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Making cement planter

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 17:46

Hard to get now I guess but the peat is the magic ingredient.  My troughs look nothing like cement but like stone.  I really hate that milk, etc. to emcourage algae.  WHY?  Why not put sugar around them too to encourage ants?  That's '"natural" 

you can apply this cement/peat mix to almost any non flexible "container".  Apply upvc glue before applying cement mix.  an old washing machine drum, a galvanised watering can, an old chimney pot, anything or simply use the twin cardboard box method.  

Careful though...they will be heavy 

Short Variety Shrubs Suggestions?

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 17:39

hi there Meomye

look out for a new choisya....white dazzler.  A far more compact choisya.

how tall ..max?

is it sunny?  Warm?  Santolinas are a favourite of mine...silver grey mounds of evergreen foliage.  Trimmed every spring.  Yellow flowers if you want them too.  Pittosporum Tom Thumb...purple evergreen, almost black in winter and shines. Hebes like Red Edge, subalpina, and ofhers are evergreen with changing foliage colours.  Berberis Atropurpurea nana is a deciduous purple small shrub.  juniperus Blue Star is a slow growing beautiful blue mound which is easy.  Spireas...ok,,not Gold Mound are yellow with orange/red new growth and grow to 90 cm or so. Taxus varieties like Coppershine are tough beautiful evergreens easily kept to height required. Dwarf phormiums like Dazzler provide maroon red leaves all year round.  Libertias are grasslike olive/yellow/copper evergreens with white flowers in spring.  abelia confettii is a small semi evergreen shrub with white autumn flcowers and lovely grey/white/pink foliage.  Hellebores are evergreen and grow to about 60 to 90 cm with flowers from late winter.  Daphnes like Odora aureomarginata are evergreen with excellent foliage and scented flowers in spring.  Sarcoccoca is a mounded evergreen with small white flowers that fill fhe garden in early spring.  A new mahonia ...Soft Caress ....produces yellow flowers on a very ornamental plant.  Euphorbia rubra is ecergree with red/brown foliage and yellow flowers in spring.....there is a nice variegated variety calles Tasman Tiger too. winter heathers like Darleyensis produce winter flowers on evergreen foliage.  Potentillas, not evergreen, but have a woody structure over winter and flower all summer.  euonymous like Emerald n Gold are tough variegated easily shaped bushes to give good winter colour.  

I'm sure others will add to a very long list......

My Hydrangea cuttings have rooted, now what?

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 17:17

Depends Mowerman.  If the roots are looking strong I would pot them up again now...still at least 2 months of good growing weather for them to double in size

Echi what?

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 17:15

been reading about echibeckia.....cross between echinacea and rudbeckia.  

Anyone grown this one?  

Almost tempted a few months back but I think echinaceas and rudbeckias are more attractive than this new upstart?  

SALIX 'Flamingo'

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 16:52

I dont water like that Jean.....far from it.  And both are in full sun

i think because people think of it as a willow it must need lots of it. It's not my experience at all.  I grew a couple in my back garden a few years back where soil is rich.  I watered very well and they didnt like it

Tidying Lupins

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 16:42

Yes cut them as far back as you like, remove all debris and totally clean the site.  Put a couple of slug pellets around too...this is when all the baby snails attack your lupins


My lovely plums!

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 15:35

Showing off again Steve 

My Hydrangea cuttings have rooted, now what?

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 15:34


I go along with most of that advice.

would put them outside now after potting on...not too big a pot. In a position out of direct sun.  Dont let them dry out. Move them indoors when Winter approaches.

next spring I would pot on again and again to obtain a good size plant ...enough to fill a 3 litre pot.  Only then...prob early summer.....would I plant out into the garden

SALIX 'Flamingo'

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 13:35

I dont think your plant will "come back " if planted out lalba.  it sounds dead i'm sorry to say.

graham, in a pot your plant will struggle to maintain itself in hot weather.  Especially so if using ordinary multi,purpose compost.  I have 2 flamingos and the foliage is truly beautiful...not green but pink,,white, cream and pale green, all shades that can burn quite badly in hot sun. In a pot the moisture level prob is insufficient  to hydrate those leaves

perhaps re potting using john innes, or a thick mulch and a saucer under the pot will help.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 08/08/2015 at 13:08

Julie, will do.

mine is far from a "decent sized one" since only planted late winter/early spring. But it is full of flower, dense and attractive at about 60 to 90 cm.   

give it space though...I recently moved it for that reason and to associate better with a purple leafed canna.   I expect next year, from a spring pruning to 20 - 30 cm from fhe base, to be at leasr 180 cm high and across

if putting it in a pot though, albeit temporarily, use a decent john innes compost 

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