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growing cosmos

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 07:30

Would never sow direct.  Yes, cosmos seed would find it too wet.  

Pinching donuts fairy?  Me?  


Posted: 28/05/2014 at 07:28

Hello forkers

Lovely morning.  Continuing on from yesterday.....glorious 

Biennials can be perennial.  Wallflowers are an example.  Just keep them planted.  However, the habit of biennials is unique and gives another dimension to the garden..evergreen winter foliage and masses of spring flowers then to create spaces for special or tender summer plants. 

Relate to your frustration Punkdoc re lupins and slugs.  Until last couple of nights slugs were overwhelming my lupins.  The well established lupins..... 2 or 3 year old ....we're less affected than the younger plants.  I have dug up and potted 2 lupins and they are recovering well ...the others are now looking good.  It's about getting in early.

Dahlias are another slug target at this time so, again, I know which plamts to target if time is short, and head straight for them.  A small Star Child.....still in its pot outside.....had a few nibbles in it but the culprit was never  seen.  However, this morning I got was the postman.  Ha ha, no!  Small slug sunbathing on the rim of the pot.  

Slug pellets do not seem to be overly effective.  Think they help if used sparingly.  I remember pellets based on  methiocarb and these were very effective in rain too.  For safety, etc.,  this is no longer available so hand picking is only solution.

Hope you all get some decent weather but if not enjoy the day folks 

growing cosmos

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 07:09

As most know here,  I'm a great believer in pinching out and potting on regularly to achieve strong sturdy plants.

I pinch out cosmos several times and end up planting them out from 2 litre pots.  They are bushy, thick stemmed and make an impact immediately on planting out.  I also remove all buds at this time too

Frustratingly, I do a friend's garden.  Frustratingly because she will not use any pellets or do anything to protect her plants.....based essentially,on her laziness I think.  She will not even physically kill anything.  So growing plants there.....rabbits are there in supply a challenge. For her I grow all plants, including cosmos, up to 3 litre size.  They are at least 60 cm tall amd bushy.  They then cope well with slugs right through the summer.

Small, tender young plants are attractive to slugs....weak ones even more so.  Plants need to be healthy, vigorous and already of decent size.


Various questions/seeking views.....

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 20:33

Hiya Red

I would add a couple of small but wavy grasses like stipa Tennuissima and carex testacea and carex buchanii ,  some foliage plants like hostas and  Heucheras.....sorry Red, if you have these already there.  

Allium purple semsation.....I confess I do not know about propagating them.  I just leave them alone to increase year by year.but I would expect small bulbs to develop in time for,you to grow on. 

Libertia is a grass like evergreen sword like olive coloured perennial that takes up little room. Lilies?  Planted deep.  Guara lindheimeri corries gold is a stunning tender perennial.  Delicate foliage and butterfly white flowers.  Take cuttings every summer for continuity.  Linum perenne?  Blue delicate flowers and foliage.  I find eryngiums quite tidy plamts too albeit a little prickly.  Hardy salvias and Veronicas are upright compact plamts with blue flowers for weeks. tulbaghia too is neat....glaucous blue/grey foliage amd pink,flowers .  Check it out.  Scabious too has lots of flowers with minimum foliage.  Coreopsis produces flowers from mid summer onwards on neat, small foliage.  A Phormium would add impact there too.  

Re cuttings, I find it best just to let them tick over in winter.....minimal watering and best not to,pot on during winter.  Plastic will drip on plants...condensation....and I would try to keep them as dry as possible overhead.  Maybe a glass sheet suspended.?  But conservatory best

Ophiopogon nigrescens in your coal pot?  Hosta will prob be eaten.  

Would love to see other pics Red.  My iPad isn't great at showing detail.  

I would go for some long flowering plamts like aster frikartii monch, tough echinacea like white swan.  Check out small shrubs with colourful foliage ....spirea goldflame,  hebe pagei, pittosporum tom thumb, or euonymous emerald n gold.  Small perennials like evergreen campanula dicksons gold is a yellow mound with blue flowers.  Another geranium is black beauty...almost black foliage with stunning bright blue flowers in summer on a tight compact plant.  Try a stunning silver evergreen like helichrysum,,the curry plant.   Foliage,is as colourful as flowers and more long lasting.

I think a blue geranium around your tree too.  Is ground clear around it?  Geranium Orion sprawling around it would look good

Don't like the tiny square grass step onto your lawn. Either bigger or not at all I think. 

However, for me your border is narrow, too straight and too clinical.  Can you widen it, curve it?  Then you could make a border with depth and style 


Garden tattoos? Or generally cool and interesting tattoos?

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:39

Hee hee hee hee   I am naughtee at times 

Garden tattoos? Or generally cool and interesting tattoos?

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:27

I have tulips tattooed on my face.  And an iris.  

.....I'll get my coat 


Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:23 went for SMALL portions?  

New member introduction

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:21

Welcome Dictamnus.  Nice to see you here 

Neatness.....a swear word in the garden?

Posted: 27/05/2014 at 19:19

Interesting comments.  Shows we are all different.....and that's great. ,

Yes, Jim, I am a bit of a plantsman.  Always looking for new plants that fit my criteria. I try to, for example, in my hellebore area (well. They are everywhere really) have plants that nicely fill the gaps when hellebores are cut back.  Acteas, astilbes, atrantias, heleniums, grasses, etc. plus a few spaces for temder perennials.  But, again, a relative neatness is displayed.  however, not an obsession for it, for tidyness.

I usually grow sIngle plants but these, after a couple of years, are substantial so no need to plant in 3's, etc.  so those growing just in singles can have a great deal more variety in their gardens.  A single actea, for example, is already a metre across and will be 2 metres tall by August so who needs three of those?

I will impulsively move a plant in mid summer, even if it's a show stopper, if I suddenly decide it will look even better elsewhere......risky!!!  Doesnt always work.


Posted: 27/05/2014 at 18:59

Been a scorcher today.  Beautiful. 

Lawns cut, choisya pruned, pittosporum rounded, lilies planted.  Lots of weeds though in veg patch so shuld have hoed them.  Ah well!

Attended to friend's........actually a friend of my as she had stair lift fitted. They arrived late......45 mins.....and offered no explanation. One guy didn't seem to have much respect for the property so told him to take a bit of care, "please".  Had to,leave at lumchtime so missed out on the maiden voyage up n down the stairs.  Disappointed there is only o e speed, viz., very slow.  

Took my mum to Day  centre again...she seems to enjoy it.



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