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budliha pruning

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 23:35

Welcome nellie.

buddleia pruning is very easy and it will respond to wherever you cut it.  So cut it back to where you want it to be and it will respond by growing  and flowering as usual in the summer.  You cannot go wrong,  just make clean sharp cuts 


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 18:31

I would spray with Epsom salts .......possibly on way out though.  daphnes are notoriously prone to suddenly dying.

let us know if spray works.

slugs on the run

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 18:26

Physically removing.....and killing.....slugs n snails is best way to control their numbers.  

the more compost, manure etc we put into the soil the more slugs etc.  


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 17:51

Busy chauffeuring someone today and no payment offered. Annoying that . had no intention really of,charging (for petrol) but will do now.

got couple of large repot fig and to plant clematis ......and couple of clematis  

dry now after a dampish day.  

slugs on the run

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 13:09

As I understand it, garlic spray is like many organic "solutions"....viz., that they may deter but not control,or kill.  So yes primrose cottage, you will be "chasing them around the garden"


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 12:44

Just being modest as always Clari.  I'm satisfied with my role but I must thank the cast, the producers and everyone who knows me.  Although completely understanding the thousands of accolades received they also make me feel very humble (almost) and undeserving ...ish 

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 11:40

Caral, good news about your bed.   Any ideas what you want there?  themes?  Shrubs, perennials, grasses, annuals?  

Always good to have a sketch or two and maybe consider plant associations or a special plant or two you have always wanted

Mail Order Plants - Where from?

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 11:35

First thing to do TurnipFarmer is test your soil.  Cheap kits are available everywhere.

you need to know if your soil is acid or alkaline.....this determines whether you can grow rhododendrons for example (if acid)  or if you can grow vegetables for example ( on neutral or alkaline soil)

before you decide on your mulch nip out and find out what soil you have 


Posted: 09/03/2015 at 11:27

Call the Midwife, Poldark, Indian summers....all ok but couldn't we have some boxing on in between?  

Early lunch in a roped Into providing transport for hospital appointment.  don't really mind today  but this person tends to be demanding and I don't want (don't have the time really) to be on regular duties here.  

Bit damp here ...not heavy rain but enough to stop me getting planting done 

Mail Order Plants - Where from?

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 11:24

I would source mulch locally unless you intend a large quantity.   Local councils supply recycled compost at reasonable cost.  I notice deals around on bark chips too........any local supplies of wood chips?  

If yours isnot acid soil consider mushroom compost ....any local mushroom farms?  

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