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Pruning an apple tree

Posted: Today at 21:07

I planted an orchard for a friend few years back.   I check annually if I can but any over vigorous branch needs to be looked at esp if it is considerably thicker than the rest of the tree.   Had a plum there that was missed....its a near 6 acre garden.....and I had to remove a branch far bigger than the rest of the tree put together.  It seems to be ok but next year will tell if it will survive

for me now summer pruning is all that is needed.  Cropping is regular and heavy


Posted: Today at 20:59

Those small snails will do a lot of sense is that the foliage is great hiding and breeding place 


Posted: Today at 17:21

Small snails Berghill?  


Posted: Today at 16:21


Posted: Today at 15:49

Oh eck!  forgot to replace those truffles 

Finding a plant

Posted: Today at 15:46



Posted: Today at 09:20

Morning everyone 

who's to say I haven't eaten all the ice cream!  Shhhhh!  Some choc truffles left in fridge last night and I've eaten them all.  Have to quickly replace them asap or I'm in biiiiiig trouble.  It's awful to have a moorish appetite  



Posted: Today at 09:17

Lovely Marion.  Got some just appearing here too. got gazanias still in flower too 

It's my birthday

Posted: Yesterday at 23:44


Posted: Yesterday at 21:30

Well done Runnybeake.  Nothing to lose by asking. Remember, often turnover is the most important thing to a retailer.  They want your money ...even a little is better than not getting any 

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