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Polemonium advice

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 12:42

Blues here Waleshine....ok!  You asked 

caryopteris......Stirling Silver, Summer sorbet and dark Knight

baptisia this in spring 

ceratostigma...willmottianum and griffithi adder, blue boa, summer sky,

salvias....uliginosa, patens cambridge and dark blue, guaranitica, blue note,  guanajuato, cacalifolia, as well aa the regular hardier types

linum blue perenne,   Verbena Rigida, various campanulas, aubretia, aster Frik Monch......Little Carlow too.....geranium Orion and Brookside, felicias...fairly hardy hyacinths, ceanothus, hibiscus blue Wave (not sure of that name), anchusa, blue anemone blanda, brunnera hadspen cream has blue flowers just like forget me nots, rosemary benenden blue, teuchrium, muscari, perovskia...I grow Little Spire, aconitum (the usual plus Stainless Steel now flowering), agapanthus, eryngium, nepeta, lavendar, penstemon True Blue, veronica, scabious butterfly blue, convolvulous maritima, oh!  Polemonium of course! 

trying to think of what else I have here....gentians, iris variegata (variegated plus pale blue flowers), corydallis flexuosa.....carpet of blue in spring....delphiniums, lupins, i have a couple of nice blue violas,  blue primulas/polyanthus..........

a few to get us going Wakeshine.  no doubt I have missed some here, blue clemstis for example and others will have more

did I say I like blue flowers 

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Thoughts on the forum software

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 11:28

With all its faults I enjoy this forum.  Better than some I have tried.  I have considered joining a paid for one but this forum works pretty well for me

it is addictive....I will look in at random often enough sometimes when I am busy. 

wish I had this forum when I first got into gardening;  would have saved me from making sooooooo many mistakes.  Some knowledgeable folk here too we all learn from.

all in all not too bad at all 

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Polemonium advice

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 11:17


funny about pale blues.  I grow so many blue plants...maybe 30 different varieties....and it used to be the dark, bright flowers I focussed on.  But the pale blues have grown on me...subtle, endearing and less in your face.  I like the flowers on Brise ....if it didn't flower next year you would miss them I guarantee it. 

I have a feeling you will jettison your ophiopogon.  It is difficult to place and you don't really like it do you?  At least keep some of it.  I once had it in the centre of a pot of white busy lizzies and it looked sensational...know what?  I must repeat that next year 

Help with this hydrangea

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 09:15

Ah!  Picture shows the situation well.

 You know what judojub, I would move it........ha ha!  Not far.  Only a metre or so to the right as we see it in the photo.  It will move easily but have more space to fill out.  Looks a good spot for it 

you are worrying too much...that is a baby.  No wonder flowers are few and far between.  At this size it will not know it has been moved.  If you fancy if, add dried manure to the new planting hole, mixed well with the soil, water well and mulch with same mixture.

Mark my words in 3 years or so your hydrangea will be a metre high and wide.  ....oh!  And full of flower

Looking for ideas

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 09:03


just an idea about painting the path but not really what I would do.  Some good planting there will focus away from the path.  Planting in, say, 2 semi circles there would soften the straight line of the path.  

i wouldnt over think your design and put too many features in......a single archway would be good.  

A planting of something fragrant by the path too in a semi about a choisya like White Dazzler?  More compact variety, free flowering and aromatic evergreen foliage.  Further down, in another semi circle a paniculata hydrangea?  flowers all summer.  Or a phormium there?  One like Sundowner which is red or the popular Cream Delight?  Or a grass like calamagrostis for movement and height?  Or a will provide the most beautiful purple foliage (Royal Purple) all summer long.  Some white regal lillies with it.....scented too...would be stunning.  A perennial like persicaria Orangefield will flower for months with no maintenance required. Put a blue geranium like Rozanne with it and a veronicastrum for height, sculpted foliage and beautiful flowers in pink, blue or white.  An helenium too for a splash of colour and height could occupy another spot in the sun

on the shady side another hydrangea ...a white mophead perhaps. Put actea James Compton with it.....superb bronzey purple brown foliage all summer with white scented flowers st this time of yewr, White foxgloves too there.  A grass like hackonechloa. A japanese painted fern with it perhaps.  

i would go for quality making every area, every plant special.  Simple and elegant rather than over planting with lots of mixed colours.  

Sketch a few times, look up the possible plants and how they grow.  Take your time to get it right 

Help with this hydrangea

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 08:32

Patience then judojub.  

I think we cwn often be impatient with our plants or fuss over them too much.  Plants can take time to settle into flowering mode.  You said yourself it is a very young plant......!!!  

Help with this hydrangea

Posted: 20/09/2016 at 08:14

Papi jo pinched my words.....judojub I don't think moving into the sun is a good idea.  Hydrangeas...apart from the PG types...enjoy shade

have you pruned yours back judojub?  Do you feed a lot?  If you do this may be the reason for lots of healthy leaves and no flowers.  I would do nothing but mulch ......but not move it 

£3 99 or 39p?

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 22:10

True.  Tis what I used to do but it took time and space in the garden. In comparison buying in bare root cost me less than 30p ...when 3 or more packs bought.....and took me 15 minutes to plant them out.  For me this is the way to go. 

Colour combo scroggin?  You would need to buy a packet for every colour you want, say 5 packets at £1 50 plus compost plus time sowing,,thinning as well as garden space.  I have reasonable space here but not everyone has 

Looking for ideas

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 21:13

Too narrow for a tree or for curves as such in fhe lawn but I would put in a couple of semi circular beds next to the path.  An archway too mid way down and then change the planting.

get plenty of ideas, take your time and make several sketches 

the concrete path!  Maybe paint it but gravel will not be stable on it 

all exciting 

£3 99 or 39p?

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 21:03

I think the orange is more scented 

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