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Posted: Today at 20:11

Mine done couple weeks back.  In trays indoors.  Transplant into boxes or pits when 3" or so high. Mine put into pots today. 2 weeks or less they will be planted out  

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Today at 19:22

Yeah Hostafan, on your ride on mower ...........come on, dont say it wasnt fun 

What and when to feed?

Posted: Today at 17:25

Ditto DCooper

Lawn maintenance

Posted: Today at 17:24

Labradouble, firstly I would not use chicken pellets on your will have foxes, badgers, cats digging there.  Also, not nice to sit on is it?

i wouldnt do any heavy scarifying now.....just lightly rake the area to be re seeded and sow seeds. Keep watered until it germinates.  I would feed the lawn at the same time now using a lawn fertiliser.  Make sure you apply it evenly.  Or, you can use a liquid lawn feed 


Posted: Today at 17:19

Day  just got hotter and hotter.  Mine is a walled garden, sunny anyway, and it holds the heat.  Pots need watering again....mpc are awful generally now and dry out so quickly.  I enjoy the fine weather but rain is coming in a couple of days which is good for the garden but it will also get colder . Sorry folks 


Posted: Today at 12:53

I've come to respect greatly those with such difficulties ...from aspergers to dementia.  We judge too easily by outward appearances don't we?  we have no idea how people suffer because they cannot communicate .......


Posted: Today at 12:30

Trouble is this vulnerable person cannot express his "feelings"....I.e when asked how he feels he cannot do that.  He just knows he's sore, that he was beaten up and that he is now afraid to go out,.  but he is aware that local people are supporting him.  



Posted: Today at 12:13

Busy morning.  Carrots duly thinned.  Watered.  Seaweed extract later on them. Runner beans in boxes now.  Tomatoes potted on. 

Beautifully in the garden 

locally a disabled guy in a wheelchair was attacked by a girl and 3 lads yesterday.  Beaten up for the fun of it.......????  Whenever these thugs are identified I hope they will be pictured in the press.  Hopefully the same treatment will be meted out to them.


Daphne Odora

Posted: Today at 07:44

Don't put another daphne in that spot though Heather.  Never good practise to put a similar plant in same spot 


Posted: Today at 07:41

Like it Winter.  Like it a lot 

hello forkers.  Beautiful morning. Will thin second batch of carrots this morning.  Not my fav job but sagisfying when it's done.

enjoy the day everyone 

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