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Posted: Today at 14:35


yes pot up asap, water and put in gh for winter.  Plant out when danger of frost has passed.  Ideally plant out when you have some good growth showing 

Sad day......

Posted: Today at 11:08

After 8 or so years I am sorry to report the death of my ..........




electric toothbrush.

it was sudden.  It was hard to take in.  It was a big blow.

i was advised to replace immedistely and just get on with my life so, with heavy heart, I did just that this morning.  

I will be least I think I will be.  

Online plant suppliers?

Posted: Today at 11:03

Yes jekyl.  


Posted: Today at 08:15


Posted: Today at 08:05

It's about enjoyment though, isn't it Pat?  Who cares about the deadheading really? 

Online plant suppliers?

Posted: Today at 07:42

Sam, yes they are excellent.

have ordered from them quite a few times and service....plant condition on arrival, prompt delivery and communications first class

only once did a plant not do well for me from them.  They re supplied without quibble and with friendliness.

as you say, Jacksons are cheaper than gc and many other online suppliers but plants supplied are of good size

order with confidence Sam 


Posted: Today at 07:37

Morning Pat .....lovely view.  

Lilies in pot

Posted: Yesterday at 20:43

mags, look if you feel happier with them in the ground then get them in. plant deep and mark with a cane.  If you know where you want them and space is available they will be fine.  If you have heavy or wet soil put a handful of grit under the bulbs.

currently I am planting in pots and in the ground.....I do same with tulips, daffs and alliums with potted ones for later planting

Is this mahonia?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:21

JenT please let us know when it flowers.....i have a supply of donuts on the outcome 

Is this mahonia?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:55

We will see in late spring ...when Kolk.,flowers 

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