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Sick bay tree

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 19:55

Bay trees are really very tough. agree that your bushes should recover.  I assume you also kept them reasonably watered..?  Cold dessocating winds and a dry rootball are a recipe for a poorly bay tree

Information please

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 19:51

You dont say what plant it is.  

why do you suspect poisoning?  

I think I've killed the lawn

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 19:48

You dont need to dig it up to re seed Liam.  

as gardeners we all do things differently but as long as the lawn sand is dissolved from top soil you can reseed. never a problem for me and Ive grown a few lawns.

incidentally, more lawns are ruined by over dosing.....fertiliser, moss killers,weed killers  and treatments........ than anything else.  We have to go that little but further, don't we?  Used to call on a guy who produced the most beautiful lawn.  One day I called to see it had turned brown.  He had over dosed with fertiliser, it was hot dry weather and he neglected to water it in.  We have all done it or similar  

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 19:37

Gardeninglily, you know you can cut your cordyline back don't you?  it's way I grow cordyline Albertii.......let it grow tall for a few years then cut it down. currently it is in its second year from cut back and is 5' tall. easier and better than trying to dig it up.  They dont really take kindly to being moved esp if well established

I think I've killed the lawn

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 18:43

Can you provide details of your,,home made nitrogen fertiliser Frank? can anyone make it?  


Posted: 15/06/2015 at 18:40

Blackbirds will enjoy your amusement park Dove.  My neighbour has a heron statue by his pool..... It had bird poo on it when I was there.  Its really a question of getting in first.  Got blackcurrants beginning to turn now so regular and often visits for picking seems the way to go.  

the best goosegogs I grew were as cordons.  Had several different varieties in my zealous days but we cornish guys like our goosegogs sour so they all taste the same then .  Taken cuttings to start off new set of cordons

I think I've killed the lawn

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 18:32

Water it well and often, dont cut grass too short.  How long ago did you treat the lawn?  I would consider over seeding at some stage if grass does not fill in however waterings your besf option I think


Posted: 15/06/2015 at 18:22

Yes Lyn you can be my friend but it's not the ice cream is it? 


Posted: 15/06/2015 at 17:58

Heck Dove.  Made a clanger there and forgot to record Cbeebies 

another beautiful day.  Treated myself and a friend to huge ice creams...double choc waffle, double scoop butterscotch and generous cornish clotted cream on top.  Would have had another but go to leave room for puddings. 

More spikes on my lemon popsickle kniphofia today

Rhodendron bed

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 17:54

Tanty, dont use creeping domt need to "fill all,the gaps".  use thick mulches

corydallis likes your conditions flowers for weeks in early spring to early summer.  Lithodora this plant.

for texture and real class check out hackonechloa.  It will provide movement, colour and grace.  Molinias too...some tallish and small varieties.

heucheras will look good there for evergreen colour.

how about pieris Little Heath too or Flaming Silver?  Red new growth and white flowers. 

Lupins too will do well there for a splash of colour right now 

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