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Mail Order "A Lottery"? number 2

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:51

Principle aym .  I complain about everything if there is a fault whatever the cost 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:49

Sorry Tetley.  But you is a girl cos I can tell you is 

Mulching with Bark

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:47

Spot on Philippa about mulch and slugs etc.  That is the big downside to bark mulches esp the large size chips.  

8000, that is a good suggestion about local bark supplies.  

aym, mulch will not give you nitrogen for first year....they actually "rob" the soil of nitrogen initially so you will need to add sulphate of ammonia to your mulch or a general fertiliser 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:39

Well said Lyn

Hope all is well with your dad..  If you have posted news elsewhere I apologise 

Mail Order "A Lottery"? number 2

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:37

Let us know what feedback you get Roy   

Always didnt shortchange them on the money so they shouldnt shortchange you on the product.  

Aym, at least complain.  

There really are many brilliant online suppliers .....the only way to up the standard of others is to complain 


Buying trees online versus in the local garden centre

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:15

A bit late now dominoman to buy online trees.  I would buy locally if you must buy now 

online is great for buying in the dormant season and you will save a lot of money 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 18:08

Tetley is a she Punkdoc 


Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 16:04

Morning spent on someone's garden.  Planting perennials, trimming junipers, taking prostranthera cuttings, potting up layered fig stems, and removing a huge, huge phormium.  Had a lager for my efforts 

Here I applied slug nematodes on veg patch.....warm enough for that......and potted on watsonias.  Looking good for a summer display.  

Really warm, nay even hot, birds singing and hey! what rain? 

Iris sibirica

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 15:57

If they are dormant Berghill I think that's fine 

Have you got yours yet?

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 15:55

Philippa your post .  

Debate needs to be lightened just a tad 

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