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Preparing for new lawn / clay soil issues

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 19:02

Marvin, yes at times it is "backbreaking work" but it's worth it.  Looks like the easier bits now though.  Think of the pleasure though when your lawn is lush and green 

Am I wasting my time?

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 17:29

Linda, 2' x 2' x 3' isn't very big for a pear.  

give Deacon's Nurseries a ring....they are very helpful and straight talking.  There are pears on relatively  dwarf root stocks now.  Ask fheir opinion and advice.  They will supply at the right time too if you both agree it is a good idea. 

let us know how you get on.   

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 17:20

cut  lawns, transplanted a large group of Imperata Red Baron next to hosta Liberty....nice contrast of shape and colour now, moved deschampsia in full flower,  cut back delphinium that has flowered twice already this year. (i find cutting back before too many flowers have gone over helps it flower again quickly;  If like last year it will flower again in October) and picked beans and tomatoes.  Taken a few more cuttings.  And it is roasting . Lovely 

not much going over here 

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Water Gel Crystals

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 17:12

madpenguin, I agree with the others.  There is no sunstitute for regular watering but perhaps you could look to the compost you are using 

i gave up hanging baskets ...too fiddly and too time consuming ....but the best were when I mixed sieved garden soil, maybe 10% or so, to the compost.  This increased the weight making it less blown about and it seemed to hold moisture much better.   Still needed daily watering though 

Preparing for new lawn / clay soil issues

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 17:03

May I be the first to welcome you then Marvin 

one it reasonably sunny there?  If so what you are doing and planning to do is fine.   i notice a fine area of grass already there so the signs are good.

September is one of the best times to sow grass seed...I would go for a dwarf rye, pretty common mix freely available

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Agastache Blue Boa

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 16:54

Just in from collecting late cuttings from agastache Sangria, Summer Love, Tangerine, Raspberry Summer and Kudos Mandarin. .

sweltering ......a quick dip to cool down but slightly cloudy now...! 

Autumn Blues

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 16:47

Well, don't put lawn mowings down........they will seed forever Lou

too early to have a bare bed yet......plant something or two.  Loads of stuff will grow there from jap ferns to copper/bronze acteas to white sunpatiens to ........well, a long list.

as I said, far too early to close down that part of your garden Lou....the best things to "put down" are plants 

Agastache Blue Boa

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 16:33

Meant to add that Blue Boa is of course sterile......cannot produce seed.   Only poss propagation is by division....would not recommend this...or by cuttings.    

Most of the tender named varieties do not produce seed either.....those that do can become weedy in the garden.  I do not grow any seed raised agastaches for this reason

Not too much time left to take cuttings....another 3 weeks or so 

Canna lilies

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 13:13

Anne, one of my favourites.  Several varieties grown here been flowering for several weeks now and well over  200 cm.    A tropical look indeed 

Here they are kept in the ground but they are best kept in pots over winter.  Differences on the forum as to which are hardier...dahlias or cannas.  For me cannas are hardier but treatment is much the same

Keep dry and frost free but look to start them off early in spring.....pot on regularly with a view to planting out in mid to late June.  

Don't think about dividing your canna yet the end of next summer your plant will be huge in comparison and ripe for propagation. 

Careful,,you will want more esp those with colourful foliage like Tropicanna Black....I posted a picture a couple of weeks back. 

Agastache Blue Boa

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 13:01

For a sense of perspective, balance and sheer common sense, Blue Boa is a fantastic summer-long flowering bee and butterfly attracting plant.  Looks good for months.  It is not meant to provide a show over winter folks. With so many people trying to grow Blue Boa, and apparently failing, it clearly has appeal but people have to be realistic. 

Blue Boa survives here over winter but I replace most of them every year simply because, like bonariensis for example, they are better as first year plants.    from cuttings in summer to early autumn they become eye catching low maintenance 80 to 100 cm plants for fhe what if they do not survive winter?  We are gardeners...we propagate!   Better than many summer annuals for the sake of a few cuttings??  

There are other tender agastaches here with orange, yellow, pink, red and purple flowers all with differently scented foliage from liquorice, to lemon, to mint etc., and all still flowering since June.  From 30 cm domes to 180 cm tall guys.  A superb family to grow but cuttings are essential.  No reason not to grow them.  

Many have complained about cosmos not flowering or only just flowering this year well agastaches will outperform them . I grow cosmos too but if I had to choose I would always select agastaches 

they must be in free draining soil, in tbe sun and watered only in the hottest driest times in summer.  

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