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Posted: Yesterday at 17:52

Been largely a damp day but now it's roasting 

Got slightly root bound lupins for bargain price and potted them on.  Roots not too bad and they look decidedly healthy now.

Bought argyranthemums this morn in GC   These too were puny and dried up.  Saw manager who offered 50% off the already 50% marked prices.  Said they would be dead in 2 days so got them all for £1.   Still in bowl of water and hoping they will do something. 

Picked up Star Child dahlias today too from national dahlia  collection down here 

Gardening with the enemy

Posted: Yesterday at 17:40

My enemy this morning....a mouse, vole (not up to full spec with my rodents) who ate the tops of my tulips.  Used to put a trap for them and caught one a day but they are such small things and my guilt was huge.  

Pruning Hebes

Posted: Yesterday at 08:08

I prune them.   Salicifolia varieties are pruned after flowering.  The autumn flowering ones I prune in spring.  The smaller........pagei, subalpina, etc. are more difficult.  They are slow growing but suddenly get big and leggy so I trim these for shape in spring.  Generally, hebes seem to dislike drastic pruning into old wood.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:03

Hello forkers

Cloudy, misty and showery.  Warm.  Plants loving this though.

Bloomin fox.  A row of lettuce growing well but last night one was attacked by a fox.  Digging for blood fish n bone I think.

Got several container plants....pelargoniums. Fuschias, aeoniums, nemesis, bidens ...and yesterday they were top dressed and fertilised for a commanded great summer show 

Lawn feed applied yesterday too.  

Still cannot decide on ophiopogon nigrescens.  Got some in terracotta pot but they don't look right.  A clump in the garden too doesn't look right either yet I want this "grass".  I have tried it everywhere.  Think red pelargoniums with it in a pot might be good?  Or blue felicias?  Any brilliant ideas?

Hope everybody has good day 


Where are YOU?

Posted: Yesterday at 07:47

South west Cornwall.  Part of st Ives/gwithian bay.

What goes into a new border?

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 23:06

Hiya Jesse

Think I would use horse manure in the autumn so not now unless you plant annuals this summer.  Then I would trench it in now allowing the area to settle before planting permanent stuff in the autumn.  I think annuals would be just fine even if manure is fresh but trenched in.  You could have a highly colourful border this summer with annuals a d it would give you time over the summer to consider your permament options 


Where are YOU?

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 22:51

We have a MAP Mike.  Many of us are pinned on it 

plant combinations suggestions

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 22:45

Djjuk, For cascading plants there Helianthemums, alyssum (the yellow perennial), Arabis,  osteospermums, convolvulous maritima, verbena homestead purple, Erigeron, and others will thrive.  My front wall,has these in abundance for colour from spring to autumn. 

Convolvulous cneorum, if you're not in too cold an area, is a womderful silvery velvety plant, sub shrub, with pure white flowers in spring and early summer.  Will give height of 3' but cascade too so perfect wall shrub.  There are cascading brooms, nepeta, and  blue shrubs like caryopteris and ceratostigma for late summer flowering.

Try the not so common abelias like Confetti with its lovely variegated foliage, the euphorbias like silver swan, and the red version rubra.  Try a grass like fescue elija blue or stipa Tennuissima for movement and grace.  What about the purple pittosporums which will love the sun?  Get silvers and greys like santolina and helichrysum, the curry plant, in there.  

Yes hebes but euonymous emerald and gold, Lonicera nitida Baggesons gold, ligustrum aurea, etc too.  Fuschias like Genii with yellow foliage and red flowers, spireas  like goldflame produce orange red foliage and pink  flowers.

Consider a eucalyptus like gunnii....pruned annually it produces lovely blue foliage some 6' high annually.  Put cotinus royal purple alongside and you have a wonderful foliage association all summer.  Consider too Acer Flamingo, a tough beautiful shrub of grey, cream, pink and pale green leaves.  I cut mine back to ground level every spring and it makes a mound of glorious colour 8' high every year.  It is a real  eye catcher and always evokes approving comments.

Not just flower colour but foliage colour, foliage shapes and textures need to be checked out.  

I could go on and on as more plants  occur to me djjuk but you have an exciting 

Project there. 


Recommend online plant suppliers

Posted: 21/04/2014 at 22:19

There are lots of excellent online suppliers and cheaper than supposed.  

Go to parkers, T & M, jersey plants etc etc for bulbs and to the seed experts for seeds but for plants go to the many listed on this thread and on the "good guys" thread.  

You can get most every plant you want online and delivered in perfect comdition.  I visited my local garden is a famous chain across uk....and could not get anything I wanted.  Their prices have gone through the I told their plant I ordered online.  Plants arrived last week and even with postage were comparable to that of GC.  But, varieties not available locally.  

Online suppliers are eager to please, often their parcels can be tracked, and if bought over 6 plants usually much cheaper than GC.

If you have a good local nursery check them too out but often they are closed during the winter and early spring.  


Posted: 21/04/2014 at 19:47

Pool looking good Dove.  

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