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Anniversary of National and Family Tragedy

Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

Thoughts with you Oakridge.  A terrible event.  As with Iamweedy I have felt moved by this anniversary this week too.  

Acer soil

Posted: Yesterday at 18:28

Nanny beach, I refer to john innes ericaceous rather than ericaceous Mpc.   the weight will tell you too.  the bag should say exactly what you have....I suspect you have mpc. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:21

Well put LB.    And it is easier to make an acid soil alkaline than vice versa.

tap water too can affect the alkalinity of the soil just as rain usually makes it more acid.  The fertilisers, mulches too. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:18

Dahlias survive well down here all winter, every winter.  They will be so much bigger and grander too for it.  If the ground doesn't get waterlogged and the temps are not too cold for too long dahlias will be fine.

sorry Hazel, almost missed you.  Yes, leave it to do its own thing 

Native or Non Native ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:14

Don't get me wrong Philippa...a good question    So much in our gardens is often assumed to be native when really we grow plants from all over the world. (And expect them all to grow equally as well

Killing ivy

Posted: Yesterday at 18:11

Easy billington, 

cut back to all woody parts as low down as possible.   No need to pull ivy off the wall, fence etc.  just access these woody stems.  Then paint with sbk.  It works very well.  If you have thick wood so much the better and if you can make a few small holes so much the better for the sbk to sink in 


Posted: Yesterday at 16:06

It sounds like they are not potted Lyn

if you have a gh simply place them there upside down on a shelf to dry out. When dry keep them frost free until spring...a cardboard box with newspaper or wrapped in fleece.  A cardboard box with dry mpc would be fine too.

when spring arrives pot them up covering the tubers and start watering when you see green shoots.

the purple foliage dahlias are brilliant cos they add contrast even before they flower 

Acer soil

Posted: Yesterday at 15:27

Ericaceous SOIL based compost NB.

 Many ...maybe most...staff at the GC do not actually know the difference between lightweight  ericaceous mpc and the genuine heavyweight soil.  I guess it can be confusing.  For permanent planting in containers avoid all the mpc is fine for temporary potting on, seed growing and cuttings.  Inadequate otherwise and the cause of so many plants drying out or suffering from nutrient deficiency.  Pointless, for example, for blueberries, rhodos, azaleas and the like in comtainers 

Acers will be ok in ordinary john innes but they are just that much happier with acid soil.  Might as well start off right 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: Yesterday at 12:55

Glorious wind and warm .   Now just us locals we have Cornwall to ourselves and the weather to enjoy it 

HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 12:34

just a suggestion 

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