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Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 16:46
Pppppppppleasing ppppplacement of ppppppp's there Bob !


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 16:42
I dont think the ads are really the issue. Last weekend the problem was exactly the same only to be fixed on Mon am so assume it will be the same this time


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 16:38
Valerie, so they are planted out in the garden ?
Last year same stage you are with them....I potted them on and overwintered them in gh. Planted out this spring.
For me they will be fine outdoors but is it cold where you are? Is soil heavy?
How many plants do you have? I assume they are dotted about?
If they are small I would still pot them up, remove flower stems and grow with a view to have well developed plants to put out next spring.
However, if your soil is free draining and your winters not too bad you should be ok


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 14:14
Already mentioned astilbes. There are some superb varieties now......if you get those with new spring red or copper foliage,,like Vesuvius, Fanal, etc., you will get colour from early spring right up to late August.
Astrantias..tall white like jumble hole or superstar will give you flowers all summer.
Add a tall plant like kmiphofia, aconitum, veronicastrum or an actea and you have a nice bed

It's my birthday

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 14:05
Yes Busy Sep 7

Dahlia tubers dried & wrinkled

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 13:02
Pot it up Juniper. Dont put it in too big a pot...just enough to accommodate it. Water it and put it somewhere warm.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:58
I planted a white mophead for a friend a couple years back, Fairy. Right now it looks stunning. Perfect spot....shady, moist and cool.
I prefer the paniculatas but if I can create a shady cool spot Hydrangea Annabel will be planted
Check out Kyushu is a charming shrub.

Bishop of Llandaff (dahlia)

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:53
Is Joe Swift a bishop then?
And, Jo, no....I don't have a grassy ass......oops! Naughty step for me?


Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:50
Very true Lyn.
At least get your monardas in where its reasonably moist to avoid the dreaded mildew Panda. Astilbes will be good companions........

Cilla Black has died

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:46
Thats sad news Happy.
More than a pop singer amd presenter. Just a lovely warm person. A lot of people will be upset by her death

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