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Overwintering Dahlias

Posted: 15/12/2015 at 07:24

We are lucky hosta we can do that.  I always have a few tubers in the gh over winter as they are with no profection at all.  Never fleece anything at all in gh for example 


Daffodils are sprouting too early!

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 23:13

Come on birdyboots.  You're having a laugh . Every 4 years my old dad told me, same as my birthday.  good one almost got me there you little devil you 

Overwintering Dahlias

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 22:00

Disponded, if the sawdust is DRY it should be fine.  

Let's hasten the winter! What are you looking forward to flowering in spring?

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 21:46

Taraxicum officinale B3?

Let's hasten the winter! What are you looking forward to flowering in spring?

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 20:10

Hazel, check out Thunder and Lightning if you like knautias.

Let's hasten the winter! What are you looking forward to flowering in spring?

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 19:05

ok, the worst of winter to come but what perennial are you looking forward to seeing flowering in spring.  Excluding hellebores and other late winter stuff.  Those that flower when spring is well and truly established and we have had a few weeks of sunshine.

dicentras, astilbes, euphorbia polychroma and anchusa for me to start you off ....(ssssh! I'm really looking for another plant or two so imagination please folks 

The Secret History Of The British Garden

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 18:07

Yes, nice gentle prog.  Without giving away too much I hope my favourite plantsman, Adrian Bloom features.

nice to watch with a Baileys and a huuuuuuuuge lump of cheese 


Posted: 14/12/2015 at 16:17

Hello Jo.....cough, cough,,splutter, cor blimey you need a shower asap 

some sunshine but not much and getting dark.  The darkest day by far. Fits in with your "dark side" looming Jo 

Daffodils are sprouting too early!

Posted: 14/12/2015 at 13:08

Frost Jo?  wot's  that then?  

Birdyboots, "nearly christmas"?  That was last year!  

Deep planting of bulbs seems to produce much better plants and more reliable flowering in my experience.  Plus I am less likely to damage bulbs when weeding etc.


Posted: 14/12/2015 at 13:03

Ah!  canon seem to have a reputation for paper jamming.  Well done though. 

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