras and the like look poorly in the cold season I will use provado to kill weevils then......the grubs in the soil.  By the time spring comes around the effect of Provado has passed.  

Ideally, nematodes used as a routine is good but in reality they are not always practical.  

i think weevils' life cycles can be halted after a year or two of either treatment so I find now weevis are not such a problem 

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