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Plant ID - my own thread

Posted: Yesterday at 19:24

You see, we share good taste Philippa 

currently I have patens guanajuato, cambridge and another, uliginosa, guaranitica,,love and wishes, a lovely unnamed blue microohylla, elegantissima and  Amistad  ....all superior to hot lips


Posted: Yesterday at 19:18

I'm probably one of the most caring of people tell there is nothing vindictive in what I say.  

I'm now reading and hearing so much emotional hype and blackmail now in the Media and it seems we all have to say all the 'right" things.  politicians, do gooders, priests, blah, blah are tickling people's ears and displaying their "goodness" by saying popular things.  I have neither the time nor the patience to indulge these hypocritical people

It's the guy in the street and his family who will pay the price.  

Ok....I too will say no more


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:05

Finished planting my lavendar summer will herald a curving flow of scented blue flowers 

astilbe chocolate shogun arrived today.  Love the leaf colour.  

Meant to divide one or two heleniums...( job for weekend now) ok, not recommended at this time of year but I always get away with it and the resulting plants are so much bigger by mid spring.  Heleniums have been fantastic this year again and fast becoming one of my favourites.

Plant ID - my own thread

Posted: Yesterday at 18:52

All salvias have their distinctive smells Nut .......I'm no expert on cat's wee 

Hot lips is not a favourite salvia of mine.....  In a family of great plants Hot Lips is the ugly sister 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

We need to be above emotion when talking about migrants and I have read some very silly and naive comments......the numbers are coming and will not ease. They are coming from many countries not  just the war torn.  Where are they to go?  Will you open YOUR  homes to them?  

Am I the only one not aware of terrorists entering the country?  It will be a vastly different country in a few years.......  Terrorism is only just beginning here but will be on a scale hitherto not imagined.  

I have done my share of volunteering and I care for and have great empathy and sympathy those in need  but  I see amongst the many good deserving people  (foodbanks for example ) there are those who take advantage.  Amongst the good guys...genuine migrants...there are some dangerous people intent only on causing us harm.   

migrants ARE swarming here...Cameron's words are appropriate and are not meant to be offensive.......and we need to be sensible, unemotional and practical.  

Pathway straight or curved

Posted: Yesterday at 18:09

Just finished an edge to a path/veg patch by planting  lavendar.  It is straight then curves into another straight.  Formal and practical.  A winding,hedge and path there would have been inappropriate. 

Boring, boring rosesN

Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

Musher, I have had several rants and curses but I have survived.  You would have thought I had committed murder....ha ha.  

I accept though....people love their roses. That's fine 

Plant ID - my own thread

Posted: Yesterday at 17:53

Salvia Hotlips Thirtyseven.  hardy tough and produces white flowers, red flowers and red and white according to its whim 

Moving an old gooseberry bush

Posted: Yesterday at 17:51

Doubt it to let it build up first.  Why not get your cuttings going whilst,keeping your old bush a little longer? 

hardy geraniums pictures

Posted: Yesterday at 17:49

Hiya Kathy.

i grow a nice double white.....think its Double Jewel off hand.  Will get back to you if wrong. Your purple?  Was it violaceum plenum?  got Summer Skies which is double but goes over a little early for my liking. Had a couple of other doubles but didnt rate them.

got Elke Kathy?  And Tanya Rendell with chocolate foliage?

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