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Plum Tree Leaf Curl??

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:46

First thought blbloes is aphids.  Can you check for them?  

I would use a winter spray later.  

Im sure there are some biolgical methods to try.    Ill bump this up for others to suggest ideas about these

On-line purchases

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:41

Woottens are excellent Dove but compare prices with Paddocks. Quality isn't sacrificed either

How much water should I be watering Canna?

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:39

Get the biggest one potted on Perki 

Pieris with brown edged leaves

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:35

Yes Fairy, but mine is bettererer......


Pieris with brown edged leaves

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:33

Looking at your plant again bibloes I notice ALL the leaves are pale yellow.  I dont think its chlorosis but it is hungry and thirsty esp if you have had sunshine that most of us have had.  Epsom salts is a cheap, effective tonic 

Pieris with brown edged leaves

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:29

Bibloes, some varieties of pieris do this...viz red leaves turning pale yellow before turning green.  The leaves are at their most vulnerable at this stage.  I have pieris flaming silver that does this...doing it now.  It is in full sun.  It still looks a photo yesterday I think it may have been included.......and I love the appearance. However, it is better in dappled shade.  With extra water too if in the sun.

acid soil Bibloes?  Is it mpc?  better in john innes.  Mine gets a spray or two of epsom salts too

On-line purchases

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 13:02


Paddock plants are excellent and cheap....plants in1 litres for around £4.  Excellent customer care.  Quick delivery.

Plantify are Good  Rougham Hall nurseries too.  

There is an excellent thread called "the good guys" but others too.

I have superb plants on line.  


Posted: 17/05/2015 at 12:57

Shirley the best solition without side effects is hand picking.  At this time of year it's profitable to do this a couple of times a week.  you will find much less damage later in the season then.


Posted: 17/05/2015 at 12:53

Repairing window cills on garage.......nor as bad as I thought.  Done quickly actually......primer soon.  repairing damage early thus morning ar great speed, took dog quickly and drove quickly to b& q and had to wait for 45 minutes for them to open.  Frustating.  Had to get a burger to tide me over 

still nice and warm...if sun came out it would be hot again.

no noise from my unruly neighbour.  Shame.....I would have enjoyed dealing with him. Time yet

disappointed to find my guara lindheimerii corries gold has not grown this year.  I  had it for 5 years or more and every spring it shoots again.  Every year, apart from this, I have taken cuttings.  Ah well!  Que sera sera.....".( bit of cornish there)

How much water should I be watering Canna?

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 12:40

It does depend on the size of the canna and where it is.  Perki it sounds as though your's are quite small....?  

Compost should be moist at this  time of year.......dont let them dry out if your are using mpc.  

I have large cannas in large pots and even larger ones in the garden.  These have a lot of leaf to support, a lot of energy in these tubers so are watered well.  Small tubers will want less water

I would leave outside now.  And pot on as soon as roots are showing.  If staying in pots I,would use a john innes compost too.  The earlier growth is started the more likely they will flower.  Mine will start here around July

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