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Late blight tomato plants

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 19:36

Yes...however, the jeyes fluid you get now has a changed formula...more environmentally acceptable apparently. 

I will spray the gh...inside and out as well as the soil soon 


Posted: 14/09/2016 at 18:12

More or less as H-C

take cuttings now...asap.  You will have young plants for next year then B3

you said your plants are a few years old?  Rosemary suddenly gets tired,,woody and straggly and I try to replace them after 6 or 7 years.  The replacements are always better.....for the next 6 years or so. 

pruning...if you prune hard then, NO.  You wont get a bushier plant.  Instead you get die back.  Pruning every year means you can keep it bushy;  miss out a year and you lose the density. 

By the way, does your rosemary have bright blue flowers or the usual pale insipid colour?  I replaced mine wifh Benenden Blue.  Just as good a culinary plant but an attractive flowering plant too.  finer better foliage too 

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Late blight tomato plants

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 17:57


I like to wash them in jeyes fluid at the end of the season..

HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 14:24

Fond memories of cornwall then Frank 

HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 13:03

I remember spending time in Carlisle and other northern towns in my student days......everyone thought I was a black man ***.   I thought everyone up there looked ill.  I realised up north they don't know what a sun tan is, Fairy.    14 degrees is coooooooold 

***black man not meant in any racist way whatsoever...of course!  just a description of my relative colour to those up north 

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My flowers ... (2)

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 12:50

Actea Brunette with scented flower spikes......more to come atop purple foliage 

Salvia Uliginosa........prob 9' across and more tall

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HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 11:54

Well, I was knocked for six Frank   It was a shock  but it's ok...I expect I'll be alright now. 

Back to sun, lovely hot sun.....amazing how everything has dried up . 

wonderful garden Pete.....worked hard there 

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HEY! This aint right!

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 07:57

we here in the west were flooded yesterday and overnight  whilst you guys in the east were basking in hot sunshine

this aint right 

who's to blame for this?  

cars floating in the water and property flooded.....all so unreal after a pretty good summer down here.

will be sending the rain north and east so we return to our  (well deserved) sunshine

Looking to be good today.....brighter already but I'm still annoyed 


Posted: 13/09/2016 at 18:23

Do not be afraid...division is foolproof.  I divide in spring after flowering but it can be done now and planted out or, better still, potted up 

Advice needed on how to care for these plants for the winter

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 15:34

Nothing lost by waiting EM.  

Saw a superb variegated agapanthus when I dropped in as I passed Burncoose Nurseries.  A Golden Drop. not in flower but delightful foliage and I am assured it has equally delightful flowers.  A sale there soon for locals so will wait a,couple of weeks for this and a couple of others 

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